life as a navy quartermaster

Atleast then I would be around positive people who actually wanna make a difference in this world. As to joining the Navy instead of the other services, I think the answer is in my blood.

Clear All. You selected Early Career—this applies to Sailors in paygrades E1-E3. Because the master of a U.S. merchant vessel is personally liable for the acts of all persons aboard his ship, the master or the second mate, acting as the navigational officer, attends to this duty.In the U.S. Navy, a quartermaster attends an eight-week school at Naval Station Great Lakes, located near Chicago. Earning my Quartermaster is one of my greatest accomplishments and I'd do it all again. Shore tour lengths between sea tours will be set to 36 months long. They must know how to read the tables that outline how quickly a … U.S. Qualifications to Be a U.S. Navy Quartermaster (QM)Navy Qualification Factors for Information System Technician (IT)Aviation Boatswain's Mate - Equipment (ABE) - Navy Rating DescriptionThe Navy's Enlisted Rating of Aviation Boatswain's Mate - Fuels (ABF)What Does a Navy Damage Controlman (DC) Actually Do?What an Operations Specialist (OS) Does in the US NavyBeing an Aviation Machinist Mate (AD) in the U.S. NavyWhat Is a Navy Aviation Boatswains Mate - Handling (ABH)?Navy Enlisted Job: Gas Turbine Systems Mechanic (GSM)Learn About Being an Aviation Support Equipment Technician (AS) There are nine different MOS’s (Military Occupational Specialty) in that corps, seven are very specific and they do learn most of the required skills in AIT (Advanced Individual Training). Navy quartermasters are responsible for navigating vessels in coastal waters. QMs procure, correct, use and stow navigational and oceanographic publications and oceanographic charts. He is also a certified marine technician and the author of a popular text on writing local history. Rod Powers was the U.S. Military expert for The Balance Careers and was a retired Air Force First Sergeant with 22 years of active duty service. The Balance Careers uses cookies to provide you with a great user experience. Time and time again, I've had people say that in retrospect, they would rather have gone QM as … About 2,000 men and women work in the QM rating.Personnel in the Quartermaster rating are paid allowances (BAH, BAS, etc. Joystick steering, usually found on smaller ships with multiple propellers or re-positionable propellers, works much the same as a joystick on a computer.Quartermasters in the Navy may work in four-, six- or eight-hour watches.

Also, QMs procure, correct, use, and stow navigational and oceanographic publications and oceanographic charts. U.S. Navy quartermasters may turn on the autopilot, known as “Iron Mike,” when directed to do so; only a U.S.

Sea tour lengths for the QM rating will not involuntarily exceed 60 months for Sailors with less than 20 years of service (YOS) and 48 months for Sailors with more than 20 YOS. Quartermaster is one of two different military occupations. I got out in 2008, and spent 6 months working for the New York Ferry, and am a custodian now.If you want to use your QM skills once you get out you can get your civilian captains license and be a merchant marine. Navy quartermasters are responsible for navigating vessels in coastal waters. Next, they learn the Rules for the Prevention of Collisions at Sea, known as the COLREGS, that apply on the high seas. The wheel is a conventional steering wheel. In land armies, a quartermaster is generally a relatively senior soldier who supervises stores or barracks and distributes supplies and provisions.In many navies, a quartermaster is an officer with particular responsibility for steering and signals. They learn to use the global positioning system and time and speed calculations to establish their locations. In the Merchant Marine, they work according to the watch schedule established by the captain or the company, but never more than 12 hours out of 24. I also joined because I couldn’t afford college and didn’t really have any marketable skills. A good working knowledge of arithmetic, the capability for understanding modern computing devices, the ability to speak and write well and function as a member of an integrated team, do detailed work and keep accurate records, some physical strength and good manual dexterity are important qualifications.Normal color perception is required, and vision must correct to 20/20.Quartermasters usually work in a clean, air-conditioned electronic equipment space or the ship's bridge/pilot house, and frequently perform their work as part of a team, but may work on individual projects.

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