ninestars lid won't stay closed

Use the Control Panel—not Windows 10’s Settings app—to change this behavior. Lid does not open Place the power switch in “I” position and sure batteries are placed correctly Remove batteries for 24 hours to reset sensor Wipe the sensor with a dry cloth Press the “close” button to reset the trash can Lid does not close - Indicator light is a constant green Check to see if there are any objects within the sensor area. When I waved my hand across the sensor, the lights would flash as they usually do and the motor would give out a little noise, but the lid remained closed. After cleaning the clasp, lubricate the clasp with silicone spray, penetrating oil (e.g.

I can still see the red and green lights from the sensor blink, so I think it must be the motor that is no longer working. The OEM fix is to replace the entire lid at nearly half the cost of a new one!The lid on bin was not working.

NineStars offers a wide selection of trash cans. They don’t make things to last. 1 Questions After replacing the batteries, the lid would no longer open. Manual open and close buttons I think this is a reference/counting wheel to track the lid’s position. Problem solved.I tried cleaning the lid, especially around the sensor but to no avail. I have a similar problem with my trash can and determined that the electrical controller was bad but you cannot get that part and could not get technical info on the part.

I suspect it’s the motor but not sure how to fix this easily.I’d rather fix it than them having to buy a new one.It was me who changed it. From sensor, to pedal, to open top cans. Give that a try, nothing to lose.Not many parts available to repair these bad boys. I tried to find videos online but didn’t have luck. With the lid apart, I noticed there was a plug in the backside:With the plug removed, you can access this toothed wheel without taking the the lid apart. The lid was opening very slowly, as though the batteries were dead. I'll Stop editing it.that's okay i just really confused and thought it was my autocorrectIt's called an Itouchless garbage can not sure what the model number is.i checked the 'parts' section of their website and i think it's the IT13MX model. I tried changing the batteries. I guess it’s time to buy a new one :( Recently my parents’ itouchless garbage lid stopped opening automatically and I was wondering if there might be a possible fix for this.

I’ve had my sensorcan for more than 3 years so it’s no longer in warranty. Explore and find trash cans that meet your lifestyle. This means next time this happens, I can simple reach a screwdriver in and push the little toothed wheel. - The “open” button located on the lid if pressed will open the lid and hold it open until the “close” button is pushed. WD40) or Teflon spray. - YouTube I tried to find videos online but didn’t have luck. It should lift easily and be careful of the wires inside, they are poorly routed and only held on by some cheap tape.3) You should see a toothed wheel on the left side of the gearbox. I spent a bit of time troubleshooting this issue with no success. The 1) Remove the batteries and all the screws on the underside of the trashcan lid. 2. Windows 10 normally puts your laptop into low-power sleep mode when you close the lid.
Clean the clasp of your Touch Bin lid with hot, soapy water.

There are two screws in the battery compartment.2) Gently lift up the black rim. Mine seemed to be stuck and needed a little push.After giving the toothed wheel a little push, I set the black rim back in place and was able to manually move the lid again. Sorry! This can be a problem when hooking your laptop up to an external monitor. **If the lid is staying open, does not close all the way or the green light is constantly on or the lid randomly opens, remove the open/close sticker from the sensor area and dab the area underneath with a microfiber cloth. They don't have very many models it seemsSounds like the sensor may have gone out.

Recently my parents’ itouchless garbage lid stopped opening automatically and I was wondering if there might be a possible fix for this.
This should remove most moisture that has built up under the sticker causing the lid to stay open.

Basically it seems the sensor works but the lid won’t open; it makes a noise like it’s trying but can’t . Trash Can Ghost - Lid opens and closes by itself. - The “close” button will17037 Green Dr.City of Industry, CA 91745 close the lid if the lid has beenwww.ninestarsusa.com manually opened and will also reset the lid to sensor mode. If this doesn't solve the problem, please let our Touch Bin Assistant help you. The automatic lid was working fine until this morning. Basically it seems the sensor works but the lid won’t open; it makes a noise like it’s trying but can’t . Here's a replacement lid for it:The vast majority of times it just needs to be turned off for no less than 5 minutes. The high performance electronics repair kit. After 10 minutes the switch was turned on and to my surprise the lid started working again.

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