oracle atg end of life

Not only does it open the doors to Cloud, but it also facilitates things like warm or hot DR, active-active load balancing, and region-specific origin clusters.

I will be discussing AWS, however, virtually everything I say applies equally to GCP and may also pertain to Azure.One of the biggest changes since I wrote about this topic last is the shift from core/CPU based licensing to metrics licensing for recent ATG Oracle Commerce licenses. Metrics based licensing means that the license size and cost is based on the number of transactions or page views, not on the hardware footprint of your servers. ), start and end times, status, number of errors, number of content items, size of the index file, environments to which the index was deployed, and whether it is currently deployed to a search environment. It’s comparatively easy to scale your production cluster up or down based on traffic, sales, holidays, and other high-traffic seasons. That said, a multi-AZ cluster does NOT provide the same level of HA you might want with a DR or Active-Active approach.

The Oracle ATG Web Commerce Search user interface, including both project administration and the Workbench. If you have older ATG Oracle Commerce licenses that are CPU or core-based I would strongly recommend speaking with your Oracle representative to see about transitioning to the newer metrics licenses. Now it’s all fair game! Ultimately each licensee needs to be responsible for their own compliance and the details are in their contracts; not here or even necessarily in Oracle policy docs.My partner Pivotree has helped customers work with Oracle to migrate from CPU based to metric based licensing, so if you need help, ask the experts.The available performance for EC2 instances has increased dramatically since I wrote my earlier articles. This means that you can now deploy on Cloud infrastructure without running afoul of your licensing terms. For Java 1.6 EOL see Note 1526401.1 - Oracle ATG Support Statement on Java 1.6 End-of-Life for ATG Applications Note: ATG 10.2.0.x is supported on 1.6 but for WebLogic Server only could be deployed on 1.7. very quickly and easily.

Endeca also has several cluster definitions, one for MDEX servers and one to keep track of Oracle Commerce app servers, which have to be kept in sync with the current cluster size and state. Features include access to Oracle online support tools, upgrade rights, pre-existing fixes and assistance from technical support experts. There is a lot of value to having new and improved features available to you at your hosting provider. Previously you’d need a EULA to even think about this stuff. You also have a lot of flexibility in how you want to provision: additional smaller instances or fewer larger instances. search engine. You’re buying flexibility, better availability, and access to all the services on offer at your Cloud provider. 11.0 is the first release that requires 1.7.

Click the Indexing Task column entry to view details about the content indexed. It does not protect against regional crises, such as power failure, flooding, or other disasters. Projects also link an index with customization data, such as topic sets or specialized dictionaries.

We suggest you try the following to help find what you’re looking for:Simple, predictable, and flexible—enjoy the benefits of the industry's most comprehensive support coverage.Provides comprehensive maintenance and software upgrades for your Oracle Database, Oracle Fusion Middleware, and Oracle applications for five years from the general availability (GA) date.Puts you in control of your Database, Middleware, and Applications upgrade strategy by providing additional maintenance and upgrades for Oracle Database, Oracle Fusion Middleware, and Oracle Applications for an additional fee.Maximizes your investment protection by providing maintenance for as long as you use your Oracle software.

Part of Oracle ATG Web Commerce Search that creates the index, receives an end-user query and returns … Devon’s Oracle Commerce history traces back to 1998 when he worked at ATG as a senior ATG architect (later rebranded as Oracle Commerce) for both Professional Services and Sales Engineering.

Automated environment build-outs are also FAST! As mentioned above, costs are generally pretty flat for X amount of performance, and since you’re paying for minutes used, scaling up and down to be “right-sized” for your traffic can help you save a lot of money.Cloud still isn’t necessarily cheaper than physical servers at a traditional data center.

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