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"In the House" actress Maia Campbell has been arrested in a mass street-racing bust in Atlanta. Maia Campbell is currently single. In court, he provided evidence relating to Maia… In 2000, ex-child star Maia Campbell gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, Elisha. But, information regarding Maia’s body measurement, shoe size, dress size, etc. In the same time, she appeared as Mariah Murphy in ‘Beverly Hills, 90210, from 1996 to 1997.In addition, she appeared as Shayla in ‘Sister, Sister’ in 1998, Ashley in ‘Seventeen Again’ in 2000, Teresa in ‘With or Without You’ in 2003, and as Rose in ‘Sorority Sister Slaughter’ in 2007.She was nominated for Young Artist Award in the category Best Performance by a Young Actress TV Comedy Series for ‘In The House’ in 1996.She has not revealed her exact current net worth however, according to TheRichest, her net worth was estimated to be around $1000 in 2013.There was a  rumor about her relationship with rapper LL Cool J., but neither of them has talked about the rumor.She is also a drug user. Maia Campbell, the former bright, young star of the 1990s UPN comedy “In the House,” has been arrested. Currently, she is spending a single life and she has not been linked with any other person either.Maia Campbell is an American film, television actress and model who is best know n for her role as Nicole on the drama series ‘South Central’ and for her performance of Tiffany Warren in the sitcom ‘In the House’ for five seasons from 1995 to 1998.She was born on November 26, 1976, in Takoma Park, Maryland, USA. Maia Campbell, the former bright, ... After giving birth to a daughter, Elisha, in 2000, she stopped taking her meds the following year, according to the self-help series “Iyanla: Fix My Life. and her mother was also an author.

In the same year, she appeared as Alison in ‘Thea’. I love you. This is really me.” An Atlanta police spokesman claimed that illegal street racing is on the rise in the city amid the coronavirus pandemic, which is creating the “perfect storm” for bored teens and young adults who ordinarily would be hanging out at parks and malls but can’t due to social-distancing regulations. I don’t need help,” said Campbell, referencing the rapper’s real name, James Todd Smith, in a video. LL Cool J publicly offered his help to Campbell but was rebuffed. Also, she appeared in the series as the main role for 76 episodes. She was previously married to Elias Gutierrez in 1998. maia campbell daughter elisha: elizabeth elisha gutierrez: maia campbell daughter father: maia campbell daughter pictures: maia campbell daughter photos: maia campbell daughter's father: what happened to maia campbell daughter: maia campbell has a daughter
After giving birth to a daughter, Elisha, in 2000, she stopped taking her meds the following year, according to the self-help series “Iyanla: Fix My Life.” In 2017, Campbell made headlines when she was videotaped asking for crack while pumping gas in Georgia.

She has been arrested several times in her life and she acted erratically in the viral videoes that appeared on the internet.Another video was shared by Atlanta rapper T-Hood in which she was asking with a man for drugs and the man allegedly raped her while she was pumping his gas.In 2016, she verbally attacked a family and accused their child of stealing her wallet and she was also arrested for that case.She has a height of 5 ft. 3 inches and weighs 54 kg. Her birth name is Maia Chinassa Campbell and she is currently 42 years old. Follow their account to see all their photos and videos. Her father’s name is Tiko Campbell and her mother’s name was Bebe Moore Campbell.Campbell’s father is an architect and author from Washington, D.D. She lost the custody of her daughter due to Maia’s health condition. The couple welcomed a child: Elizabeth Elisha Gutierrez in the year 2000, but the relationship between the could not take a proper way and end with divorce in 2002. Everything was going fine until Maia refused to take her medication, resulting in erratic behavior, so Elias and their daughter, Elizabeth Elisha Guiterrez, quickly moved out.

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