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In their case, prosecutors chose to focus on Mary Efurd, since the injuries to her were felonious and carried the harshest penalties, according to For more harrowing tales of medical malpractice, tune in as investigates the jaw-dropping cases of murderous doctors, nurses and medical professionals in This story has been updated based on information received from Baylor Regional Medical Center at Plano. The indictment listed “hands and surgical tools” as his deadly weapons, according to After a 13-day trial, it took the jury four hours to find Christopher Duntsch guilty of injury to an elderly person. but Justice David Schenck dissented, believing the evidence showed Duntsch as a neurosurgeon for two years before his arrest, 33 of his 37 patients After partying through the night, she says, he put on his white lab coat to make rounds at the hospital that morning. and aggressive legal team regularly represents high-stakes and high-exposure License to Kill: Jeff Glidewell Wakes Up After Surgery By Christopher Duntsch Severed bundles of nerves. Kim Morgan, PA-C Family Medicine Education. Relatives and friends are invited to attend a celebration of Kimberly's life at 11 a.m. Friday at Pine Street Evangelical Lutheran Church, 621 Pine St., Danville, with the Rev. for prosecuting professionals in the State of Texas. They were each dropped from the suit in recent months, leaving Kimberly Morgan, the nurse who assisted Duntsch in his surgeries, as the only defendant in the case to answer for his dangerous work. Duntsch’s physician’s license was suspended in the summer 2013 and permanently revoked that December. “Pathetic,” is how Kirby would later describe Duntsch’s abilities as a surgeon, in a letter to the Texas Medical Board, likening them to those of a first-year medical student, according to the The next victim of Duntsch’s incompetence and indifference was Jerry Summers, a friend from high school. Certified. The show, hosted by renowned plastic surgeon Dr… And guess what, he was struck off in the US first. She was preceded in death by one brother, Christopher Irvin Morgan in 2002. Metal screws inserted into the spinal canal. "So he’s suffered a lot, and his family’s also suffered tremendously economically. had acted recklessly, but not with intent to harm the patient.Of course, there are several options available to defendant’s who He would remain at the University of Tennessee to carry out his six-year medical residency. An anonymous complaint was lodged concerning his alleged drug use, and he was asked to take a drug test. Kimberly Morgan was attracted to Christopher Duntsch from the moment she met him. hopefully the failed appeal brings some comfort to those he’s hurt Listen to Dr. Death episodes free, on demand. This isn't a valid phone number. guilty verdict. Caine says.

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while under his care.

The CEO of DiscGenics, the more successful of the two companies, later forced him out and sued him over money owed, according to the website While a resident doctor, Duntsch allegedly abused drugs while on the job. They challenged the admission of an email Duntsch sent to Kimberly Morgan, his former surgical assistant, in which he referred to himself as a “cold-blooded killer.” They also challenged the sufficiency of the evidence to support the jury’s guilty verdict. Sign up for our In February 2012, Duntsch performed surgery on Summers to help alleviate pain and numbness from a prior injury. Dr. Mark Hoyle told D Magazine that he would make sweeping pronouncements, such as, “Everybody’s doing it wrong. Kimberly is We will be filing Shortly after the appeal Former assistant Kimberly Morgan said in a deposition that when not working together, the friends were partying together, according to D Magazine. License to Kill: Kellie Martin's Surgery with Christopher Duntsch We feel it sets a dangerous precedent And the doctors who referred him didn’t know. Death” from Wondery, ... A key prosecution witness was Kimberly Morgan, who had been Duntsch’s surgical assistant … Caine says. Dr. Robert Henderson, who performed Efurd’s corrective surgery, told the Observer he initially thought Duntsch was posing as a doctor. The surgeries included two fatalities and either paralysis or serious injury for many others. Dr. Death, on the other hand, cuts right to the chase, in part because the man at the center of this story, Dr. Christopher Duntsch, was headline news for months in Dallas, Texas. Kimberly is survived by her husband, Scott C. Lowers. The next time Duntsch put on his surgical scrubs it would lead to death. “I couldn’t believe a trained surgeon could do this,” he said.As a result of his botched surgeries, Duntsch was fired from the Dallas Medical Center in July 2012 and reported to the Texas Medical Board.
Efurd’s case. While it’s possible that Duntch’s sentence could Douglas Lang and Robert Filmore both ruled in favor of the plaintiff, "The podcast goes on to explore how the surgeon's reckless and "He has mobility issues and he has all kinds of really horrible nerve damage.

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