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My first attempt at a Vowelburger™ puzzle. I ordered 9 Vowelburgers™ with buns and meat at the linguistic restaurant - help me identify each one from the description on the menu!

So your ROC measurement may be too long. "Measure twice, cut once," or for me, "Calculate twice, figure once."

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I missed the 2 in the denominator. ~\text{??? My first attempt at decorating Alderaan STAR WARS: The Old Republic > English > Galactic Strongholds My first attempt at decorating Alderaan Reply. Write your answers either as English words or using the IPA.Thanks for contributing an answer to Puzzling Stack Exchange! I have read the pile of books here (Brown, Texerau 2nd ed., Berry, Kriege, Howard, etc.) Go. I've always wanted to go to this location by the way, as a native Washingtonian.It was a bucket list must for me and I highly recommend it.Absolutely a great dream come true and like all others best to come! Great jump into astrophotograrphy!I love the LED light panel inside of the memorial. Thank you. My first attempt at mirror testing - posted in ATM, Optics and DIY Forum: Ive just built a tester and stand, and have (as some may have noted in my first post) a total of five mirrors that are polished out but of unknown or unfinished figure. ~\text{???

Since Kydex is fairly forgiving, I just put the messed up pieces back in the oven and tried again. Clearly whether the source moves is important, I can see that. Anybody can ask a question Please re-enable javascript to access full functionality.I've just built a tester and stand, and have (as some may have noted in my first post) a total of five mirrors that are polished out but of unknown or unfinished figure. This is my first attempt at a Milky Way photo taken at Stonehenge Memorial in Southwest Washington.

I'm not familiar with how to stack images yet but am reading up on it currently. Anyway, my impression (corrections welcome) is that this mirror is seriously overcorrected. Apr 18, 2020. The lens did nice but today there are three Sony lenses the aps-c 1018 f/4 (my first lens with the A7s) (uses screw on filters) used full frame @12mm to 18mm (18 if rear light shield removed), the FE 12-24mm f/4 G and the new FE 12-24 f/2.8 GM the last two there is Haida Rear Lens ND Filter Kit ($150) that will soon have the Clear Night filter for the rear of the lens, so wait to buy a front filter holder for the last two.
(but press many times)I too agree it seems to be way over corrected for an F7. ~\text{??? Thread starter hornybob; Start date Apr 14, 2020; Tags #bbw #curvy; Prev. I did some post processing in LR to see what could be done since I haven't tried PP any astronomy shots.But do you like the photo? \def\T{\textbf{Meat}}\def\NT{\textbf{Vowelburger}^{\;\!™}\ }\displaystyle Oxford University Press is a department of the University of Oxford. Stack Exchange network consists of 176 Q&A communities including Active 2 months ago. This is my first attempt at a Milky Way photo taken at Stonehenge Memorial in Southwest Washington. Featured on Meta Keep it upGreat job for a first shot! also may not need interior light, the A7iii recovery of shadows are great. I'd like to have an Expression to kick in when selects is between a number - 21 to 30, in my case. I couldn't get inside focus with the home made focuser, but outside focus the outer diffraction ring was the brightest and looked pretty symmetrical to my unpracticed eye.I'm not going to work on this mirror now (my own 6-inch is much closer), but am checking my ability to interpret what I'm seeing. Mongorr: Yesterday , 11:31 AM | #1: Quote. Yes, the mirror has an old, pitted and dirty coating, which naturally needs to be stripped - I can see it is the coating by rotating the mirror on the stand. Some noise reduction would help and Topaz deNoise is one of the best. ‘Naam’ Was My First Attempt at Doing a Full-Fledged Music Video, Says Tulsi Kumar: Watch Video By R.M.

The first attempt resulted in a bubble or something in the Kydex. \smash{\lower{29px}\bbox[orange]{\phantom{\rlap{rubio.2020.01.21-custom}\S{6px}{0} Author Topic: My first attempt at scratch building in wood (Read 685 times) 0 Members and 1 Guest are viewing this topic.

Nice work, especially for a first effort. So ... this is also my first attempt at using a looping script. Latest: Spoiler . This mirror was made by an acquaintance perhaps 30 years ago; I believe it was his first mirror (he did at least three more, two of which I now have).I found the ROC by focusing the reflection of a flashlight on the tester; about 83.6" for this 6 inch mirror (hence, about F/7). I am a rookie for sure but can't wait to do more.Post Processing will make a big difference in the noise and the light pollution from the town. The best answers are voted up and rise to the top And the strategy (after stripping) would be to go back to/toward spherical?Last night it was clear so I put it back in the tube, did a rough collimation by eye, took the OTA out (no mount/rocker box), propped it on a chair, and pointed at a patch of sky near Polaris (no functioning finder scope). but not absorbed all the fine points (or mixed them up). CCD/CMOS Astro Camera Imaging & Processing As you can see, there isn't much gray on this mirror - the edges of shadows are pretty sharp - so I was already suspicious that it could be off. Learn more about Stack Overflow the company The definition of the blade was lost in the plastic. \begin{array}{cc}\T&\NT\\\end{array}}}}\atop\def\V#1{\S{#1}{5}}

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}&\text{seal}\\\hline However they are not far outside. Ask Question Asked 2 months ago. You might also want to mention that those are planets Jupiter and Saturn to the left. ~\text{??? I just picked up a light panel for light painting landscapes, but that's another really cool use case for it. I think it is great Michael.

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