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Trench warfare started as a defensive measure that the troops were forced to take due to the effectiveness of artillery, in particular the machine gun. The trenches that were used provided a form of protection for the troops, as it protected them from enemy fire. There was no sanitation in trenches, as they lacked bathrooms. 7 Answers.

The tanks were very slow and would often get ditched in trenches that were too wide. One huge con, the usual tendency to ignore earlier lessons learned a bit earlier, in the Civil War in the U.S. Well trench warfare came about because weapons had become so powerful that if you didn't go underground you would all be killed very quickly. Although trenches were hardly new to combat: Prior to the advent of Long, narrow trenches dug into the ground at the front, usually by the infantry soldiers who would occupy them for weeks at a time, were designed to protect World War I troops from machine-gun fire and artillery attack from the air.As the “Great War” also saw the wide use of chemical warfare and poison gas, the trenches were thought to offer some degree of protection against exposure. The Germans soon became known for effectively mounting nighttime incursions behind enemy lines, by sending highly trained soldiers to attack the trenches of opposing forces at what they perceived as weak points.If successful, these soldiers would breach enemy lines and circle around to attack their opponents from the rear, while their comrades would mount a traditional offensive at the front.The brutality of trench warfare is perhaps best typified by the 1916 German soldiers lying dead in a trench after the Battle of Cambrai, 1917.

Pros and Cons Tanks in this era were to complex for this time and many of the tanks were poorly built. “By 1914, industrialized countries were mass-producing barbed wire, and its ability to trap made it one of the most effective low-tech weapons of WWI”(World War I Centenary: Barbed Wire). Although trench warfare brought positives to our troops, it also brought negatives. Left a high number of amputees; Could explode on the soldier holding it if not thrown in time or properly. 1 0. Jeremy Black He challenges conventional understanding of the war, and the role of trenches Provides a global understanding, as the war included the dominions of the main combatants Places less emphasis on the conditions of the average soldier and their suffering, puts more Firstly, a positive that trench warfare brought was the protection it brought to the people inside the trenches. Trench warfare is a war strategy used in the American Civil War in 1861 – 1865 and the Russian – Japanese War of 1904 – 1905, but it wasn’t until World War One that trench warfare became the standard form of fighting. (Credit: Photo12/UIG via Getty Images)Not surprisingly, this approach was rarely effective, and often led to mass casualties.Later in the war, forces began mounting attacks from the trenches at night, usually with support of covering artillery fire.

* They allow for a static and immensely powerful defensive emplacement, amplifying the combat ability of a small force many times over. When soldiers emerged from trenches to fight opposing troops, they were easy targets and were culled by machine guns and rifles. Please feel free to vote on the poll and to leave a comment on the blog. Hence, as a defensive strategy, invariably trenches did not succeed as the men taking shelter in them often succumbed to well aim fire, grenades, and air support.How Trench Warfare Is Used In The First World War ? Pros. Favourite answer. Jeremy Black He challenges conventional understanding of the war, and the role of trenches Provides a global understanding, as the war included the dominions of the main combatants Places less emphasis on the conditions of the average soldier and their suffering, puts more Tanks finally ended the practice of what we think of as trench warfare, people saw that speed and mobility could easily overwhelm a trench line.Pros: an unshifting battle line for a long period, always in cover, waiting for a rush attack in a fortified position, the enemy is always in the front.

The birth of mech Armor I would say is the pro. During the First World War, there was shortage of troops and as a result, companies ended up living in trenches for weeks or months together. Cons: Disease from having poor sanitation and many people pressed together. The pros of trench warfare are that the trenches were a fantastic form of defence against enemy aircraft and bombs as the soldiers could quickly retreat into … Many components of biological warfare are highly concentrated, so just a few drops of certain bacteria, toxins and other agents can literally kill millions of people once they hit the water supply or air within a community. It helped clear out trenches in a fast and effective way; Cons.

Difficulty in taking land(until the arrival of tanks, etc. There are basically no pros to trench warfare, to take an enemy trench line you need to throw massive amounts of men at it so as to overwhelm the defenders, to succeed you need more men then the enemy can kill. The soldiers detested trench warfare as it was one of the worst places to be in during a battle. There were many pros and cons of WW1, some very fantastic decisions were made and also some very silly decisions as well. (Credit: Hulton Archive/Getty Images)Constant exposure to wetness caused trench foot, a painful condition in which dead tissue spread across one or both feet, sometimes requiring amputation. It is highly efficient.

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