metal louvered gap filler above fridge

I'm trying to contact the vender . Meet the ever-versatile Chinese garden stool6 ways to transform a landscape eyesore into a landscape feature (Books make every space look better!) It'll be nice to have the fridge a little higher up for access to the bottom drawers.Find out what brand your cabinets are and get a matching trim piece from a dealer of the cabinets. Hi there -- do you have a pic of the after? Then just cover with white laminate to match the cabinets.. See attached for a couple of ideas. A lamp would go nicely on the end table.

Along that same line of thinking, a chandelier would be a big distraction for the artwork, to my eye.

They are pretty big so it will fit perfect and you won't need anything else.A filler/trim piece from cabinets manufacturer should do the trick-Abby find me the wine rack and I will let you help me with the bottles ! For Use With.

It could be simplified easily by doing this and just adding a few larger pieces that fit the area better.

The brackets should be oriented horizontally so that they can be attached to the side cabinets.

And I agree with earlier posts that you do need space for ventilation.yeah i know this is OLD.. but i have the EXACT same fridge in the kitchen i'm building, and the same gap. Further, in my view, you should give adequate space from the furniture below the artwork to its bottom, and nothing should be placed on that furniture.
The other chair can go on the wall down from the refrig close to the sofa. It does drive you crazy for sure.I'll help make the wine bottles empty. The intake vent on that wall is white which is standing out to me as well. Since you already like wine enough to invest in a wine fridge, I know you won't put a wine rack there ;-)The two works together are too overpowering. Hang the TV on the window wall with your TV cabinet under it. Stainless steel.

We're putting a 72-inch tall counter depth french-door KitchenAid fridge into our new kitchen remodel.

Thank you so much, and I will keep you all in the loop.

:)I think feeny has the right idea.

Easy install to seal gaps between counter and range. Order one to fit. I would be happy to look for works for you - this is not the same, but shows a grouping above a sofa. Until you decide on a more permanent solution.See the little drawer under your micro, I would use a small cabinet like that, it does not even have to function.

Specifications. and use it as a display for whatever.Smart to put a cabinet in that little bugsy open area of those but a cabinet for seasonry with seasonings and sauce racks. How important is the side space, given that I have double the recommended space at the back, plus a gap behind the cupboard above for ventilation?

I have a narrwer gap above my fridge so I placed my long (about 20") silver bread tray or holder there laying on its side.

Also, tomorrow is prom night for my second-born and I am shifting my attention accordingly. Good gallery walls can include paintings, framed photos and other types of art like the masks. I would put EAT together and paint in red paint to give the kitchen that kick and fun feel. I never notice it anymore. I can't take a picture as it is in our second home. Color/Finish Family. Would it be possible to work from the bottom.. as in lifting it up on a platform and putting the white kick board as the facing? My husband hates to throw away any box( we just might need it one day, according to him). and other urgent things that hankered for my attention, but I want to say thank you for all of your input.

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