n54 vs n55 internals

The N55 features a cast iron crankshaft and rods. If you want big power, a big single turbo is the most common setup. This is in place of the air-to-air intercooler found on the N54/N55. People running 500+ WHP setups over on E90post on stock motors. Meth is good enough for around 700hp but beyond that you’ll need to run race fuel or E85.Turbo options for the N55 are still limited and as it has a weaker cast crankshaft (vs the N54’s forged item) it’s tricky to know just how far it can be taken. The twin-scroll setup allows the N55 to deliver peak torque 100rpm sooner than the N54, but that difference is hardly noticeable in the real world.The twin-turbo setup on the N54 does offer better performance when modified compared to the N55.

Simply put, the N54 moves more air and will outperform an N55 mod-for-mod.That being said, twin-turbos are more complex, take up more space, and cost significantly more.

hello everyone, I am starting this thread just to reach a final answer for this question, are the N55 internals cast and the N54 internals forged ? With this setup, each bank of three cylinders on the same firing cycle feed an individual scroll of the turbocharger which reduces exhaust reversion.Ultimately, both the twin-turbo setup of the N54 and single twin-scroll setup of the N55 offer great throttle response, minimal lag, and a very wide powerband. have not seen N55/3.5" vs N55/4.0" tested against each other but would expect the 4" version to be stronger. The N54 was used in the 335i from 2006 until 2010, the 135i … Our 36,000 mile warranty is the best in the business!Alex’s Autohaus is a top quality auto repair and maintenance shop specializing in exotic auto repair and European auto repair in Midvale, UT. The N54 was put in the 335i until BMW made what's believed to be a more cost-effective engine, the N55. N54 vs. N55 Engine Internals. N54 forged internals mean more potential to add power without worrying about base engine components. The internals are better, and the power band is much better. However this is more for the tuner inclined group of people amongst--what exactly is the "roadblock" of the N55 that, currently, as it stands, not nearly as much support is given to the N55 compared to the N54. One guy was saying that the N54 is a better motor because it has forged internals and my buddy, who has been a mechanic most of his life, stated that the N54 is not forged. This means that they have an identical bore and stroke (84x89.6mm), and the compression ratio is the same too at 10.2:1, which goes a long way towards explaining why it drives so much like a normally-aspirated engine. You’ll be looking at 650hp+ with these (based on a FFTec Motorsports kit using a 58mm Precision Turbo, which comes in at around £4600). Vargas Turbo produces a few different options, from simply improving the standard turbo reliability to its Stage 2 offering which has completely different internals. The N54 offers peak torque 100rpm sooner and slightly better throttle response, but it’s barely even noticeable in real-world driving conditions.Both offer pretty poor reliability, with the N55 being slightly better. However, knowing the BMW tuning industry as we do, it’ll only be a matter of time before there are similar tuning packages available for the N54’s replacement.All rights reserved © 2014-2020 Drive-MY EN/UK. The N54 features a forged crank and rods, with the N55 features cast crank and rods. That was until the N54 was launched in 2006, which was the start of BMW’s turbocharged revolution. VANOS is responsible for timing adjustment, and Valvetronic is used for control the lift height of the valves and acts as the throttle body. 2017 BSM M2|6MT|Exec|black kidneys and gills|full alcantara wheel|CF spoiler|Dinan Stage 4|Dinan COI|Dinan free flow exhaust with resonator delete|Fabspeed sport cat DP|BMS clutch stop|465 bhp|4.75/5 stars There are plenty of competitor products to look out for, too, including AWD Motorsports and RB.Beyond hybrids, you’re looking at the world of big turbos. Therefore you need to look at reducing your intake temperatures.

Both engines feature cast piston, and unless you’re looking to push north of 600whp, both bottoms ends are plenty strong.If you want big power, a big single turbo is the most common setup. For what your post says either would be fine for your needs. We can see these consistent, but often conflicting, goals in engine designs from VW/Audi and their MQB platform, to Jaguar’s Ingenium engines to BMW’s new B-Series engines.Make sure to subscribe to our newsletter and be the first to know the news.Alex’s Autohaus offers all customers the Bosch and Tech-Net Peace of Mind Nationwide Warranty.

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