poor mans fiberglass on osb

Poor man’s spray foam for cathedral ceiling. I even made a full-size mock-up of the floor layout with masking tape. Foam and plywood sandwich sides, door in the back and a very light weight top that weighs what one of your kayaks weighs so I don't need a complicated winch system to lift it. Here’s a few interesting links of some other campers built with the PMF method:This one is built entirely of foam, with no wooden or aluminium structure, and it’s larger than mine. Given the time and work that will go into your glue-canvas plan and the proven advantages of using an actual engineered material are the cost savings really that significant?Yep, the CAD had a fixed drop-floor, I did that just to make the computer modeling easy, and to figure out the dimensions (e.g. Id like to know your thoughts on if those $20k campers are a good value after building this.Dacron coated with polyurethane is what I used on a skin on frame canoe years ago. DIY Poor Man's Fiberglass for Teardrop Camper (PMF) - YouTube I always appreciate a good experiment. Since this is a low cost build I will assume lithium batteries are out of the price range anyway (trust me, that’s a good thing) but don’t fall for the AGM trap. I did the painting in my unheated, but well ventilated, garage, then brought the hatch inside to dry (cold out, with a snow storm coming) while the vapors aren't as bad as epoxy they can still build up in your body and make you allergic to them.Foam is a weak substance, if you test the bonding properties of foam, you quickly discover that the glue only sticks to the top layer of foam particles. He’s got three opening windows.Or cover it with a Wildsnow.com sponsored advertising auto wrap, likely about $3k.Check out Chesapeake Light craft website, they have a small teardrop kit that includes some weatherproof ventilation ports you can purchase separately to get some air flow within your build. However, my cooler head (and light wallet) prevailed. Are you talking about having a foam box inside, or putting foam or fabric over an aluminum roof thanks -Isopropyl Alcohol (if you don't want to perforate the foam surface, this will remove the foam release agents, sanding can also work) -respirator, Titebond II and latex paint both give off vapors, I did the gluing in my unvented basement work shop and got a wicked head ache from it. As a millenial, #vanlife pulls me nearly as strong as avocado toast and selfies. Teardrops are light and small, but they’re not much more than a hardsided tent. For me, the ability to own only one car, and one that doesn’t double as a living room, is appealing. If you’re in a hurry you can score and break the foam (as is often done on construction sites), but doing so results in a somewhat wavy and rough cut. Through the course of construction the design has changed a bit from the original CAD. Love the whole idea of foam & thrift and working on these type of projects. Some folks do that instead of the wood glue. Once the whole canvas is wet with paint, paint the ends and back edges with a heavy coat of paint, then use the dripping wet roller to smooth the fabric into the edges and back of the panel, a staple can be used to help secure the fabric until the paint is dry.Roll paint into the fabric until the whole surface is glossy wet with paint.

If you use TBII to glue your fabric skin to the foam, you can removed most dents and creases in the camper or boat you build, using a steam iron. Filon, the UV stable version of FRP is an option, but unless you live in an area where RV's are manufactured shipping will be an issue. https://www.instructables.com/id/Poor-Mans-Fiberglass-make-nearly-anything-weatherp/ If you heat your foam panel beyond 190 F it will get soft and bendable, much like boiled pasta. Even a junker is at least a few grand. Heck, they make airplanes out of cloth. A tow-behind camper can be left set up while you drive to another trailhead, or to town to grab supplies. 1 year ago

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