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It will also gain the photon blast corresponding to its new form, if it has fewer than three photon blasts and does not have that photon blast already. A new MAG has no triggered actions. A new MAG has no photon blasts. (PSO)(PSO2) A MAG (possibly from Japanese magatama) is an equippable item in Phantasy Star Online. This build relies purely on Striking Attacks so you need to use the S-ATK Type Mag and evolve it accordingly On Odealo dozens of sellers compete for your attention. DEF, POW, DEX and MIND share some similarities.

Its current holder's class is also disregarded. Trigger is very rare. This build relies purely on Technique Attacks so you need to use the T-ATK/TEC Attack Type Mag and evolve it accordingly. Each time it evolves, it will permanently gain the photon blast corresponding to that evolution. Brogile: Perform continuous attack by multiple arms closer to warp to the target.It is possible to chain photon blasts for more damage and effects. From level 50 to 195, it is possible to avoid evolutions by skipping levels. For example, MIND cannot increase android characters' MST above their cap of 0. As it evolves, depending on its current evolutionary state, it will have a low chance to perform an action in response to up to four triggers.

A recovery device / HP support = Provide support with recovery/heal when masters hp is low. Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last. Leaving a game or storing a MAG in the bank rounds the meters down to the nearest multiple of 2%. If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. Rare items add more points and so do devices. You are guaranteed to find PSO2 Meseta and Items at the best price possible. Higher level mags evolve into new forms with new triggered abilities and photon blasts. Hood shooting device = Fire support capability can be improved significantly. You will need to register before you can post: click the register link above to proceed. 1. And depending on what stat(s) are highest at lvl 30 depends on what 2nd stage mag you get. To activate the chaining process press and HOLD the button you have assigned on your quick bar for your photon blast until circles appear around you and your party members.

Each variety doing different attacks and having different animations and possibly status effects. MAGs evolved with a MAG cell are displayed as rare items, and will not evolve further. support improved significantlyAs mags level the points they gain from foods is reduced based on their levels.Each item you feed a mag has a value of points it adds. If held by a hunter class — HUmar, HUnewearl, HUcast or HUcaseal — it becomes a If held by a ranger class — RAmar, RAmarl, RAcast or RAcaseal — it becomes a If held by a force class — FOmar, FOmarl, FOnewm or FOnewearl — it becomes a When a Varuna, Kalki or Vritra first reaches level 35 or above, it evolves again based on its first evolution and which stat among POW, DEX and MIND is highest. To do so have the photon blast charged and when you are ready to activate it let your party members know so they can also activate and chain theirs. When an unevolved MAG first reaches level 10 or above, it evolves based on the class of its current holder. A resurrection device / support = To provide support when player dies, resurrection. I have also included pictures of each beast from the wiki in spoilers tags.1.

The amazing thing about that too is any mag evolution device you use gets added to a Mag Library so you can use a "Mag Form Change Pass" and switch the Mags back … PSO2 How to Equip Mag.

For a more detailed description on affixing in general, see page Add Special Ability.

You can hold the button for 10 secs until it automatically activates. Phantasy star online Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community.Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Feeding a mag can raise its synchro and IQ, improving its photon blast ability, and its DEF, POW, DEX and MIND, which increase its owner's corresponding stats while equipped. The rarer the item (more stars it has) the more points it adds.1. PSO2 How to Equip Mag. Because DFP, ATP, ATA and MST from a MAG are treated as base stats, they can help a character meet equipment and disk requirements, but are subject to the class's base stat caps. When a character's photon blast meter fills to 100%, the character will be able to perform any of the equipped MAG's photon blasts, after which the meter will return to 0%. Welcome to PSO-World! When any meter reaches 100% or above, 100% is subtracted and the corresponding MAG stat permanently increases by 1, unless doing so would cause the MAG's level to exceed the maximum, 200. PSO2 Best Mag auto-action? Levelling up the Mag will give it unique abilities including healing, attacking and defensive capabilities to help you out in Battle. Anyways you can buy Mag evolution devices and use them on any Mag that is level 100 or higher. Mag Abilities: 1. Striking/Blow Mag (evolved from hit/striking support or striking defense stat) Gives character more sword damageNow from what I have gathered giving particular equipment/items raises particular stats. 2.

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