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Your music speaks volume into my life. I updated my review. NF – Oh Lord. A requester asked if I could review another NF song, two years after my very first review: On a more serious note, I can’t believe that it’s already been two since I started The Berean Test! “Oh Lord” expresses some of Nate’s qualms and observations throughout life and the Christian walk, ultimately asking if God sees what is happening on earth. Lord God Almighty!Beautiful Eulogy (Feat. I think that everybody loves your presentation!NF is not plural. See commentary in Chorus, line 1.Lines 3 and 4: Touches on perhaps the most difficult question for a Christian can face: Why does a good God allow evil and suffering in the world?Lines 5-8: An expanded form of Verse 2, lines 3 and 4.Lines 9 and 10: Cleverly contrasts man’s apathy towards God with God’s apparent apathy towards us, forgetting 2 Peter 3:9.Lines 11 and 12:  Ouch! ər s t aɪ n /; [citation needed] born March 30, 1991), known by his initials NF (stylized as ИF), is an American rapper, singer and songwriter.He released a self-titled EP in 2014 with Capitol CMG.NF has released four studio albums: Mansion (2015), Therapy Session (2016), Perception (2017), and The Search (2019).

Your amazing NF keep preaching the word of God in your lyrics. Neither do I.NF cleverly weaves layers into his lyrics, saying the same main message in different ways, some of which use everyday language (especially in Verse 3). When I die, put my ashes in the trash bag I don't care where they go Don't waste your money on my gravestone I'm more concerned about my soul Everybody's gon' die

This makes up the bulk of NF’s lyrics. 2 Therapy Session's "Oh Lord" beautifully tackled the hypocrisy of people who demand from a God they do not even believe in and Mansion's "Wake Up" was a fantastic wake-up call for apathetic believers, yet Perception never tackles these subjects.

It’s gone through a lot of changes since I started, including my criteria, my approach, song submissions, a polling system to address a plethora of requests, and most recently my schedule and submission queue. An explanation that creation demonstrates God’s existence.Reginald Heber – Holy, Holy, Holy! I corrected my grammar.I am going to download a couple of tracks in order to listen to them. I’ve reviewed over 200 songs, ranging from 0 to 10.I am grateful for all the comments, corrections, song submissions, and prayers over these last two years. See commentary on Verse 1, lines 5 and 6.Lines 3 and 4: This is an example of NF’s commentary in lines 1 and 2. Unbelievers should have little to no trouble comprehending it.It glorifies God by expressing several important truths listed in section 1.I cannot recommend this song for worship given that it’s inspirational, but not worship lyrics.06/11/2020 – Juliecc reminded me that NF is a singular male, not a group.

NF challenges a society that blames all of their problems on a God they frequently deny.

NF’s Oh Lord is a great hip hop song, expressing man’s hypocritical thinking, placing concern for his soul above material needs.

Kings Kaleidoscope) – OmnipotentStormzy (Feat. God bless you always NF!I love this because it not only is to the nonbelievers, but it’s also to the Christians that pretend that they are Christian, but they are “sleeping in the pews,” and they blame God for their problems like he’s the one who’s made your life how it is. Let me know if I missed any pronouns!Grits (Feat. Nathan John Feuerstein (/ ˈ f aɪ. In a way, it is a lament of feeling abandoned and distant from God. It also contains:The Chorus repeats twice, with a singular, expanded line at the end of the song.Lines 1-4: NF expresses his disinterest in preserving his body post-physical death.

It’s Nate Feuerstein, a single, male individual.Thanks! “Oh Lord” expresses some of Nate’s qualms and observations throughout life and the Christian walk, ultimately asking if God sees what is happening on earth.Preach it NF! “Oh Lord” begins as a morbid image of ashes and gravestones.

NF means “most” and “few”.The phrase “Don’t nobody” is grammatically a double negative, meaning “everybody”. Granted, NF writes unconventionally and puts focus on writing what he is feeling or thinking in the process, but this reviewer hopes this absence is not the start of a … Very few people will think NF communicates “everybody” or “most” based on his poor grammar, causing me to withhold a penalty.Though it sounds like a contradiction on the surface, NF cleverly contrasts desire and intent. NF doesn’t know. Let me tell you People are going to judge, doesn’t matter if your feeding the homeless or doing the total opposite of that they will always find a way to find something ugly in it but you keep on going and if this is what God called you to do then you do it, his Judgment and opinion is the only one that mattersAll i can say amen, this is such an emotional song for me and for anyone else who cant believe the stuff happening in this beat up world!Finally, a REAL rapper rapping about REAL stuff!

NF layers his main message in different ways, easing unbeliever interpretation.

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