obsessed garage kranzle pressure washer

This is a really high quality hose that comes with quick disconnects (and a swivel on one end).I chose the MTM SG28 gun.

Bugs, bird droppings, and mud all fly off the surface with ease and require much less scrubbing to remove. ... Kranzle K1322TS Pressure Washer (Obsessed Garage Spec) - Duration: 18:04. According to Matt himself, there isn’t much of a noticeable difference between this and the more expensive guns. If you buy one from OG, it comes pre-taped and torqued with the correct orfice installed.

On top of that, it all just feels like it’s going to last a lot longer.For me, the biggest improvement is the spray pattern of the SG28 gun. Obsessed Garage 37,313 views. If many of you follow Obsessed Garage, you’ll know Matt sells the Kranzle Pressure Washer package for nearly $2,000, when you factor in shipping, and all the accessories you need, outside of just the pressure washer. If all you’re doing is washing cars, an electric pressure washer is all you need.Hey, I’m Tim. Exclusive USA importer of Kranzle Pressure Washers and Accessories. It’ll do the job, but the user experience won’t be the greatest.

63. It started out as a Youtube channel and a podcast but quickly grew into a larger brand and online store.Unlike much of the detailing community that overuses the term “OCD”, Matt actually suffers from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.

Obsessed Garage - Full Pressure Washer Spec Spreadsheet - COMPLETED! Close. Not really. I wanted to make a short series on the Kranzle 1122TST & other Kranzle pressure washers, so I flew out to Baltimore to visit Kranzle USA / Dirt Killer. Posted by. When he decides to pursue something, he chases the absolute best solution to a problem.Case in point: when trying to come up with a lower budget pressure washer setup to sell in his store, Karcher is the brand that Matt settled on after being pleasantly surprised by their performance. Pre rinsing with a pressure washer is always going to get the car cleaner before you physically wash it. Setting up the camera and inviting people into the garage changed his life. If I had to be picky, I’d say this length is a tiny bit short but it’s worth the price savings over the expensive longer options. Their pressure washers are of the upper echelon in every industry they're used in. Watch this video to see how and why Dirt Killer • Kranzle USA • Atlantic Pressure Washersbrand website and the exclusive USA importer of Kränzle™ pressures washers and products.Dirt Killer • Kranzle USA • Atlantic Pressure Washers

As far as I know, the only way for it to be included is to buy the whole 4 nozzle kit. I have the Ryobi 1700 with the Kobrajet 3/8" hose, the MTM SGS-28 gun, the quick disconnect kit, and the PF22 foam cannon from OG. That’s tough to find these days.Although your paint isn’t quite as delicate as some people believe, 3000+ PSI is still way too much for detailing your car. Their pressure washers are of the upper echelon in every industry they're used in. That’s a no brainer. Kranzle USA. Obsessed Garage - Full Pressure Washer Spec Spreadsheet - COMPLETED! I still included it because I do find myself washing taller or larger vehicles often.It’s safe to say I’m not the biggest fanboy when it comes to foam cannons.
The only real difference is that the Cube has no wheels or extended handle. With the OG upgrade, that changes to 1.45 GPM around 1000psi with a 40 degree nozzle.A foam cannon isn’t included with the Karcher setup so there’s nothing to compare to there. If you want to add quick disconnects to your garden hose to make attaching the pressure washer easier, I’d recommend these from Gardena:

That’s actually a big positive for us consumers.Matt’s the kind of guy that has every part number and every specification memorized. A powerful gas pressure washer must work better, right?

Matt has already done all of this so we don’t have to.

The best attribute of a ceramic coating is how much easier they make it to clean the vehicle.While you can still take advantage of those coating characteristics with a garden hose, it’s simply awesome when using a pressure washer.

That short cut is a big selling point here.You can head over to the Obsessed Garage configurator by I wasn’t looking to break the bank on my pressure washer setup so I chose to save some money on a few components. This is a cheap, plastic pressure washer.The difference between the Obsessed Garage equipment and the stuff that Karcher includes is night and day. It takes up a bit less space on the garage floor.I stuck with the quick disconnects that came on the hose and gun so I didn’t need to order extras.

While I’m sure it puts a serious strain on his daily life, it also causes him to obsess over every little detail when researching things. This makes sure everything you buy will snap together without having to deal with the headache of finding the right fittings.

Got tired of assembling and disassembling everytime I washed. This collection is the result of that search.

This ended up costing nearly double the price of the pressure washer itself – and it was worth every penny.Obsessed Garage was founded by Matt Moreman in Central Florida. If you own a ceramic coated vehicle, I’d highly recommend buying a pressure washer.It’s easy to think that bigger is always better. The products below include electric pressure washers, quick disconnects, hoses, piping and other components needed to build a custom Kranzle car washing system. The Kranzle is a ridiculous price but it's certainly a nice piece. Shop Kranzle power washers including Kranzle k1322ts, Kranzle k1122tst, Kranzle 1122tst, Kranzle K1622 and Kranzle Accessories. I also skipped the inlet hose as I already had one ready to go.The 25′ long KobraJet 3/8″ hose is just long enough to reach around to the back of a car when the pressure washer is placed in front of the car. If something goes wrong, you can contact Karcher (not Obsessed Garage) and get a direct replacement.I’ve been very happy with the way this pressure washer setup has been working.

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