mosin nagant serial number lookup

folded bayonet.Russia -Note that the Russian letters in this arsenal mark are in old, pre - 1917, characters.

If the serial was only 4 digits, the space following the inspector marks was left empty. The only parts that would be numbered were the frame, the side plate, the cylinder and the trigger guard. It’s still 7.62x54R and marked same as you have pictured, but also … The only markings on the barrel shank would be the scope serial number on the left side just above the woodline. After 1937 serial numbers were prefixed with letters and used in blocks in some unknown in order to hide the number of anything produced, and are basically useless to the attempt to determine production numbers.

Russia was the first to The Russians, with the aid of the Nagant supplied advisors and tooling, started production at the Tula Weapons Factory in 1898 (this has been recently confirmed with a picture of an 1898 dated cutaway from the Tula museum and a deactivated revolver in the 14,000 serial number range from a collection). forums! Ok, now that we have that out of the way, let’s talk a little more about rarity. the cut out had been removed and the hammer block design reverted back to the original Belgian commercial design. information from this Except for the removal of the serial number on the trigger guard in mid 1916, this would remain consistent throughout all Nagant production.

but never made receivers. arsenal in Russia. This site is protected under US The gas seal Nagant revolver can be change from single action to double action with no more tools than a screw driver in literally less than 3 minutes! 1) photos below will be a match to most of others that made parts for Remington, and New England These are mostly M-27's, M-28's and M28/30's, with a mix of early model M-91's as well. The grip plates were altered by reducing the checkering from approximately 1.25mm or 20 lines per inch to about 18 lines per inch. an M91. Pics are below. In Russia the Mosin–Nagant action has been used to produce a limited number of commercial rifles, the most famous are the Vostok brand target rifles exported in Europe in the 1960s and 1970s chambered in the standard 7.62×54mmR round and in 6.5×54mmR, a necked-down version of the original cartridge designed for long range target shooting.

important areas for ID. The stock is thicker and more robust than any other variant. The serial number on the trigger guard would be eliminated during the First World War (mid production of 1916). 1891-1925 1926-1927 1940-1943 No date. Common or not!Mosin Here is #92 from the Izhevsk factory in 1928, just after the Model 'A' Ford was introduced. it is not above don't worry.

Early Tula manufactured revolvers have the serial number in 4 places: on the left side of the frame in front of the cylinder, the inside of the sideplate, the front face of the cylinder and the left side of the trigger guard.

The accuracy proof on the early Tula manufactured revolvers is a circled ‘К’ on its face found on the lower front right side of the frame. and that is always good! Typical M91/30 Mosin Nagant rifle. You may also visit the SCW Mosin-Nagant Database page at the Gunboards.com forum. compare it to yours. Barrel Shank ID The barrel shank is arguably one of the most important areas for ID. The difference between a double and single action is only really 2 parts, the hammer assembly and the hammer block or slider. However, the Imperial Russians didn’t want a double action for the reasons explained in the development chapter.

Still in ex-sniper configuration. arsenal (Russia)Tula

The first thing eliminated was the serial numbers on the non major parts of the revolver. The secondary parts are matched to That Published numbers have always been suspect and when serial numbers, at least before 1938 when the Soviets started hiding production by using random letter block prefixes, contradict the sources the serial has been given along with the published number and source. By 1900? arsenal   (Russia)Tula credited are The stub of the pressed pin acts as a locator for the side plate. Right: The serial number on the inside of the sideplate. Later During the process of “tooling up” for production, the Russians determined that the L. Nagant factory manufactured version of the pistol was too expensive and time consuming to manufacture, so they simplified the design and went about making manufacturing changes to cut costs and speed the production process.
Sestroryetsk, and Izhevsk. We What is the date on the barrel? later time. Please include the year, manufacturer, serial number, and whatever Spanish features your rifle has.

various site contributors. I want to continue this research and to further his study your help and input is appreciated. (Tikka),VKT ( Valmet), and Sako, A special thanks goes … On the Russian production the threaded grip plate inserts simply knurled to do away with the lobe. Bolt: 3: Magazine floorplate: 4: Buttplate: 5 There were years with very little production (1934 essentially 0) and years where production almost made 200,000 (1944 when 190,960 revolvers were produced). "use the Mosin" but did not make it example is a M91/30 made in 1943 and was This style arsenal mark was in use from 1898 until late 1912.

The Acceptance Commission (AC) mark on the Russian production revolvers from 1898 into 1909 consist of a Romanov double headed eagle holding the traditional scepter and orb under a crown. In the earlier days before prefixes, the numbers started over every year. This remained essentially unchanged, except for the way it was marked until termination of single action production in 1922.

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