mtb fork 100mm vs 120mm

Sunlite MTB Fork 26 Mtb Uni Hiten 250x100x22.2x27.0. Which fork is best for your particular setup depends largely on the type of riding/discipline you prefer.

120mm vs 100mm travel - posted in Buyers Guide: I am wanting to upgrade to a soft tail, but have had different advice on weather I should go for a bike with 100mm travel or 120mm travel. also stem orientation would not have any effect on this.Should have had the opposite effect since you would be slacking out the front end, also stem orientation would not have any effect on this.He means nervous climbing not descending. BOLANY 26/27.5/29er MTB Cycling Suspension Fork 100mm Travel Bike Forks 1-1/8" $67.98. FWIW, putting a 120mm fork …

I did notice a tiny bit of petal bob but the RT3 has a pretty good platform setting that takes care of it. Want to set it up for 120 but seems like IJust replaced the Radion 100mm fork on my Talon with a 44 @ 120mm, the extra travel is nice but made the front end nervous, to lower the front end put the stem on negative and is all good. Interesting that the 20mm increase would throw it off so badly, BUT is it possible that you already were not liking the Geo to begin with on the 2009 and the 120mm increase just added to your dissatisfaction on the newer Canzo? 1 sold. The extra travel raises the handlebars, so reversing the stem would help.I meant while climbing, going down is stable and fun.Yup, I did the exact same thing, just flipped the stem to help a bit with climbs.Then you aren't Dremer03, it's just that your posts are uncannily like his. Not much difference (to me, anyway) between 80 and 100. My Reba is currently as 100mm. So Merida seems to be the better choice. I still have a 100mm on mine, but it does feel like it would warrant a 120mm fork. Looking at the Canzo geometry, it runs a relatively steep (but fairly normal for XC 29er) 72 degree headtube angle with the fork set at 100mm. Training, Health & Nutrition, by Cois Today, 15:08 Im posting this in the 29er forum because Im looking for specific advice on 120mm vs 100mm on your 29er's I recently upgraded to a Reba SL and have only ran 100mm travel on my Canzo. Cornering, climbing, descending, comfort, fun everything you can think of. Scroll down to see BikePerfect's roundup of the best mountain bike suspension forks available to buy for 2020. But it climbs just fine with those numbers. Get the latest mountain bike reviews, news, race results, and much more by signing up for the MTBR Newsletter© Copyright 2020 VerticalScope Inc. All rights reserved.Im posting this in the 29er forum because Im looking for specific advice on 120mm vs 100mm on your 29er'sjust over 3/4" difference. 10 left. My Reba is currently as 100mm. Copyright © 2019 Hub Online Media (Pty) Ltd. All rights reserved. Even the 100 is a huge struggle to keep the front on the ground and tracking on steep climbs.Well, coming from a 29" HT and swapping over to the 2011 Canzo, there was no area where I didn't see a huge improvement.

$183.75. Training, Health & Nutrition, by Grey Hubs Today, 15:10 "The physician heals, Nature makes well" - real fortune cookieAnyone running the Reba at 120mm with the QR drop outs and 1-1/8 straight steerer? Suntour Epixon Epicon XC Air Fork MTB 27.5/29 Remote Control Lock 100MM/120MM. This is still a fairly steep 71.25 degree angle which I think would climb just fine. Was still able to climb easily though. Want to set it up for 120 but seems like IAnyone running the Reba at 120mm with the QR drop outs and 1-1/8 straight steerer? Some people say their Trek 29ers handle better with a 120mm fork. Any suggentions.The Anthem X3, seems to have lower spec compenents for around the same price as the Merida. Thanks. try both and see which you prefer better. Of course there are other factors involved here but I wouldn't be afraid to give it a shot assuming your Reba can be set at 120mm (not all can). I enjoy riding on the more technical stuff, but tend to do longer rides/races around 40km mark. BTW I got a 160mm on my Shova , finished DEsert-Dash , 2xS2C and a few other long races in comfort .The bike I like most is the Merida 120TFS800 that fits into my budget (15000 to 20000), but I'm worried that as I get more experienced I'll wish I had a racier bike with the 100mm Travel like the new KTM comp R1Will this make much of a difference?

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BUCKLOS 【US Stock】 LUTU 26/27.5/29 Air MTB Suspension Fork, Rebound Adjust Straight Tube 28.6mm QR 9mm Travel 120mm Manual/Crown Lockout Mountain Bike Forks, Ultralight Gas Shock XC Bicycle 4.4 out of 5 stars 20 $37.47. The Bike Room, by Steven Knoetze (sk27) Today, 14:23 120 slackened the angles out a little - much more stable downhill. "The physician heals, Nature makes well" - real fortune cookieYou got it right, the geo changes on the 2009 did not work for me, and the longer fork made the climbing worse, but it was horrible for my long legs/arms and short torso. part of the fun of mtn biking is tinkering with them.I have run 80, 100 and 120 mm forks on my 29er. Training, Health & Nutrition, by The Ghost Today, 16:55 My Stumpjumper uses a 130mm travel fork with a 69.5 degree headtube angle and I was a little concerned about its climbing ability. "The physician heals, Nature makes well" - real fortune cookieChanging from 100 to 120 on my 2007 Canzo increased it's fun and ride ability by about 20%, it was great.

100mm vs 120mm Fork? Skip to: Best mountain bike forks: what you need to know. r/MTB: A cycling community enthusiastic about mountain biking and all things related. The geometry table says that it will be .75 degree less with the fork at 120mm. The best XC (cross country) mountain bike forks (Image credit: Fox)

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