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Because of him!” she screamed, pointing at Ciavarella as news cameras rolled. “He ruined my f—ing life!!! Would you like to receive desktop browser notifications about breaking news and other major stories? “Kids for Cash” debuted in theaters across the country in February and March 2014. Brulo backdated her recommendation of a placement she made concerning a juvenile defendant in September 2007, and changed her original recommendation of placement to probation.On February 18, 2011, following a trial, a federal jury convicted Ciavarella on 12 of the 39 remaining counts he faced including racketeering, a crime in which prosecutors said the former judge used children "as pawns to enrich himself." That Memorial Day, after a day of drinking and arguing with his father, Ed Kenzakoski placed a gun against his heart, and pulled the trigger. Mericle faced up to three years in prison and a $250,000 maximum fine.Sandra Brulo, the former Deputy Director of Forensic Services for the Luzerne County Juvenile Probation Office, agreed to plead guilty in March 2009 to federal obstruction of justice. Those charges stemmed from actions Brulo took after she became aware she had been named in the federal civil action. He’s dead!

Transue, 22, eventually graduated from college.A fender-bender landed Kenzakoski back in court when he was 19. As his lawyer holds a press conference outside the courthouse, Kenzakoski’s mother, Sandy Fonzo, who had been standing to the side, unleashed years of pain and anguish on the man she held responsible.“My kid’s not here anymore! Go to hell, and rot there forever! The jurors acquitted Ciavarella of extortion and bribery in connection with $1.9 million that prosecutors said the judges extracted from the builder and owner of two youth centers, including allegations that Ciavarella shared the proceeds of FedEx boxes that were stuffed with tens of thousands of dollars in cash. He was incarcerated at the Robert Mericle's sentencing in connection with his guilty plea for failing to report a felony was delayed pending his anticipated testimony in the bribery trial of former Congressman and Pennsylvania State Senator Acting under a rarely used power established in 1722 and reserved for extraordinary circumstances, known as "In June 2010, an injunction was filed on behalf of PA Child Care, Western PA Child Care, and Mid Atlantic Youth Services, the companies that provided treatment programs at the youth centers, to prevent the ordered destruction of thousands of juvenile records on the grounds the records are needed for the defense's case.In the aftermath of the federal charges and defendant pleas, the In signing the legislation on August 7, 2009, Governor The scandal has also led to several portrayals in fictional works. What the disappearance of Kim Jong Un's sister could meanDozens of missing kids — including 15 sex trafficking victims — found in GeorgiaEx-MLB star calls Kenosha gunman a 'national treasure'This is why Jacob Blake had a warrant out for his arrestSandy Fonzo of Wilkes-Barre screams at former Judge Mark Ciavarella saying that he was responsible for her son's suicide on the steps of the federal courthouse in Scranton in 2011.Hillary Transue was sent to juvenile detention for making a fake Myspace page for her teacher.This is why Jacob Blake had a warrant out for his arrestDozens of missing kids — including 15 sex trafficking victims — found in GeorgiaChadwick Boseman teared up discussing meaning of ‘Black Panther’ to boys with cancerChadwick Boseman teared up discussing meaning of ‘Black Panther’ to boys with cancerCelebrity deaths in 2020: Actors, singers and more we lost this yearCelebrity deaths in 2020: Actors, singers and more we lost this year‘Black Panther’ star Chadwick Boseman dead of cancer at 43‘Black Panther’ star Chadwick Boseman dead of cancer at 43Drew Barrymore Says She Will “Never Forgive” Herself for Drinking Too Much on ‘WWHL’Drew Barrymore Says She Will “Never Forgive” Herself for Drinking Too Much on ‘WWHL’ Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email.

The judges were alleged to have received "millions of dollars" in payments for the completion of a binding agreement between the court and the private facilities, co-owned by attorney Robert Powell, to use their services and the subsequent closing of the county facility.Original, negotiated plea agreements called for both judges to serve up to seven years in prison, pay fines and restitution, and accept responsibility for the crimes.Following the plea withdrawals, on September 9, 2009, a federal grand jury in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania returned a 48-count indictmentRobert Powell, an attorney and co-owner of the two juvenile facilities at the heart of the scandal, pleaded guilty on July 1, 2009, to Robert Mericle, the prominent real estate developer who built the two juvenile facilities, pleaded guilty on September 3, 2009, to failing to disclose a felony. We've received your submission.Hillary Transue, 14, created a fake, humorous Myspace page about her school’s vice principal.Justin Bodnar, 12, cursed at another student’s mother.As we see in the documentary “Kids for Cash,” which opens Friday, all three Luzerne County, Pa. teens met the same fate for their minor infractions.They were hauled into court with their parents, sometimes ­after being persuaded — coerced, according to at least one parent — by police to waive their right to ­legal counsel.They were brought before Judge Mark A. Ciavarella and, without warning or the chance to offer a defense, found themselves pronounced guilty, shackled and sentenced to months of detention in a cockroach-infested jail.They were trapped in the juvenile justice system for years, robbing most of them of their entire high-school experience.Judge Ciavarella, who sentenced around 3,000 children in a similar manner, was later sentenced himself to 28 years in prison for financial crimes related to his acceptance of $2.2 million as a finder’s fee for the construction of a for-profit facility in which to house these so-called delinquents.The scandal was called “Kids for Cash,” and it rocked the state in 2009 — for the accusation that Ciavarella was happy to tear families apart in exchange for the payoff.Kenzakoski was diagnosed with ADD before he was 10 and drinking by 14, and his parents were so worried about him that his father developed a plan to scare him straight.Along with two police officer buddies, Kenzakoski’s father planted a marijuana pipe in the boy’s truck, hoping he would be arrested and turned around after a confrontation with the authorities.But the second part of that plan went awry, and Ciavarella sent the boy away.In the film, Bodnar recalls how, shackled and torn from his home for saying a dirty word, he approached the facility on a convict bus and saw the 20-foot razor wire.“I’m now one of those people you see in the movies,” thought the 12-year-old, who would smoke pot for the first time three months later, influenced by “living around criminals” in a facility intended to make him a better person.After her release from incarceration, Transue returned to school with a stigma, viewed as a criminal by her teachers and under watch from her probation officer, who kept an office in the school.Mark Ciavarella was elected to a 10-year-term as Luzerne County judge in 1995, on a platform of getting tough on teen crime.

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