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The Serpentarium - Monitors & Tegus For Sale. Below is our list of available monitor lizards for sale.

You can buy Savannah monitors, Nile monitors, Water monitors, as well as many other incredible species.

DARK Bell's Phase Lace Monitor '19.

NERD 2019 Female Bell's Phase Lace Monitor (Varanus varius) Regular price $8,000.00.


Highly carnivorous with insatiable appetites, it's always an adventure feeding these lizards.

Regular price $8,000.00. NERD Monitor Lizards.

One of the coolest, and diverse type of lizards you can find.

Monitors and Tegus for sale - Reptile rapture offers a selection of Monitors and Tegus & with live arrival assurance at best price.


The seller's response will come to you in email.

Our monitor lizards are top notch, and at great low prices.

Monitor Lizards for Sale. Incredible Rep Imperial Jon's Jungle


The monitor is usually a dark colour, ranging from a dark blue-black to black and has a scattering of white, cream or yellow scales forming vibrant markings on its body. TReptiles Ackie Monitors - Red (Babies) Red Ackie Monitors (Varanus acanthurus acanthurus) Captive Bred A.K.A.

We have thousands of exotic reptiles for sale from top breeders from around the world.


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