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One use only.Temporarily gives your attacks an electric effect. It moves in a straight line and explodes after seven beats or if it makes contact with something.Place a bomb in front of you. Remember that adventure-seeking Deku Scrub sulking about in Tingle’s Lost Woods abode? One use only.Hold it out to reflect projectiles or block damage using your stamina(5%). The dungeon on Death Mountain is similar to that of the Gerudo Ruins - in that the Heart Piece is hiding in a room after beating the miniboss in the second randomized dungeon room. Until then, we recommend playing as either Link or Zelda, though Cadence can be useful in certain scenarios, and Yves can be fun despite how fragile he is. Not only do Sheikah Stones help preserve your progress and serve as fast-travel points, you can also switch between characters. As you enter the Frozen Grotto Dungeon, you can dash across the icy platforms to the right side of the main room, where you'll find two large ice blocks that are standing in the way of a stepping block leading to a low ledge with a Piece of Heart. You'll always find at least one Heart Piece in the Death Mountain section of the Cliffs region in the game, which mostly appears in one of the top corners as a 4-tile section. To pick up an item, all you have to do is walk over them to pick them up automatically. These are usually the easiest ones to pick up as long as you have a Shovel, which are often found in caves and from merchants if you don't have one. Heart Containers are very useful items that grant you full health bar permanently. If not, proceed through the randomized dungeon rooms until you obtain the Boss Key.

Finally, you'll notice that the spaces to cross measure 3, while the trapdoors open and close every 4th beat. Hold out and swing for a 90˚ sweeping attackUse this to magically create a block in front of you, at the cost of stamina (20%).
The following should be available at some point in your run - so check back often: 2 + 1 DMG per tiles dug to all targets in range.This will launch a ball of fire dealing 1 damage in the direction you're facing, at the cost of stamina (20%).Legendary Broadsword. You'll need to get to the top left corner of the area, which will require the Down Thrust technique taught at the Windmill Hut - which is usually located near the Cliffs. One use only.Press L to unleash a shovel attack, stunning enemies for 1 damage and digging walls in a 3x2 area in front of you, at the cost of stamina (25%).Reveals which areas in the world contain minibosses you have yet to defeat.Hold L and then release to deal damage to enemies adjacent to Link, at the cost of stamina (25%).Increases the exploration range in your overworld map, revealing more adjacent screens for you to see.Reveals which areas in the world contain chests and Pieces of Heart you haven't found yet.Reveals which areas in the world contain Sheikah Stones you haven't activated. Welcome to IGN's Walkthrough and Guide for Cadence of Hyrule: Crypt of the NecroDancer featuring The Legend of Zelda.

This page was last edited on 17 April 2020, at 07:21. Content is available under the GNU Free Documentation License. It resonates with power...You got these after defeating the Gohmaracas, deep in the Lost Swamp. Toss the second stepping block onto the lower ledge in front of the lower stepping block, and then step off the lower block to the side, floating so you can still jump up to the lower platform. Certain set areas always have a Heart Piece in the same spot, while others are placed randomly in world in each of the biomes. While there are several places you may find Pieces of Hearts in the randomized Grasslands regions, there are also set locations that are guaranteed to have these Heart Pieces in this area, listed below. In this Cadence of Hyrule Heart Container Guide, we will show you how you can get the Heart container that is outside Link’s House. Deals damage to adjacent spaces. These enemies can be knock backed into the lava when struck, and will create new stone platforms to carry you across both to the Heart Piece, and to the Boss Key. Uses 20% stamina.Used to buy items from the death shop and various other items such as infusions for weapons. Attacks both targets in range. After you pull the block down and step on the button, take note of the three musical notes that are triggered, and match the sequence twice to awaken the Gerudo. All held rupees are lost on death.Confuses nearby enemies when it's used. Hold out and swing for a 90˚ sweeping attackUse to immediately travel to activated Sheikah Stones around Hyrule.Use with R to reflect or block projectiles and damage depending on your timing, at the cost of stamina (25%).Hold then release after one or two beats to leap forward 3/5 tiles, at the cost of stamina (20%).Use this to pick up rocks and crates, and then use it again to throw them 3 spaces away.Use this to jump into the air and avoid enemy attacks, at the cost of stamina (20%).Legendary Rapier. To switch between characters, all you need to do is visit a nearby Sheikah Stone. In order to reach it, cut down the bushes next to the signpost, and then go to the stone block at the bottom and push it up and to the left of the signpost until it rests under the highest ledge.

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