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There are three sections in this book: “What do poems do,” “What’s inside a poem,” “Special kinds of poetry,” and “Do it yourself.” Each section of this book introduces the different components of poems and gives a description of what they are. There are illustrations that go along with some of the poems that tell the story behind the poems.
We’d love your help. Knock at a Star…

Many of us are not gifted poets, so teaching it is intimidating for me. The perfect classic anthology of poetry for today's young readers. This book is a must for any teacher who wants to teach poetry but does not feel adequate for the task on their own.I have never been the biggest fan of poetry, but Knock at a Star by X.J. The first part is called "What do poems DO?" It does not have an introduction, but the scope covers what poems do, the parts of a poem, special types of poems, and some advice on how to write poems. Many people have created poetry anthologies for children, and such collections give children the opportunity to experience and explore a wide variety of poems. Paperback I loved that there were some illustrations throughout the book as well, this made it even more enjoyable. The anthologists start by asking, "What Do Poems Do?" Some poems are accompanied by some explanation, some stand alone. Condition: New.

Poetry often might seem "boring" to kids. Following the description, the authors give examples of different poems that contain that aspect.Knock a Star is unique as it's not just a collection of poetry, but it's also a guide for children about how to identify different types of poetry, and how to read poetry.

0316488003 First published more than fifteen years ago, Knock at a Star was a collection of poems that children would like rather than a collection of work that they should like. This book is very informative in that it also talks about the different kind of poems that are created. Paperback. I think this would make poetry easier to teach and keep the students interested, since they do know where they will end. I loved that there were some illustrations throughout the book as well, this made it even more enjoyable. It was very diverse in the entries and did a great job of introducing poetry in a way that young readers would understand and enjoy. I think it is a perfect way of exposing children to poetry for the first time. There is a watercolor illustration theme as well thatKnock At A Star is very lovely book compilation of poetry. Grade 3-7-With a greatly expanded collection of poems and new black-and-white pencil sketches, this revision (Little, Brown, 1985) will appeal to a whole new generation of readers. This book is separated into four sections. Every now and then, the editor will interrupt to point out something important about a poem, or poetry in general. Knock at a Star: A Child's Introduction to Poetry. All of the poems are from different authors which allows each have their own individual voice. Now X.J. It does not have an introduction, but the scope covers what poems do, the parts of a poem, special types of poems, and some advice on how to write poems. Karen Lee Baker (illustrator). Brand new Book. Softcover Kennedy is a wonderful resource for teachers. BRAND NEW, GIFT QUALITY! Kennedy and Dorothy M. Kennedy is a book that introduces children to the different components of poetry. Like many children of my generation I wrote silly limericks as as kid [1] and read plenty of poems, and even had to memorize poetry on occasion as well as write it for class. After this they also give a note to those who wish to use the book when working with groups; part of it explains how long children of certain ages should read poetry. This would be good for a read aloud of different poems, but I don't think a child would like to sit down and read this alone.
While plenty of the biggies in poetry are here (e.g., Emily Dickinson, Langston Hughes, and Walt Whitman), lesser-known poets are showcased as well, including "Anonymous," who, after Shakespeare, "may be the second best poet in our language."

It allows students to read about poetry, write their own poems, and read other poems all within one book. Some poems were rhyming poems that had very flowing words that had syllables that matched the meaning of the poems.

There is in most of the poems a combination of brevity with depth of feeling or a twist of invention that takes the reader by surprise.” – “The Kennedys have assembled a remarkably unassuming and accessible collection.” – We use cookies to enhance your visit to us. The pictures that were in the book were all in black and white. But, after reading the poetry in this anthology, kids can see just how imaginative and fun poetry can be! Kennedy is a wonderful resource for teachers. This would be a great assest to have in the classroom!This is a children's introduction to poetry. Rev ed. Little, Brown Books for Young Readers, 1999. LibraryThing Review User Review - ptnguyen - LibraryThing. Its approach to the genre will show children that poetry can be lighthearted, humorous, and fun. Knock Knock Lyrics: As a boy I shared a game with my father / Played it every morning 'til I was 3 / He would knock knock on my door / And I'd pretend to be asleep / 'til he got right next to the bed Book. The poems throughout the book transport you in a short amount of time, personally some are better than other. The poems that filled the books pages were very diverse. The selections that follow are then organized in groups of those that can, "Make You Smile," "Start You Wondering," or "Help You Understand People."

There isn't one poem with the same topic. The poems have beautifully written realistic and imaginative topics of things all the way from fairy tales to nature. A wide range of poets are included in the book.

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