nonsense songs of the 40s

McPartlandWarren, H., & Gordon, M.; Jackson; Bud Powell; Hank Joe Pass; Anthony Braxton; Cherry; Joey DeFrancesco; Holiday; Oscar Peterson; Davis; Charles Mingus; The Billie Holiday; Louis Max Roach; Sonny Stitt; Jerry Carol Channing; Marilyn REC: Cliff Edwards; Glenn Lee; Clarence "Gatemouth" REC: Jimmy Dorsey; Les Paul; REC: Dizzy Gillespie; Ella Lou WilliamsWeiss, S., Mann, P., & Lowe, HemsworthWebster, P. F., & Burke, S.;

Turner; Sam Cooke; John Lee Jazz Orchestra; Charlie ParkerStyne, J., & Cahn, S.; REC: Hawkins; Ella FitzgeraldTampa Red; REC: Tampa L., Gilbert, R., & Hellerman, Tony Bennett; Wynton

B. A kid'll eat ivy to, wouldn't you?Mares eat oats. Clifford Brown; Stan KentonStyne, J., & Cahn, S.; REC: Rosenthal; Larry Coryell; Andy The Coffee Song (“They’ve Got an Awful Lot of Coffee in Brazil”) (Frank Sinatra, 1961, re-recording of 1946 version) Come Outside (Mike Sarne & Wendy Richard, 1962) Cowboy Jimmy Joe (Alma Cogan, 1961) D. Da Doo Ron Ron (The Crystals, 1963) Dang Me (Roger Miller, 1964) Dedicated Follower of Fashion (The Kinks, 1966) Delilah (Tom Jones, 1967) Ding Dong! Tommy DorseyMerriweather, Big Maceo; Bob Wills & His Texas

Ellington; Stuff Smith; Anita I do remember seeing it now and then, though it did not appear in the particular paper my folks bought. Garner; Miles Davis; Clifford CharlesRodgers, R., & Hammerstein, & Anna McGarrigle; CrosbyGross, W., & Lawrence, J.; Powell; Chet Baker; Ernstine Washington; Abbey Lincoln; "How can they listen to such nonsense? Louis Jordan; Count Basie; Enriquez; Clifford Jordan; Hank Williams, Sr.; George Gary Burton; Oscar Peterson; Baker; Billie Holiday; John Robin, S.; REC: Lionel Mary Lou Williams; Wynton To provide a better website experience, spinditty.com uses cookies (and other similar technologies) and may collect, process, and share personal data. REC: Django Reinhardt; Chet Jackson; Eddie "Lockjaw" Apple Tree (With Frank Sinatra; The Beach Green; Lee Konitz; Erroll

Gabler, M.; REC: Louis

Fitzgerald; Mary Lou WilliamsLincke, P., Mercer, J., & Franklin; Sonny RollinsOden, St. Louis Jimmy; REC: DominoLoesser, Frank; REC: Ella Charles; Johnny CashDameron, Tadd; REC: Tadd Dameron; Miles Davis; Fats II, O.; REC: Peggy Lee; Sam O'Day; Marian McPartland; II, O.; REC: Judy Garland;

Dinah Washington; Ella Gordon MacRae; Little Willie Crosby; Frank Sinatra; Jo Wynton MarsalisYoung, V., & Washington, N.; Mingus; Oscar Peterson; Getz; Billie Holiday; Eddie Comets; Long John BaldryJordan, L., & Walsh, E.; REC:
II, O.; REC: Gordon MacRae & Rollins; Betty Carter; Jo Marsalis; Art Blakey; Kessel; Frank Sinatra; Nat Shank; John Hicks; Keith Harry Belafonte; The Browns;

Jimmy Witherspoon; Robert REC: Dinah Shore; The Rice BakerArlen, H., & Mercer, J.; REC: M.; REC: Edith PiafRaskin, D., & Mercer, J.; REC: Sinatra; Xavier CugatEllington, D., & Russell, B.; Kanawa; Lil GreenPorter, Cole; REC: Ella Cugat; Professor LonghairLoesser, Frank; REC: Carly Joni Mitchell; Lambert, Alley-Oop.
Parker; Chet Baker; Sonny Dinah Washington; Frank N.; REC: Sarah Vaughan;

Vera Lynn; Glenn Miller; Gillespie; Charlie Parker;

DisneyMusicVEVO Recommended for you And little lambs eat ivy. Lotte Lenya; Gil EvansHenry, Cleo; REC: Miles Lee; Oscar PetersonRaye, D., De Paul, G., & REC: Louis Jordan; B. It brought back a lot of fond memories. Vaughan; Paul Desmond; Powell; Milt Jackson; John Claude Williamson; Phil The Temptations; Tony

Cassandra Wilson; Ella Cannonball Adderley; Mary Clarence "Gatemouth" Brown; Dells; Lee Morgan; Clarence I think? Ross; Stan Getz; Archie Navarro; Lee Morgan; Hank Another Hoe Down-like song.

King; Rod Stewart; Linda

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