kong dog crate instructions


See Figure F. Step 8. This is to ensure that there is no danger to the larger dog from having access to a toy that is too small for him or her, which would present a risk of choking or suffocation.You can buy the KONG classic toy through Amazon. After identifying the correct toy and size needed, click the toy link in the table footer to buy it.KONG Stuff’N Easy Treat – A Primer To Get Your Dog’s AttentionBest Dog Crate Reviews 2018 – Top Cages For Your PetBest Dog Toys 2018 For Puppies, Dogs, & Extreme Chewers KONG on Facebook. Made in USA. Crate Training.

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Dog crates provide a safe enclosure for dogs when they're too young to be alone loose in the house, when they're traveling or during an emergency. KONG Pets.
It’ll have two hooks on either side that attach sideways to the walls of the crate. "needed to fold crate flat, and this site showed me step by step and made it easy. Wire crates are available as self-contained folding crates, suitable for travel, or as drop-pin crates, which are more permanent but also generally more durable. Log in. Sign up. Consult the The regular KONG Classic is no longer suitable for a dog in his or her senior years, and instead they should have a KONG Senior toy instead.It comes in several sizes to suit dog breed and weight. Someone can also hold these upright for you if you have a helper.The last layer is a combination of the top of the crate, plus the two sides.They’re all connected, so they should pull straight up easily.There should be small metal hooks at the top edges of both the front and back of the crate.Hook them over the top of the crate to secure both pieces in place.Look for any other hooks that need to be latched in the same way.Different sized crates will have different amounts of hooks.Apply light pressure to the top of the crate and push gently on each side.The crate should be able to take the weight of your dog leaning or pushing against it.If you’re setting up your crate for a puppy, your crate probably came with a crate divider.It’s one piece of the crate that isn’t attached to anything else.The crate divider keeps your pup from wandering around the crate and If your dog is a little older and already knows where to go to the bathroom, set the crate divider aside for any future puppies you may bring home.If you’re more of a visual person like me, here is a video detailing the steps:I remember taking a picture of the crate once it was all set up, and then feeling worried about how I’d fit it in my small car when Maggie and I would go home for the upcoming holidays.Don’t wait a few months to face this fear like I did!Crates are just as easy to take apart as they are to put together.To get the crate to collapse, you’ll need to unhook everything.Completely remove the divider if you’re using one, and then unhook all the walls of the crate.The top should collapse onto the crate tray along with the two side walls.Let it collapse naturally and just make sure it’s flat once it’s all down.The front and the back should then fold down on top the rest of the crate, forming a very flat rectangle of metal bars.Some crates feature extra hooks that will hold everything in place once it has been collapsed, but others don’t.Look around for these hooks to be sure. This video is unavailable.

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