piaggio liberty 150 top speed

As for power, the factory claims 16.2 horsepower at 8,750 rpm with 11 pound-feet of torque at 6,500 rpm. The shape of the fender is only partly about looks.

At age 11 when bicycles were too simple to hold her interest any longer, her father found her taking apart the lawn mower. Honda leaves a few cubes on the table with a smaller, 149 cc thumper against Piaggio’s 155 cc mill, and its heads are somewhat less advanced as they run a two-valve system against the Liberty’s three-valve head.A fan of one style may not necessarily appreciate the charms of the other, but I think we can all agree that “Cute machine, but I’m not sure I’d pick it over a proper mini-max scooter such as the above All images featured on this website are copyrighted to their respective rightful owners.

Speaking of stowage, Suspension is a wash with fixed-value forks and preload adjustable shocks though Honda doubles up with two shocks out back against Piaggio’s single unit. At the top of the operation range, the overall gear ratio makes the Liberty 150 brothers turn in a top speed of around 61 mph. Piaggio manages to capture the essence of the classic Italian style without slavish adherence to the old-school look that made a name for the marque in the Overall, the Liberty 150 establishes a classy baseline that holds up well against comparable displacements around the world, but Both models lead off with a sculpted front fender and chrome “necktie” fairing ornament. Inside the fairing we find a redesign that had the batt… Yeah, it’s minor, but there it is. A grab rail and flip-out passenger footpegs round out the pillion amenities. When he asked why she was doing it, she replied, “I need to see how it works.” That curiosity and mechanical drive served her well over the next 40 years as she pursued careers in both the automotive and motorcycle industries. Since the Liberty uses a proper frame rather than a monocoque-type structure there’s a certain amount of frame intrusion into the step-through, but the factory thoughtfully designed it so the frame tunnel runs vertically along the backside of the fairing to accommodate the downtubes and steering head. It leads off with a broad leg guard area and smoked flyscreen that punches a hole in the weather for your legs and torso.
Image Source: piaggio.com, honda.comJavascript must be enabled for the correct page display Honda’s instrumentation is entirely digital in another departure from the Liberty’s layout, but common ground can be found in the chrome passenger footpegs that look like part of the trim package when stowed.

The bore and stroke of this motor is the same as the 155cc is Piaggio’s Fly 150 model, but only the Liberty has the new i-Get version, so boasts 12.9HP instead of 12.1. The factory used tubular steel members for the main structure with pressed sheet-metal reinforcement, and the result is a stiffer frame that delivers better handling than the previous gen. There’s a slight variation in the rear suspension between the 50 and 150 models.

The 50 has a 39 mm bore and 41.8 mm stroke for a total displacement of 49.9 cc. Horsepower and torque jumps up to 12.9-ponies/pound-feet, and top speed gets a boost up to a very-usable 61 mph.Both lumps are air-cooled, and they come with a reduced-noise starter and pull-open/pull-closed throttle for some of the extra comfort and safety the previous gen lacked.

This is the all new 2016 Piaggio Liberty 150cc with Bosch ABS system. It utilizes an all new iGet engine that maximizes performance and fuel economy (57 km/L at a constant speed of 40 km/h).

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