paine 14 daysailer for sale

American Sail 14 6 Boats for sale. Then I extended the top of the rudder up until it just cleared the hull at this angle. This boat is optimised to provide the best possible sailing experience, with provision for essential comforts and conveniences, such as a diesel inboard engine and provision for a toilet. Save This Boat.

These battens both stiffen the leech of the sail as do other battens, but in extending to the foot of the sail prevent it from rising. The Paine ’14 is a scaled-down adaptation of the venerable and much-loved Herreshoff 12 ½ with a fin keel and separate rudder for more lively performance. The boat is in very good condition, showing only minor wear marks. Don't miss what's happening in your neighborhood. Trailer is functional, bearings just greased, tires and lights good. A custom-designed galvanized trailer with integral tongue extender will enable the yacht to be easily launched on reasonably angled ramps. In one sense, at least, these were perfect conditions, as this is how many people actually use such boats—drifting idly about an anchorage, ogling other boats while watching carefully for each cat’s paw of breeze.

French & Webb custom boatbuilders in Belfast, Maine, now have the rights to build a sistership for you, at a price of between $75,000 and $85,000 depending upon specification. An intelligent few of today’s water-lovers are choosing to spend their leisure time in something of intrinsic quality, beauty and unquestionable value. Needless to say, in she went, and almost immediately we were tethered stern to wind, and a lot of it. All rigging has been garage kept including the mast.

When weather, gear failure or some other difficulty shuts down one carefully planned course of action, an experienced cruiser never bats an eye.

For the past 40 years Chuck Paine has sailed a classic Herreshoff 12½ named Compared to Nat Herreshoff’s iconic daysailer, Paine’s boat is almost two feet shorter overall (14ft versus 15ft 10in) and a bit over a foot shorter on the waterline (11ft 2in versus 12ft 6in).

I stored the boat on the water for the season and also pulled her to other lakes with a trailer. She is fun to sail and looks good in and out of the water. The boat hasn't been used in a few years.

It gets going easily, thanks to its reduced wetted surface area, but still has enough weight to carry momentum through voids in the wind.Just as importantly, the Paine 14 feels like a true classic daysailer when you are sitting in it. It is also drastically lighter (850lb versus 1,500lb) and carries proportionally more sail area, with a sail area-displacement ratio of 19 versus 17. The decision comes after months of back and forth between event organizers and If there’s one thing cruising sailors are good at, it’s going with the flow. Advertisement.

Whether cold molded or fiberglass, the hull will accommodate either a Marconi or gaff rig. Her cruising grounds are anywhere you might like to sail that has a launching ramp.Swung all the way to one side, showing the absence of any gap.Showing it swung the other way. Register & Post. 15' O'Day Daysailer Sailboat for sale.Sorry but i don't know the year of the boat.
The amount of turbulence created by the little discontinuity is trivial.

(Note some other photos in this website show the conventional jib, which is also available).Note that the leech of the jib remains parallel to the luff even though the sheet has been let outEven let out this much, the angle of the sail to the wind is nearly constant from foot to head.Make no bones about it, though, inidividually hand-built by the few remaining American craftsmen with nearly half of its weight in cast lead ballast and lots of beautifully varnished (or painted)  mahogany trim, this is in every respect, including its construction cost and the need for yearly maintenance, a true yacht of the old school. Preowned sailboats for sale under 15 feet preowned sailboats for sale by owner.

Unlike most centerboard boats of this size, she can be kept on a mooring. I considered the other ways that have been used to mitigate the problem: A windsurfer fin installed just forward of the rudder, or pieces of shock cord that stretch across the open maw- but neither is entirely proof against a jam for as we all know on a sailboat, if anything possibly can go wrong, it will! Compared to Nat Herreshoff’s iconic daysailer, Paine’s boat is almost two feet shorter overall (14ft versus 15ft 10in) and a bit over a foot shorter on the waterline (11ft 2in versus 12ft 6in). Sakonnet Harbor, Rhode Island. It’s hand-built, piece by piece, so only the most cogent sailors can justify owning one. The wiser among us will build their future lives around The yachts are available only in hand-built vacuum-bagged epoxy consolidated cold-molded wood. Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin.

This means that some of the rudder blade area is forward of the pivot axis. It comes with a galvanized trailer with bearing buddies.
The warm glow of its varnished trim, the stolid feel underfoot of its slatted-wood cockpit sole and the elegant simplicity of its bronze hardware are all intensely evocative of the boat that inspired it. The gas motor has been lightly used.

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