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The lectures have been a joke because for our class every time we have to send in answers 90% of the responses are jokes. I took physics in high school so most of this is review, however it is more in-depth. How hard is this class? It's a pretty frustrating class because nothing is learned during lecture.Edit:Going to the TA isn't helpful in my case because it's very difficult to understand theTA.

I got the concepts but we were never really challenged in that class. So my advice is to form a sort of study group to help when you need it.Going to the TA's office hours sounded like a good idea at first, but that's mostly for when you need help with specific problems, right?Go to the TA with your old quizzes and ask them how you should have set up the problems versus how you did set them up. Press J to jump to the feed. Most people won't be able to adapt in the heat of the moment on a test and figure out a problem they've never seen before, so it's best to do so many problems that stuff you've never seen doesn't exist.I'm currently a 1250 TA, this is my throwaway account.Bao gets lots of complaints about his lecturing style from students; it isn't just you.Reading the book is a good start, try to read the relevant sections in the book before Bao covers them in lecture so you aren't just wrecked when he breezes through the problems.Khan academy is a good idea; that can only help you.There's free tutoring available in Smith labs, on the ground floor somewhere.

Stay caught up, watch youtube videos to reinforce your knowledge, and go to office hours of your TA and instructor. "Additionally, my frustration in this class is worrying me because Anyway, sorry for the semi-large block of text.

u/minibogstar. Physics 1250.

User account menu. Go Bucks! It's been a struggle. "Thank you for your reply; I really do appreciate the advice. Physics 1250 will use no calculus.

How hard is this class? It's a weeder course; there's no reason that material should be as difficult as it is at OSU. r/OSU: The Ohio State University's subreddit. Oh the humanity!New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be castPress J to jump to the feed. I’m pretty good at math and science if that helps lol. It does not take a genius to do well in 1250, but for the love of god do the practice problems every chance you get and not right before the quizzes in recitation and exams. I have yet to finish a homework, usually quit whenever I get to 90%, and even then it takes hours.I have made some friends on my floor that are able to help me with the difficult homework questions and we review material for quizzes together.

I also have been reading the textbook and taking notes. Academics. Just take the class at Columbus State and move on with your life. Close. I'm a TA; it's literally our jobs to help you. 4 months ago. Get yourself familiar with all of the different situations. 1.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated :)Physics is a performance.

I would say instead of walking in and saying that, pick a few problems that you need help setting up, bring them to your TA and say " I feel comfortable doing these problems once I get started, but getting started is the hard part can you please help me practice setting up problems. I've only used Khan Academy so far.Ayy, I have Lei Bao and yeah he is a very bad lecturer unfortunately, as he seems like a genuinely nice guy who wants to help. You can usually find solutions online for them. What I've personally been doing is watching numerous videos online and taking notes alongside the videos. I took honors physics in high school and got an A but it was kind of a joke. I took it with Bao and most of the exam questions were based on the slides. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts It's all algebra, only 1251 uses calculus.


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