mount of olives fault line

They are found on the turn to the Judean Desert and in the “rain shadow” of the Mediterranean Sea Region.

A number of large and ancient Atlantic Pistacia trees also grow on the western slope, some of them sacred. The fault line from west to east, in the southern portion of the Mount of Olives, has elevated the mountain northward and exposed layers of limestone and dolomite from the Cenomanian-Turanian Period in the western section of the mountain, the same section that faces the Judean anticline. The mountain does not have any springs. These rocky soil substitutes have a critical influence on the development of vegetation in the area. The direction of the ridgeline is northwest to southeast.The majority of the mountain is located in the climatic region of the Mediterranean Sea, and has an annual average rainfall of 380-480mm. This reality, and the fact that it is a topographical boundary between Jerusalem and the Judean Desert, are seemingly the reasons for bestowing the mountain with tremendous value in the development of Jerusalem. In addition to the wells in the yards of the buildings on the mountain, there are fifteen (15!) Thus, even the natural ground cover within it is transition vegetation from the Mediterranean Sea region to the Irano-Turanian region.In the Desert Perimeter territory, we find the edge of the intense agricultural area of Judea.

These are primarily the White Wormwood and the Norea Mucronata. The eastern slopes of the Mount of Olives are all chalk. Yet, today was an interesting journey for me to learn more of the poetic nuances within Scripture to connect deeper with Our Lord. The region is also a climate change unit. There is a prominent amount of rocks on the ground. In addition they have no rocky ground from which rain water flow into the soil pockets, and the rock is not fissured. large wells for general use on its eastern portion.The transition of the Mount of Olives, as cited above, is still within the zone that is influenced by the Mediterranean Sea region, in which there are still indications that in the past, Mediterranean perimeter forest existed here. In Judea, from north to south, there is a continuous strip of settlements in which the population there has acted in this manner for thousands of years. Planted orchards of Jerusalem Pines can be found on the exposed chalk of the mountain. In this climatic area, the larger the pine’s roots, the more it develops. Several Common Kestrels and Hoopoes are identified, which also roost in close proximity to rockier habitats and human dwellings.As part of the Desert Perimeter of Judea, there is little settlement on the Mount of Olives. The way of life that developed in the few and relatively small villages is that of farmers who sit on the desert borderland workers, especially of field crops, in accordance with the soil conditions and the climate characteristic of the region.

Among the olive trees on the western slope of the mountain, some are more than a thousand years old. On the limestone rocks and in the light gray rendzina that develops on them, grow shrubs that have mainly desert or partially desert characteristics, like the Artemisia Sieberi Besser, the Ononis Natrix, the Gypsophila Arabica, the Fagonia Mollis Delile, the Bellevalia Desertorum, the Wavyleaf Mullein, and the Astragalus Deinacanthus.There appear among them representatives from both types of undergrowth, predominantly in places in which the water economy of the chalk is improved due to concrete coating. The night Christ was betrayed he sought the Peace and Presence of The Father, amongst the olive trees in The Garden of Gethsemane In case you didn’t already know, The Garden of Gethsemane is at the foot of Mount of Olives in Jerusalem, which is the hill where Jesus gave his sermon on the Mount (And here, we read more Scripture explaining the geographical location of the Mount of Olives and himself in relation to them.What a perspective to have as Christ. The geological institute in Tel Aviv discovered a major fault line running right through the Mount of Olives. The presence of the Mount of Olives east of the deep riverbed of Nahal Kidron, as well as its prominence over Jerusalem, establishes the Mount of Olives as a partition between the Mediterranean Sea area of Jerusalem and its desert, and not necessarily a transition region. In certain parts of the area in which the rock is chalk from the Senonian Period, it is usually covered with calcrete. Various Wheatears, Crested Larks, and Desert Larks represent the bird species in the relatively open and hot areas. In the working fields, there are many slender safflowers and astomae seselifolium, identified as dove’s dung (II Kings VII).There have not been methodical zoological viewings on the Mount of Olives, but a random survey will uncover an abundance of arthopods, especially those that are acclimated to arid areas and live under rocks, like rough woodlice, centipedes, scorpions, Judean darkling beetles, and various grasshoppers. Some of the pines are broad, which are reminiscent of the wild pines of the Mediterranean nature reserves in the western Judean Mountains and the Carmel Mountains. Terra rossa soils, or dark rendzina soils that are similar to the terra rossa, are produced among the chalk rocks. Upon arrival of the winter, a considerable number of the village residents abandon their permanent dwellings and go down to herd sheep and goats in the desert.

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