neon abyss all items


Add a heart container. Jumping can cause damage to enemies.Each time an enemy is killed in this room, your eye gets sharper, increasing your weapon attack speed.Add a crystal container. Air Force medal: Weapon damage buff when airborne: Alien Tech: Gives you a chance to fire a … You’ll only lose half a heart when you get hurt.Every time your pet evolves, you’ll drop half a heart.The more eggs you have, the more melee range you have.Travel farther than ever before. In this guide, we will share 8 tips to help you get started with Neon Abyss. The more enemies you hit without stopping, the more weapon damage you’ll do.Add extra bullets per shot and increase your bullet velocity.All your bullets will explode on impact or after they travel a certain distance. Weapon damage buff.Chance of getting a shield whenthe portal stone is activated.When you use a key there is a chance to get an angry sprite.Chance for projectiles to split into more projectiles.Chance for projectiles to split into more projectiles.Adds extra bullets for shot fired.

And who wouldn’t be scared of that?The coin will explode after 3 seconds if you haven’t picked it up. Increase your rate of fire.You can manually cancel the hatching process of the egg by pressing [Cancel Key].Every time you use a key, there’s a chance you’ll get an angry sprite.You have a chance to recover hearts when you get hurt by an explosion.You will shoot straight down while you’re in the air.Now you know Gun Fu. Take the shot. [Active] Refresh all closed chests. Increase your melee range.Increase your weapon damage and bullet velocity. (Can only be used once. Some attacks will deal no damage to you.You can revive after death, but you feel a little… different.

Including your inner desires and fears. Increase your weapon’s range and rate of fire.You have a chance of recovering half a heart each time you kill an enemy.Keys are not the only answer! The fewer crystals you have, the more damage your weapon does.There’s a chance your bullet will split into extra bullets. Increase your rate of fire and movement speed.The victory of science! Get ready to unleash hell! Increase your weapon’s damage.This is your calling. Description [edit | edit source]. Add shields. Add extra bullets per shot and increase your movement speed.The relic of the first civilization.

Also increase your jump height.A ring of lightning will surround you and damage nearby enemies.Your favorite weapon! Upgrade your weapon.You will drop extra shields if you hatch an empty egg.Easier to aim without glare in your eyes… Increase your weapon’s damage.B.A.D. Increase your weapon’s range and rate of fire.Every time your pet evolves, you’ll drop half a shield.The more times you jump, the more melee damage you do.If you don’t have a key, you can use half a heart instead.Every time you use a key, there’s a chance you’ll drop extra hearts.You can revive after death, but you feel… tired. SPARTAN!! Increase your weapon damage.Peekaboo!

Add shields. There are some questions you can’t avoid.Trade your IQ for POWER!

See the world from a new angle!Each time an enemy is killed in this room, your weapon damage increases.Each time you pick up a bomb, you get an extra one.Let it blow your bullets farther, faster. Greatly increase your weapon damage.Let your gun burn! Drop 6 instant bombs when you get hurt.It’s Friday! Increase your rate of fire and weapon damage.You feel strong, feathery wings at your back. Anyone who survives might learn a lesson.Increase your gun’s damage and add shields.An incredible source of power. There’s a chance that killing an enemy will release an explosion from you.There’s a chance you’ll fire a fake rat.
Increase your weapon damage, but reduce your rate of fire.If an attack kills you, you’ll exchange an egg for half a heart.Increase your melee damage every time you get hurt in the current room.Winning is positioning, timing… and being the last alive. You can make an extra jump.This cat-faced amulet vibrates softly around magic. )There’s a chance you’ll fire a laser.

(Brave And Delicious). You are bigger and have the chance to recover hearts when you get hurt.Every time you use a key, there’s a chance you’ll drop extra shields.It’s shopping time!

Here is the list of all the items currently found in the game. Double the number of eggs you have.The more eggs you have, the more bullets you will fire.This is going to hurt… Increase your rate of fire and weapon damage.An edible root known only to the Dwarves. TWANG! Neon Abyss All Item Compendium Guide (Every Item) Posted on July 21, 2020 July 21, 2020 Game: Neon Abyss If you play Neon Abyss, this is a complete item guide, which can serve as a item wiki, you can press ctrl + F to search for whatever you need, let’s check it out. Accidental Wealth. You have a chance to unlock chests or doors with explosions.Don’t let up! [Active] Refresh …

You won’t know until you die and wake up… and there’s a chance you might.You’ve worked for this. Gain the ability of flight and reduces one heart container.Each time you kill an enemy with melee damage, there’s a chance you’ll receive extra crystals. You can make an extra jump.You can see a faint signature on the back – Captain Jack S….? Mark all hidden rooms on your map.There’s a chance that you’ll block damage taken from behind.An extravagant crystal mask. Get an extra treasure room at each new level.You will drop an extra crystal if you hatch an empty egg.This green cap will diminish you… That is, it will make you smaller. Maps are revealed in every level.You have the King’s approval. (Can only be used once. Shroud: Add a crystal container. Featuring unlimited item synergies and a unique dungeon evolution system, each run diversifies the experience and every choice alters the ruleset.

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