kaien shiba and ichigo kurosaki related

He had aqua green eyes and spiky raven black hair. Aizen used Kaien's soul, obtained through using Metastacia to kill him. As for Kukaku and Ganji, by that logic, they are Isshin and Ichigo’s cousins. Most likely before, since it seems like it was near the beginning of Rukia's Shinigami career and she's been one for over a hundred years. Kaien Shiba (志波 海燕, Shiba Kaien) is the former lieutenant of the 13th Division, under Jūshirō Ukitake, up until his death at the hands of a Hollow that also killed his wife, Miyako Shiba. Isshin's last name isn't Kurosaki, that was Ichigo's mothers last name he took after living as a human in a gigai. "Whenever you fight from this point on, there is one thing that you must never do. Aren't they just closwely linked since Kaien and Ichigo have similar personalities, of course Ichigo seems to have a shorter temper than Kaien and seems more closed while Kaien … He believed that every time someone connects with another, a little bit of "heart" is born between them. Well then, now we see why Ichigo looks, and acts, exactly like Kaien Shiba. He was a firm believer in Captain Ukitake's philosophy on fighting, which consists of two types of combat: the fight to protect life, and the fight to protect honor. It could explain the strong resemblence between Kaien and Ichigo. Kaien took it a step further and believed that they both ended up being the same thing: "Heart." Kubo knew that and made Isshin the Uncle of Kukaku, Kaien and Ganju to explain it.

Edit: And even if Ichigo was born naturally, this relation is … If my guess is wrong, then they are still all related in some way, as Isshin says that he is a Shiba. The family was apparently the 5th noble family, having prestige along the lines of the Kuchiki and Shihōin family. He was the older brother of Kūkaku and Ganju. I've never heard of Bleach being planned to end after the ''second arc'', and that sounds pretty ridiculous. Rukia stabbed Kaien as he leapt at her. Is it ever stated when Kaien died? However, Ukitake was struck by his illness at that moment and the Hollow attacked Rukia again.

The Shiba Clan (志波家, Shiba-ke; lit. He was outspoken and bore a rough disposition, with a down-to-earth attitude. One day while training there, Rukia asked Kaien why she was in the Kaien was married to the third seat of the 13th Division, Upon seeing the Hollow, Kaien asked for permission to fight it alone, which Ukitake granted. He also thanked Rukia and apologized to her for dragging her into the fight. Kaien asked the Hollow how many Shinigami it had eaten and if it had ever felt sadness or regret about killing. A lot of people noticed the resemblance of Ichigo to Kaien early on. Kaien had a youthful appearance and was a fairly tall person. And that is to die alone." However, after Kaien touched one of the Hollow's tentacles, his Zanpakutō disintegrated when he tried to activate his Shikai. He said that she must be torn apart by this and told her that it is thanks to her that his heart could stay here.Rukia took Kaien’s body back to the Shiba house to entrust him to Kūkaku and Ganju, saying that she killed him.

Was it before or after Isshin left? Ichigo looks like Kaien Shiba; Rukia’s mentor, the guy that she viewed as an older brother and friend, but not as a romantic interest. — Kaien Shiba in "THERE IS NO HEART WITHOUT YOU".

Kaien wonders how such a thing is possible, but continued to fight with his bare hands until Metastacia used its Kaien thanks Rukia for the chance to fight for his honor before appearing to die.The Hollow then used Kaien's body to attack Rukia, but Ukitake stepped in and fought it.

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