lagotto romagnolo puppies for sale in italy

They both come from a long healthy lines of Lagotto truffle hunting dogs and have amazing temperaments.We are currently accepting deposits for these puppies. Username amicoromapuppiesThey are growing fast and starting to get there own personality’s!We are happy you found our page. It’s a fantastic animal, smart, funny and spirited… a true Romagnolo!We are so so happy with our Lagotto puppy. Username @amicoromapuppiesBorn December 17th, 2017. They both come from a long healthy lines of Lagotto truffle hunting dogs and have amazing temperaments.Yay! We look at In our site we give as much information as possible about our Lagotto Romagnolo dogs. Needless to say I am delighted with my choice and have met a breeder with characteristics not usual in bringing up. We bought our puppy back from Italy to the UK, which requires a lot of administration and paperwork which David was extremely helpful and knowledgeable with. He and our little Carrie’s Lagottina have changed our lives.Our puppy is beautiful (they stop us constantly to ask for the breed), lively, intelligent and sympathetic; It is very sweet with everyone, even with dogs that show themselves not too friendly.And our little girl loves her. Available to go home on October 24, 2017.Both Dam and Sire are from Italy! Thank you very much, David.David and Martina are wonderful people and professionals. Dogs are not numbers, but rather small, beloved creatures and literally followed as children.This is what we were looking for: a family that loved animals and that accompanied us in this important choice. Find Lagotto Romagnolo Puppies and Breeders in your area and helpful Lagotto Romagnolo information. Nothing is left to chance and the results are immediately seen. I was supposed to pick up our Lella At the beginning of March, David took care of any document and vax needed to carry her to the US, but then Italy closed for quarantine and I was able to get there only at the end of April. We did not want to believe, but Lucky (brother of Chicca) with his partner Peggy, have found some truffles in a villa in the heart of Rome Ahahah (surely they are nothing but satisfaction is so much)!! This was a real bonus and one less thing for us to worry about.We would strongly recommend David and his lovely wife Martina’s kennels and the service we received. Available to go home on March 5th 2018Both Dam and Sire are from Italy! Balanced, playful and sociable he had no difficulty in settling down. GALLERY.

The puppies will be AKC/NAPR Registered. We could not ask for better: true love and passion United to Absolutà professonality.Our experience with Valley of the doctors could not be better. We therefore went to the Enci website and from there we started our research of the suitable breeding. Risky, I know, but, to look good you will find serious and available people.I was lucky: of the announcement I was impressed by the quality and the detailed certification with which the puppy would be delivered, as well as the love and care that there were behind the grow those six small pests.Nothing was left to chance, from vaccines to nutrition, from documents to pedigree.Yuri, the breeder of Valle dei Medici, gave me all the necessary information from the first contact demonstrating an out of the ordinary availability.

We created a relationship before the arrival of our puppy and for us it was very important and useful during the waiting period. We breed a litter of puppies the goal of superior temperament, health and classic Italian characteristics. Step by step we were discovering how fantastic this breed is. He loves water, good walker, obedient, excellent company!On the street it is a huge success and in many people recognize it as Lagotto, for others it is simply fantastic!Hello! Transferable to AKC. We look forward to sharing stories as he grows up and wish for them to come and visit whenever they need. Since then he kept me updated on the birth and growth of my Olly with photos and movies. He is lively, sociable and full of love. We went to collect Ermes immediately after the New Year and we brought him home on 3rd of January 2019. I phoned to get some information and it seemed very helpful, with my wife and daughter we decided to see this puppy right away.We chose Rusty and I guarantee that the Lagotto is a terrific dog.We had a great time at this farm for two essential reasons: they care about the puppies and they are very helpful and prepared people for any need even after bringing the puppy home.We were surprised that they call us to get information about the health and progress of our Rusty.LUCKY 8 months and 16 KG of pure Dynamite is a dog that among the people do not go unnoticed, walking with him is a pride there is no passerby who does not turn attention. He likes to nibble on his shoes. These are unbelievably clever dogs, they learn quickly and can adapt to every situation. Certainly thanks to the care they have given him in the first days. No choice was more appropriate, I never had any problems with her, she didn’t cry even on the first day, she is lively, cheerful and intelligent, a tireless, obedient and beautiful walker.Like all of you I have received compliments on how she has been raised and for this I thank David and Martina who bring out the best of this breed which, however, being very demanding, would not have these wonderful character and morphological characteristics. ABOUT. Adorable. I found it by clicking on the Internet, almost for gaming, one evening in April. Our little lake has settled immediately to us and to our house.

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