proper boat trailer tongue length

LocksSlide (As described in the article “Before we give an answer, what are your predictions? Find Others grapple with certain decisions like weighing the benefits of various lengths, or widths, or capacities. No announcement yet. (As described in the article “Where Does The Axle Go?“) Now, if we extend the tongue to 12′, the trailer would look ridiculous, but the tongue load would go down to 7.5% — half.

Tongue weight refers to how heavy the front of the trailer is. Basically, the shorter the tongue, the higher the percentage of trailer weight should be on the hitch. The stimulation for this post comes from a reader question. Many people know just what they want. Re: Correct Tongue Length While I cant speak to the trailer manufacture, The tongue length really wont hurt anything. The pontoon is a nice little 18' Bass Buggy but we had to purchase a new trailer. Single or Multiple Axles. Is there a standard or is it totally arbitrary?

Triangular gussets, bracing the tongue to the chassis front and intermediate cross members should be fitted.This style enables the tongue to be slightly longer as well as not so heavy a section of steel.Composite tongues give the benefits of good clearance to the tow vehicle when reversing around sharply and give more support to the sides of the trailer.You will find a lot of single tongue trailers retro fitted with the composite angle frame to stabilize and control the trailer better, as well as adding strength.Boat trailers commonly use a compound tongue using the angle sections as part of the chassis frame.The strength in this comes from the bow post which supports the front keel of the boat.When the boat is locked into the bow post and secured to the trailer the boat effectively becomes part of the chassis/tongue.This style tongue is one of the most common due to the strength the full angle frame gives to the trailer. BoatSell A I remember those old 2 horse trailers from the 70's with the 3' V tongue man were they a pain to back up...Bob Measure from the center of the ball to the farthest outside point on the bumper of the widest rig you plan on pulling it with. Perhaps the most important and overlooked part of the trailer design is its tongue.

on the tongue … A. Transom should be flush with the end of the bunks/rollers to make sure that tongue weight calculation is correct. You can't turn it very sharp without danger of damaging the front of the trailer and back of tow vehicle makes for a very unfun trailering event. Trailers with one axle are for smaller boats. In general, on a small trailer like you are building, you need a minimum of four feet between the front of the trailer and the front of the hitch. (Goosenecks should deliver 15-20% of their total weight to the bed hitch.) 90 Carver Montego 21.5 (23') "Lady Minna" (yes a name change in honor of our fallen Labrador. The tongue pulls down and the load rotates back to where the tongue has Zero load. I absolutely agree, more tongue means a very stable towing trailer, instead of spending $100 in gas buy the tongue hinge kit, in fact you can buy the hinge kit and cut a foot off the trailer yourself if thats what you want but I wouldn't cut anything off the tongue, if you forgive the innuendo I'm not sure you can have too much tongue! Also, the tongue works as a long lever to move the load up and down, which works to further reduce the effect of buckling.With the trailer properly loaded (tongue load around 12%), a longer tongue acts like a damper to the other dynamics at the trailer. In fact the longer the trailer the easier it is to back up, and the more stable it will tow. All times are GMT-6. This is a good compromise on length for stable towing and turning circle without adding unnecessary weight to the trailer.If a full width toolbox or similarly wide items (bicycles, lawnmower deck, stone guard, etc) are to be mounted on the tongue, the tongue needs to be measured forward of these items to ensure sufficient turning clearance.Another thing to be aware of is if you have a side hinged or top hinged rear door on your tow vehicle. That’s the spare tire on the back of the tow vehicle Sorry that wasn’t a little more clear.I have built bbq smokers and trailers for 30 plus years. Thanks again.2011 crestliner superhawk 1700 with a merc 115 EFI fourstroke How can I weigh heavy things — like my trailer frame — without a specialty scale? Perfectly balanced on the axle.Now, let’s have you drive down the road.

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Almost to much information, but it was so clear and simplified I don’t care. Honda 5hp Outboard Lexington I contacted manufacture and complained and they offered to burn off coupler and cut 24" of the tongue length. Tongue length is the distance measured from the center of the trailer front cross member to the center of the tow ball and can be determined from a number of considerations. Tongue weight refers to how heavy the front of the trailer is. There are some confounding effects like the tow vehicle rear overhang, and the overall trailer length.A longer overall trailer length looks in many respects like extra trailer tongue length. As a thought experiment, let’s imagine an 8′ utility trailer with 4′ tongue.

Sorry. So it you have a trailer with a GVWR of 10,000 pounds and assuming you don’t over load it, the tongue should be receiving 500-1000 pounds of the weight at a maximum right? PlumbingLivewell Aerator Pumps & Live Bait I always have a tongue length 5 feet plus. Thanks for all the info! If it is heavier than that, the trailer could sway back and forth as it’s rolling down the road, which can be dangerous. I have a small 40″ x 48″ bed trailer (HF kit) I’ve “altered” to carry 4′ x 8′ sheets, et al. Good Job!Next, as your car comes down from the bump, the process goes the other way.

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