let the right one in eli scar

The book's a very different entity than the film, and Reeves is clearly basing his film off the latter. Although this seems a bit disturbing it is met with the powerful message that love can transcend humanity, even gender. The title, which comes from a song “Let The Right One Slip In” by ex-Smiths’ member Morrissey, has multiple connotations. The fact that there is so much debate on Eli's gender, Hakan, and the character's intentions certainly implies there is a certain degree of vaguness to the movie that has inspired many viewers to fill in the blanks for themselves, assuming they see it as a seperate entity from the novel which would seem to be the case. Per a request at WP:FILMS assessment department, the article has been reviewed to determine if it meets the B-class criteria. In the novel, Oskar contemplates becoming a serial killer, frequently shoplifts, and commits arson. Traditionally vampirism has some sort of erotic undertone to it, but this is very, very innocent. Yes, it is a dark brief flash and judging from internet reactions confused many viewers. In the novel, Eli was born male and later castrated in a brutal ritual that took place hundreds of years prior to the events of the story. The reason for this is quite simple - she starts to feel love for Oskar throughout the movie. I think the gender issue is very well repesented in the Screenplay-section. Let the Right One In–based on the Swedish novel and movie by the same name–tells the story of a twelve-year-old boy Oskar, who befriends the odd new neighbor Eli who is the same age. Again, these scenes  further emphasize how violent and “monstrous” these adolescents are. At the time of the story, Håkan was 45 years old. And if it is true can anyone tell me where it was mentioned?

The scar shot could indeed indicate that Eli is castrated, but it may also conceivably indicate a botched trans-gender operation. Is this standard practice? In the electronic world, however, I can simply scroll past something about which I don't care. I won't take anymore valuabe space but I don't see how anyone can argue an individual viewer can't walk away from this mysterious film with different interpretations than the much more explict book. Two deleted scenes form Let the right one in.

As far as I've understood from reading the novel and watching the film, Eli is not a girl, though his gender is intentionally ambiguous at first. The scene when we see Eli naked I think implies that (s)he is actually genderless - Oskar himself looked visibly disturbed by what he saw. Maybe a vampire has no definitive gender, and Eli is a girl only because that is the form (s)he has taken. Both horror and romantic seems to me to be slightly debatable, while vampire is not. I do it all the time, and no one misunderstands what I have to say.

And it would for just about any normal person in the world. Eli told him that he was not a girl. It’s almost as if the usual gibes that America has become some kind of place where they “don’t know the boys from the girls” are really true. I think that, as Eli takes the form of a girl, we should just assume that this is his/her appearance, if not his/her true gender, and that (s)he simply has the emotional feelings of a girl, in that (s)he falls in love with Oskar. End of story. They stay in contact through Morse code, share and give away possessions, and truly seem to care for each other. The relationship between Eli and Oskar deserves much more than a simple glance.Before looking at the relationship between these two children it is necessary to uncover what exactly is happening between Eli and her current caretaker, Håkan, at the beginning of the film. As seen by the number of rings Eli has next to her Faberge egg it is presumed she has a number of lovers since her incarnation as a vampire. Anyone who has seen the film is aware of plot basics. There are movie goers everywhere who are interested in what Eli (and later Abby) meant when she said “I’m not a girl”. :) -Dan In my opinion, I think Eli is genderless because she is a vampire throughout the film, but she is definitely more of a human being by the end of the film. Though the book makes it clear that Eli was at first a boy, the film seems to leave it intentionally ambiguous. I saw the film this evening at Ebertfest, and the director was present.

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