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Jotars Sharon Gladwell Hayle Cornwall. Our sole purpose when we plan a litter is to advance the Wyndlair bloodline and improve our great breed - The AKC Collie.

Regular contact with people is essential, while exposure to strangers and children is an added bonus.The breeder should be able to show you evidence that the mother and father have been tested and are certified to have no genetic diseases associated with the Rough Collie breed. You can also view the profiles of their previous puppies to get a better idea of the dogs that they breed.Ideally the breeder should raise their puppies inside their home to ensure that they are closely monitored and familiar with human contact. in the directory White occurs in combination with Sable, Tri-Color & Blue Merle, but is recognized as its own color. We have a complete protocol beginning at 3 weeks incorporating pyrantel pamoate, fenbendazole & metronidazole.

Puppies were born... December 30, 2019. We employ select outcrosses when we are looking to bring in certain breed virtues or traits or to reduce our bloodline coefficient ratios.
in Canada. Rough Collie Wichita, Kansas, United States . Due to our family and professional commitments, we do not have litters frequently. To Our pretty rough Collie's got a litter of puppies of 11. When a Collie inherits the white-factored gene from both parents, it becomes a White, even if neither parent is. They’ll provide background about the Rough Collie breed and discuss the characteristics of the adult dog and whether it is suitable for your lifestyle.A responsible Rough Collie breeder should provide you with a documented history of the puppy and should openly invite you to see one or both of the puppy’s parents. Breeder of rough collies located in Western PA. We occassionally have show prospects and companion puppies available. I have over 30 years experience of the breed. When researching Rough Collie breeders, it is important to find out as much about them as possible to ensure that they are responsible, ethical, and have their dogs’ best interests at heart. Our litters are raised in our home with an abundance of attention and handling. The sable can range from a blonde “buff” color to a rich red, or deep mahogany brown. on a state or We use Interceptor and Panacur to protect against heartworm and other internal parasites in our older puppies and adults. 4 Males of sand, 3 males of sable and white, 2 females of sable and 1 female of sable.

Occasionally, we will do an inbreeding cross when we are looking to set breed type or intensify the blood of one of our finest dogs.

locate We have kennel locations in Wisconsin & Illinois and are within easy driving distance from Minnesota, Michigan, Indiana, and Iowa. Frequent exposure to home life during this phase will ensure that they are well socialised and comfortable around human activity. Most times, however, families have a very specific idea for their next perfect puppy, and typically there is only one or two available that fit the bill.We only do a breeding if we are looking to add something to our breeding program and bloodline. Often, our puppies are no longer pooping in the house by 5-6 week of age. Instead, we've chosen to make these select puppies available to Collie-loving families who desire a world-class Collie of their own.

You may not be able to meet the father when visiting, but you should ALWAYS be able to meet the mother. Are they all given the attention and care that they deserve?Such organisations usually have a code of ethics and practices that their members must adhere to, and will also provide breeders with support and advice.A good Rough Collie breeder should have no shortage of people who are willing to sing their praises. A Sable that inherits the merle gene is referred to as a Sable Merle. Once you are approved, a $300 deposit will be required to reserve your place on our list, noting any requests you have (color, gender, coat type, etc.).

We begin by selecting for correct ear shape, size & set in our breeding stock.

If you are looking for a top-flight special to campaign in the Conformation ring, or an elite foundation stud dog or brood bitch to build your breeding program from, this may be the single most important purchase you will ever make. You may not be able to meet the father when visiting, but you should ALWAYS be able to meet the mother.

The The Rough Collie also known as the Scottish Collie is a graceful, poised breed of dog that has rich roots in Western Europe.

We have developed a superior method of ear taping that is both easy to apply, comfortable for the puppy, and will last for weeks.Removed at three days of age, this simple procedure prevents a number of health and safety issues throughout the life of your Collie.
We will have litters on a very limited basis. Enhanced List.

If they have a Pawbase Breeder Profile, you will be able to see reviews from people who have dealt with them in the past. We follow We have our puppies’ eyes checked after 7 weeks of age by board certified canine ophthalmologists Dr. Sam Vainisi & Dr. Gretchen Schmidt in Green Bay, Wisconsin. The Rough Collie also known as the Scottish Collie is a graceful, poised breed of dog that has rich roots in Western Europe. If you want the best the Collie breed has to offer, it can now be yours.Some of our clients prefer private jet charter. You will receive an eye check certificate that you can trust.

Kelstrin Collies will proudly stand …

There are many wives’ tales and misconceptions about breeding philosophies. Our children are actively involved with puppy care.

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