n55 twin turbo kit

bmw n55 stage 3 turbo kit OEM reliability - OEM driveability. This is BMW parts item OE-TURBO-KIT-N55-F25, described as OE Turbo Overhaul kit for N55 Engines including Gaskets & Hardware Kit for 2011-2017 F25 X3 35i, … As such, we designed for it to interact with stock components such as the airbox/filter/tube/intercooler/exhaust. . A complete N55 turbo install kit with an OE Borg-Warner Turbo and all OEM install parts. The best upgrades for power and performance you can make to a turbocharged engine are those that decrease charge air temperatures and increase air volume.

Must be longer than 2 characters.Please enter your last name. The BMW N55 engine replaced the straight-six twin-turbo N54 and is considered by many to be the more reliable choice for big power. View Product. Kits are made to order.

1 D313-0115 Dinan Turbocharger; N55 Vac 1 D313-0116 N55 Turbo Hardware Kit _____ INS310-011x(A) Page 2 of 18 Rev. The accessible power explains why many record-setting BMWs … The most essential of vehicle services, the oil change, sometimes raises the most questions. N55 F-Chassis RHD Stage 3 Turbo Kit $ 4,750.00 $ 3,300.00. BMW is no stranger to the turbocharged engine. Full boost by 3000rpm. BMW N55 Parts. View Product. Price: $1,599.99. Stock intercooler/airbox/airbox tube/air filter/exhaust.- Boost set to 18psi at 3000rpm ramp to 25psi at 6000rpm- Over 500 ft*lbs between 3800 to 6500rpm, over 450 ft*lbs between 3000 to 7000 rpm, providing great street performance.

S55 Cary Jordan Tune Package BMW turbo and twin turbo powered cars are capable of serious power. all while keeping optimal reliability (no welded joints to fatigue crack over time). For this inaugural edition of Then and Now, we will take a look back… BMW has been fitting several models with turbochargers since their E10 2002tii. Let your N55 exhaust sing with a performance aftermarket system from the most trusted brands in the industry. B58/B48 Throttle Body Injection kit With just our kit installed, and extra fueling, we've laid down 680whp .

Select options / Details. View Cart. Enter your email address below and instructions to reset your password will be emailed to you. While it may not be as aggressive as the N54, it is certainly one of the engines with the highest potential BMW produces to date. Select options / Details. BorgWarner’s EFR turbochargers set new world standards in performance, convenient installation and high-tech features:- Integrated high-flow wastegate, boost control solenoid valve, speed sensor and compressor recirculation valveIn order to create the most efficient flow path into and out of the compressor, custom silicone couplers, combined with mandrel formed, aluminum tubing is used.Stainless steel downpipe, crafted with mandrel bends, tig welded flange and O2 bungs.The kit was designed to not only make power, but also be efficient and reliable.

To keep yours maintained, or upgraded for incredible performance, find all your N55 parts and accessories here.Let your turbo breathe and increase power with N55 charge pipes from top performance manufacturers.

Speedtech Stage 3 Turbo.

N55 TurboSmart KOMPACT EM DV $ 242.99.

. VTT Billet N54/N55 Vacuum/Boost Adapter $ 40.00 – $ 50.00. Most of us relate oil with lubrication, and it’s true that lubrication is its primary function, but it does a lot more than you think… Tell us your name, email address, and vehicle to receive special offers for parts, tools, and industry-leading content.Sorry, there was an issue signing you up, please try again later.You have been successfully signed up for ECS Tuning's Newsletter!We invite you to share your shopping experiences with ECS so we can better meet your needs.We invite you to share your shopping experiences with ECS so we can better meet your needs.ECS Tuning is not affiliated with any automobile manufacturers. Upgrade your N55 intercooler with a performance option from one of our top manufacturers.Keep your N55 maintenance and find your next upgrades in our industry-leading catalog with the most trusted manufacturers in the business. Too many invalid login attempts, contact ECS Customer Support.We'll automatically keep fully selected vehicles here for your convenience.The BMW N55 engine replaced the straight-six twin-turbo N54 and is considered by many to be the more reliable choice for big power. Pure Turbos BMW N55 Stage 2 Turbo's AKA "The Wolf in Sheep's Clothing".

What our kit includes: – Twin Scroll Manifold with 1.5″ runners for all 6 cylinders ... – Race Cars running our turbo kit in 6-12 hours endurance racing with amazing results. Searching for the best price on Pure N55 Stage 2 Turbos (PS2). View Cart. At the heart of the N55 kit is our ceramic coated cast manifold. . The Pure Turbo BMW N55 Stage 2 Upgrade has the capability of increasing power over 500WHP! What our kit includes: – Twin Scroll Manifold with 1.5″ runners for all 6 cylinders – MPR Turbo Charger – 4-Ply Silicone Hoses – DownPipe – V Band clamps – Coolant Aeroquip Hoses – Hard pipe for cooling system

Pure Turbos BMW N55 Stage 2 Turbo Upgrade Kit.

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