pool skimmer float valve not working

I turned everything off, fixed the leak, turned it all back on - and the skimmer farthest from the pump does not work - unless I plug up the first skimmer box. Malfunctions or improper valve settings at any one of several points in the system may manifest as the loss of water flow at the pool jets.A sand or diatomaceous-earth pool filter incorporates a multiport valve to direct the flow of water in a number of ways. See my article If the water level in the pool is correct then you need to determine whether you are getting suction in your skimmer or skimmers.With the pool pump running on filter can you see water being drawn into the skimmers? Pool issues 20120403: : Skimmer not working Part 1 - YouTube Pipe joints on the suction side of the pump that emit water also may suck in air, so evidence of water leakage should be investigated as a potential air leak.Physical obstructions commonly occur in the pump strainer basket. Both in-ground and above-ground pools utilize a skimmer to provide a place for the filter to begin its circulation process. The filter tank, whether it be a cartridge, sand or diatomaceous earth filter, is responsible for separating the dirt and debris from the water. The same can occur when and if the basket gets filled with leaves and debris. Several things can lead to the skimmer not performing correctly.Inside the pool skimmer is a basket that is responsible for preventing large pieces of dirt and debris from entering the filter system. This ensures a consistent and clear flow of water from the skimmer through the filter system. When the suction power of the filter decreases, this is an indication that the internal pressure of the filter is higher than normal, which signals it's time for a cleaning. This can result from lack of maintenance, including regular backwashing and filter media changes, or from the sudden bloom of algae or other organic matter in the pool that rapidly clogs the filter. Read my article If you have a cartridge filter, rather than a sand filter, then it may be clogged and need cleaning.If the above are ok then you may have a blockage in the pipes going from your skimmer to the pump. If you constantly have this then it is likely that you will find the skimmer not skimming properly so you need to investigate.There are a number of things that could cause your pool skimmer to stop working, or at least to not work properly. If the 2nd hole on the skimmer is a balance line on the side of the pool, suction will be diverted there. Skimmer not pulling. The level should be roughly half way or a little more up the skimmer inlet hole.If it is much lower than this, or perhaps doesn’t even reach the skimmer inlet then that is the problem. An excessively high pressure reading may indicate an obstructed filter that is preventing water from returning to the pool. Signs of a failing skimmer are usually a heads-up that other aspects of your pool maintenance need to be addressed.The pool skimmer is the first point of contact in the filtration process. The water is then sent via another pool hose back out the pool's return jet. I had to learn how to clean it, maintain it and fix it the hard way. This is not likely, as you float is getting sucked down when the pump is on.

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All pool filters incorporate a water-pressure gauge. However, several locations make up the usual suspects. A swimming pool’s circulation system is a closed design.

The pump will evacuate the remaining water from the skimmer causing the float valve to close and water will flow from the main drain only, or until the water level is increased.

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