m1 garand value serial numbers

I'm working on posting pictures but in the mean time I have the main serial number, barrel number and bolt number.

thanks for your article TomMy father in law and I each bought rifles from CMP several years ago. The regulations were eventually tightened up to prohibit such sales, and the spigot was soon closed on the re-importation of IHC Garands. Examples include the “LMR”-marked barrel made by Line Material Corp (top) along with other components such as the “DRC”-marked windage knob and “NHC”-marked gas plug (above). This is one of them. The Milwaukee-based firm was an established maker of various equipment used in the transmission of electrical and telephone lines and had a well-regarded engineering and manufacturing team. Experts feel that no more than approximately 1500 “Arrowheads” and 1100 “Postage Stamps” were produced.

3,888,xxx. The 1/2”-tall Defense Acceptance Stamp (top) replaced the “crossed cannons” in October 1953. Even though the company had to negotiate an early termination of its contract, it nontheless persevered and eventually made more than 337,000 M1 rifles by the time production ceased in December 1955. Interestingly, the logo nomenclature on them was apparently stamped by International Harvester (“Postage Stamp” profile) while the serial number and the drawing number on the receiver leg were applied by HRA. Ordnance Dept. My Dad seemed to have that stuff in every glove box and tool box. Circa October 1953, in the approximate 4.45 million serial number range, the “crossed cannons” stamp was replaced by a 1/2" Defense Acceptance Stamp on the left side of the stock.International Harvester eventually accepted additional M1 production contracts totaling 418,443 rifles.

These "end of the month" delivery dates are approximate and are the result of the efforts of Scott Duff, noted M1 expert At the conclusion of World War II, the M1 Garand had garnered a well-deserved reputation as the best standardized service rifle of the conflict.

Contact different ones with requests of what you want done. In hindsight, senior management (and likely stockholders as well) probably questioned the wisdom of getting involved in making military rifles. A short time ago when walking the dogs was almost run down by a person riding a bike and allowing his large dog to run free. IHC contracted with other manufacturers to complete its rifles.

value that rifle for years, maybe decades, to come.There aren’t many sure-fire decisions in life. From what I found the stock is from …

I had it appraised–now worth about $1600 or so. It was an import from Century Arms, but in sorry shape, the stock would’ve better served as a fence post. Heavier, but no longer can see rear and front sights with tri focals.bought my M1 Garand three months after joining the vets memorial unit and shooting blanks for most of a year I had to have one and Im glad I bought it, bought it from a gunsmith who has a few , my numbers match but is not the most beautiful gun I have but it is now my favorite in my safe. This resulted in IHC having to negotiate an early “buyout” of the final contract. You may get an out-of-battery ignition, which usually wrecks the rifle and can kill the shooter. This was the only known case of a final inspection stamp on a post-war M1 rifle being applied to the right side of the stock. It’ll just go up in value. were lined out and the substitute numbers electro-penciled under the original.Springfield Armory (Actual intended use unknown, but ALL documented guns are in this range are generic SAs).

Receiver heel markings on IHC-produced M1 Garand rifles varied in the format of their stamped lettering, ranging from (l. to r.): the “Arrowhead” style, to the “Postage Stamp” style, to the “Gap Letter” style, in the latter case an earlier example.

Thread Status: Not open for further replies. It’s no modern trigger, but I was pleasantly surprised.One thing to note on functionality: the U.S. military designed the M1 to shoot a specific 30-06 cartridge, and modern cartridges can cause unsafe pressure levels. Joined: Jun 14, 2003 Messages: 543. and author.

The selection of International Harvester was, to say the least, a rather interesting choice. It is reported that IHC’s management planned to make the Garand rifles using standard machine tools already on hand rather than acquire specialized firearm-making machinery and to begin delivering rifles by Christmas 1952. Last time I purchased one at $695.00, refurb’d, there were 30 to 40 on the floor.There is a limit on how many an individual can purchase in a 12 month period. It is in fine operating condition but I wantSeveral place do this work including CMP, Springfield, James, some small Gun Smiths.. (Approx. What a mess!I will NOT be held hostage by the CMP.

USA!” chant or belt my wife to let me buy my M1 Garand, and this time I wasn’t pitching total BS. It had several different manufacturer’s parts. Mostly where metal contacted metal. Not cheap, but an experience that can not be easily duplicated, plus I bring home my new M1.My M1 was built in 1955 at the Springfield Armory and never issued, just put in the armory and eventually sold as surplus. Actually once broken in you really didn’t need any but M-14 bolts had a roller that got it but it also got fired full auto at times. Furniture doesn’t match and though I’d like to say that sand poured out of it, I can’t. AGO, WEAPON IS IN MINT CONDITION. International Harvester was the only manufacturer to utilize stocks stamped with such numbers. Mine are both H & R.The CMP refurb facility in Anniston, Alabama (80 miles South of me) generally has many on the floor, in rack grade quality for sale. The company received assistance from both Springfield Armory and H&R (which was concurrently manufacturing M1 rifles by that time).

All of those were of the “Postage Stamp” variety. Very serious safety problem.

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