marvins room lyrics meaning

But she's already moved on and found someone else who treats her better than Drake ever did or could. A monthly update on our latest interviews, stories and added songs

Yeah I'm good you still working? Originally Answered: What is the meaning of drake's song "marvin's room"? First produced in 1990, Marvin’s Room tells the story of two sisters, Bessie and Lee.

I think this is a song about his ex,all put together its basically a song about his life before he became famous,he misses her and hez explaining how he wishes he could've done things differently and how he's struggling to his new life now..I admire that about drake,he can't hold back his feelings,he's the only rapper in the world who is actually bieng real and sincere. wine or water It is the lead single from Drake's second studio album Take Care.Produced by 40, it features keyboard-based instrumentation and muted bass. lol...my names Marvin :)....& well ii think he tlkin about hes ex girl he didnt treat goo,and I was on her shoes,so for thoes bad ppls who cause pain,"Marvin's room" “I’m just saying, you could do better,” Drake sings repeatedly throughout the track. "If something speaks to me, I get the itch to take a stab at it. I think it's called "Marvin's room" because essentially it's the woman being in her boyfriends(husband who knows?? it was titled that cus he recorded it in marvin gayes old studio called marvins roomHow do you think about the answers?

She left him and is with someone else. Drake is drunk and he misses his ex and call her to express his feelings that he wants her back even though she has got another guy but drake still wants her to cheat on her new guy ang get back with drake but she refuses because that new guy treats her better than drake....drake is upset+drunk!! All of these answers are just interpretations, no one will know the reason as to why it was called "Marvins room" or the "true" meaning of the song,maybe partial parts are right or maybe a lot of it is right but not exactly on point, unless Drake explains it, maybe he want it to be a mystery, maybe he really is talking about a real girl, I don't know, ask Drake, it will be better to hear the TRUE meaning. My interpretation is that drake fucked up and lost what he needed to have in the future but now she has a faithful and loving boyfriend and she wont take drake back. Drake perfectly captures the mood of a drunken late night on ‘Marvin’s Room,’ a new song from his upcoming sophomore album ‘Take Care.’ Drake’s storytelling has never been better. He hates what he is becoming and if he had that girl it probably wont be like that. General CommentDrake perfectly captures the mood of a drunken late night on ‘Marvin’s Room,’ a new song from his upcoming sophomore album ‘Take Care.’ Drake’s storytelling has never been better.

you still working? Meaning to "Marvin's Room" song lyrics (1 meaning) Owwie'Lady April 18, 2012-13:32 +1-This Girl really' couldd SING Dawgg ! And Drake is tryin to convince her to cheat on her new man...I think it's about him loving a girl who doesn't want him. Then he says "f.... dat nigga dat u love so bad" he is talkin bout Chris Brown.

He paints a scene in which he’s wasted late at night, missing an old love. This process is automatic. What does Marvin's Room (Can't Do Better) mean? They first met in 2010, through Gonzales' father, who lives in the same building as the Toronto MC, though Drake had previously sampled the pianist's song "The Tourist" on his 2009 mixtape, Speaking to MTV's RapFix, Boi-1da recalled his contribution "To be honest, the creative process for 'Headlines' actually came from me goofing off.

Did I go out? "If something speaks to me, I get the itch to take a stab at it.

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