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The boa is from Germany and is cb 2006.Who is the breeder? Von der Stirn bis zur Schnauze der Riesenschlange verläuft ein deutlicher Strich. If the female from Costa Rica died, then a female imperator from Venezuela will have to do.Most of the time, this (or even worse) is the way things have been done in the past. Young boa constrictors face predation by birds, mammals and other reptiles.Unlike some snakes, boa constrictors give birth to live young. Their necks are also thinner, making their heads seem larger by comparison.The Boa constrictor is a big snake, but it is actually much smaller than fellow constrictors (boids), such as the Burmese python. Aufgrund der einfachen Handhabung und Pflege ist er eine der beliebtesten Schlan… We’ll also explore the main differences between the Boa constrictor imperator and Boa constrictor constrictor so that you can tell them apart.Boa constrictors are a large, non-venomous snake native to the Americas. You can be very certain that there will be at least one animal in this litter that looks like mom, has all the external characteristics of a Suriname Boa c. constrictor, and cannot be physically distinguished from such. Therefore I will carry on offering it this way.Unfortunately one can't recognize everything in the photos......     the provenance of the boa is unknown (except that it is from Germany *head-shaking*)but the owner is VERY positive, that the boa is a Boa c. constrictor from Suriname. https://repsamphibsfish.blogspot.com/2013/09/mad-boaconda-hybrids.html Since it has reached our ears that we are mentioned in the latest YouTube video of M&S Reptilien we took a look at it.“Hermann Stöckl is quite extreme in his views on a pure bloodline (of boa constrictors). Statements, such as: “The breeder assured me that the animals were pure-bred, but I don’t know for sure”, or, “…judging by the behavior of the parent animals as neonates, I conclude that their parent-animals must have been wild-caught” are common.Therefore, there is only one way to be one hundred percent certain: Purchase from absolutely reliable sources only.The line of descent should be traceable back to its distribution area!Only if this is possible you can be sure that you are acquiring a snake that is of true subspecies AND locality.The same is also valid for determining the subspecies Boa c. constrictor and Boa c. imperator.

Just a few years ago, the author would have bet his last buck in the belief that this was impossible to do. Wichtig ist, nur wohlgenährte Futtertiere und zur Sicherheit der Schlange keine lebendigen Ratten zu verfüttern. Try browsing the Boa Constrictors Index if you're looking for something specific. They take a look at the CITES – certificate and read Boa c. constrictor or Boa c. imperator. Sie frisst alle Wirbeltiere, die sie verschlingen kann. Boa constrictors raised in captivity can live up to 40 years. All Rights Reserved. The boa suffocates its victim rather than crushing it. He says that only he has got purebred animals.”Anyway, in view of the boas presented we had rather Mr. Broghammer to refrain from showing our book in this video clip.Nevertheless, we are willing to put our expert-knowledge to the disposal of M & S Reptilien if we are asked to since in our opinion holiday trips to “boa – countries” won’t turn a tourist into a boa expert. Die Art Boa constrictor zeichnet sich durch die große Vielfalt des Erscheinungsbildes ihrer Unterarten aus. Die Männchen bleiben im Mittel 30 bis 40 cm kleiner als die Weibchen. In our experience, it is ALWAYS the “cheap snakes” (please excuse this terminology; it is not regarding the quality, but the monetary value of the animal) that are kept in the worst of conditions. Be warned: Since the demand for pure-bred boas has increased significantly over the last few years, even the dumbest breeder of crossbred boas knows by now what to tell people in order to make the sale.Furthermore there are keepers and breeders of Boa constrictor, who do not know, that their animal is a crossbreed.

True red-tailed boas have longer and more pointed snouts than common boas. These are confined to specific geographic locations, and not much has been scientifically documented about them. After eating, a boa constrictor will not need to eat again for several weeks, even months.Boa constrictors may be big and fierce, but they’re not at the top of the food chain. Even adult boa constrictors be preyed on by jaguars and caimans.

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