le ba binh death

Fortunately, there were military leaders on the ground in Vietnam that served to remedy the horror inflicted upon them. That is too much for the average person. Thank you Gen. Satterfield for this posting today.

Colonel Le Ba Binh is a true hero. On the second day the clearing of the village continued. Le Ba Binh stands in Quang Tri prior to being wounded for the 9th time, 1972. I’m so glad that there are men like this in the world.
I had no idea. I welcome comments and also guests who would like to write an article. In an attempt to demonstrate that they could move freely within the province, a combined force including a company from the PAVN 33rd Regiment, elements of the VC D440 Provincial Mobile Battalion, the Bình Ba and The 1 ATF Ready Reaction Force under the command of Major Murray Blake consisted of an understrength D Company 5 RAR (of just 65 men), a troop of Centurion tanks from the The Australians reached the edge of the village at 11:20, coming under light fire. The growth of humanity was based on moving away from tribalism because it is a destructive way of existance.As a Lieutenant, I read the book about Le Ba Binh and the two US Marine Colonels who were also major players in the heroism in Vietnam. My brother gave me the book which was truly a gem in the rough. John Ripley and South Vietnamese Marine Maj.

He shows both moral and physical courage when called upon. It requires courage, hard work, knowledge of the difference in good and evil, and high motivation.

I’m glad he survived the war (although having to go thru ‘reeducation camp”) but managed to get to the USA where there is still freedom.Often, when we think of courage, we think of it as shown here by Vietnamese Colonel Le Ba Binh. It gives me a calmness to know that there are still people in the world that are willing to step up and fight for what is good. Le Ba An Binh is currently heading Integrated Marketing Communication for Coca-Cola Indochina and is also leading regional big bets for Coca-Cola ASEAN. What so many people miss is that communism and socialism are tribal ideologies. We do encourage laziness (both physical and intellectual). What to do about it, is our duty to lead people to goodness and not to faux-goodness that is really evil. I had no idea. Initially the tanks were effective for close action, however by the time the marketplace had been reached in the centre of the town concealed By 14:00 the Australians were bolstered by additional troops from B Company 5 RAR, under Major Rein Harring, which took up blocking positions to south and east. The bridge was strategic in that it was the only one that would allow tanks to cross. For the south, men like Le Ba Binh resisted the attacks with élan, valor, and gritty determination.Binh’s battalion held the ground defending the only major bridge across the Cua Viet River near Dong Ha. Mr. [March 5, 2019] The Vietnam War was one of the least understood conflicts of the 20The immense suffering of the Vietnamese people under Communist rule is consistently ignored. To fully clear the village every bunker, house and any likely areas of concealment had to be searched.

Thanks for reading my blog.Colonel Le Ba Binh is a true hero. And those who deny the deaths of 10s of millions of Russians at the hands of Communism, ignore the very core of that ideology to their peril.Our youth who attend school in America are constantly hit with the socialist ideology and yet the downside is never discussed with them. Especially true of Americans who are generally lazy and privileged. Binh started his professional career with a 02 year working as a Software Engineer but quitted as soon as he realized that even the most technical piece of software needed to be rooted in a deep human need.

Binh and his men held their ground in spite of overwhelming odds. But Vietnamese Colonel Le Ba Binh was truly one of them. You are correct. Later in the morning South Vietnamese forces in the northern hamlet of Duc Trung came under attack, and B Company and the Assault Pioneer Platoon were deployed to provide assistance.Operation Hammer concluded by 09:00 on 8 June with one final sweep carried out that morning to ensure that Bình Ba was clear.The battle was one of the major victories of the Australians in South Vietnam and although they would occasionally encounter PAVN/VC Main Force units in the future, it effectively marked the end of such large-scale clashes. 19 thoughts on “ Hero: Vietnamese Colonel Le Ba Binh ” Ronny Fisher March 5, 2019. I'm Doug and I provide at least one article everyday on some leadership topic. Author: Douglas R. Satterfield

With a fresh troop of tanks together with APC support, D Company conducted a second assault on the village, this time with the infantry leading. Too bad so many of our young have been indoctrinated by the infection of communism.We often overuse the term “hero” in our conversations with others. LinkedIn is the world's largest business network, helping professionals like Binh Le Ba An discover inside connections to recommended job candidates, industry experts, and business partners. His training and Two U.S. Marine advisors, Lieutenant Colonel John Ripley and Colonel Josh Dorsey were also key players in helping hold the Communist army. Indeed, as a result of such heavy losses suffered at Bình Ba the PAVN were temporarily forced to move out of Phuoc Tuy and into the adjoining province of Long Khánh.According to Chamberlain two battalions of the 33rd Regiment were deployed in the area, with the move of the regiment south-west from Le Ba Binh was one of them. The Commanding Officer of 5 RAR, Lieutenant Colonel Colin Khan, now assumed command of the battle. He also showed moral courage in his fight against the tyranny of North Vietnamese aggression and its horrible effect on the lives of his countrymen. That is also why I keep coming back to your leadership blog.Same here. Cheers!Yes, I was wondering if you were taking an unnecessary swipe at Americans but I see your point. Well, we can calmly explain that socialism/communism (the same that Le Ba Binh fought) is an evil ideology that always destroys. But there is much more; moral courage. Dubbed the “Easter Offensive,” it began with attacks across the DMZ. Nothing more can be asked of people like him.

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