puppy dog pals season 1

Search and Rescue / Over the Dog Park Wall. Season 1 . Bob has to stay at home during a parade, so Bingo and Rolly try to bring the parade to him with the help of some ducks. Bob introduces the pups to A.R.F., a robotic dog programmed to clean up their messes. When Bob brings home a lost kitty, Bingo and Rolly try to find her a home. Rate. After Bob can't make French toast for breakfast, the pups travel to France to get him some. *Musician Huey Lewis recurs as Bulworth.After Hissy gets a time out, Bingo and Rolly try to break her out of her punishment.The Pugs travel to Ireland in search of a four-leaf clover to bring Bob good luck.When Bob loses his lucky shirt, the pugs stage a heist to get it back.The pugs stay at Bob’s mother Sarah's house while he goes out of town.After Rolly chews up Bob's prized boomerang, the pugs head to Australia to find a new one. 10. Bingo and Rolly go to an outdoor concert, but unintentionally cause chaos. Bob mistakes a mud-covered pig for Rolly and accidentally leaves him behind on a farm. Rate. When Bingo wants to win the title of Dance Master, he realizes he may need a little help from his friends.To figure out who should get the last dog treat, Bingo and Rolly have a staring contest.While preparing to host the perfect puppy pool party, Bingo and Rolly's idea for an epic water slide doesn't go as planned.To fight boredom, Bingo, Rolly and A.R.F. Year: ... the pugs head to Australia to find a new one.

S3 E20 24m. After it is accidentally lost, the pugs chase Bob's prized baseball across the city. Season 1 is the first season of Puppy Dog Pals. S3 E19 24m. A sea monster steals Bob's fishing pole. Bingo and Rolly help Bob's sister look for historical items in an archeology site. Rate. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Bingo and Rolly help Bob make latkes for their neighbor Chloe's Hanukkah party. Bingo and Rolly go to England to learn how to treat a queen. The pups split up to go on a gift-giving mission for each other's birthday. Bingo and Rolly try to find Bob's old unicycle they buried awhile ago by retracing their steps. 6. Bob's puzzle is missing a piece of a leopard, so Bingo, Rolly and Hissy try to find a real one. When Bob brings home a pet fish, the dogs try to play puppy games with it. When Bob says he'll "count sheep" to sleep, the pugs herd a flock of sheep into the backyard to help. The pugs try to hang something of Bob's at a famous Italian art museum. gets a robo-cold.When Chloe forgets her stuffed animal, the pups try to return it to her at Space Camp.After Bob throws a new ball too hard, the pugs follow clues from their friends to find it.After Bob has trouble learning to yodel, the Pugs decide to go on a mission to the Swiss Alps to get yodeling tips.It's Bob's birthday, and his sister, Bonnie, is acting sneaky.When Bob stays late at work and forgets his dinner, the pugs decide to bring it to him.When Bob asks Bingo and Rolly to protect a snowman he's building, the pugs make it their mission to keep their new snowy friend as cool as possible.When a big dog takes Keia's toy at the dog park, Bingo and Rolly make it their mission to retrieve the toy.When Bob is disappointed that there's no wind to test his new kite invention, Bingo and Rolly go on a mission to the Windy CityKeia is nervous to go to the groomer for the first time.When the Pugs and Keia learn that it's Valentine's Day, they try to find the perfect gifts for Bob and ChloeBob is devastated when Hong Kong's Symphony of Lights is canceled, so the Pugs scour the city looking for a way to repair the lights.When Bob wishes he could run fast, the pugs find cheetahs to learn the secret of their speed.The pugs go on a journey to find the perfect bowl of soup to help Bob feel better.The pugs help their nervous puppy cousin, Cody, feel comfortable in a new place.When Hissy's favorite toy goes missing, the pups go on a mission to find it for their kitty sister.The pugs plan to bring Bob's favorite food truck back to him but Cupcake and Rufus have a different plan.Bob and the pups are on a whale tour when their boat runs into an island.While in New Zealand, the pugs try to return a large egg before it hatches.When Chloe and Keia lose a special canoe paddle, the pups embark on a wilderness adventure to find it.When Bonnie's dinosaur bone is lost, the pups team up with a roadrunner to find it.The pups set out to look for Bob's favorite golf socks before he participates in a tournament.When Bob's lucky baseball bat breaks, the pups go on a mission to find him a new one in time for the championship game.The pugs help a group of lost moles find their way back home.When Chloe's dad's flight is canceled on Father's Day, Keia and the pugs go on an urgent mission to bring him home.When Dash and Duke's favorite toy goes missing, the pugs and Keia search the lake to find it.The pups get trained by a puppy-ball expert for the puppy-ball championship.Hedgie helps the pups catch the veggie bandit in Bob's vegetable patch.When a puppy gets lost at Adopt-A-Palooza, it's up to the pugs, Keia and their new friend to find it.Bingo, Rolly and Keia go off in search of Captain Wunderbark's long-lost ship.On Take Your Dog to Work Day, the pups lose an important part of Bob's presentation.Bob, the pugs and Keia run out of popcorn at their first slumber party.When Bob's trip to the Empire State Building is canceled, the Pugs and ARF head to New York City to bring the Empire State Building to Bob.Bob wants to wake up on his dream vacation, so the pugs set out to get him to Tahiti while he sleeps.Bingo and Rolly search all around the golf course for Bob's missing golf ball.After Cupcake hurts Rufus' feelings, Bingo and Rolly reunite the best friends.Bob forgets his camera on the trolley before his photography class.When Bob's Mom loses her locket in the Okavango Delta, the Pugs look for the special item with help from the locals.Bingo and Rolly head to Germany to replace the bird in Bob's cuckoo clock.While on a scuba vacation, the pugs search the coral reefs for Bob's lost diving flippers.When Bob can't fix ARF's voice box, Bingo and Rolly race to find an inventor.Bob's favorite knight goes missing at a jousting event, plunging the Pugs on a mission to find him.When Bob discovers he lost a library book, the Pugs race out on a mission to get it before it's due.The Pugs go on a last-minute mission for party supplies for ARF's birthday.When Bob's finishing touch for Puppy Playcare breaks, Bingo and Rolly make it their mission to find a replacement before Playcare opens.The Playcare float breaks down before the People and Pets ParadeThe Pugs and Keia head out on an ocean-bound mission to find the perfect seashell for Ana.The pugs search for a real turkey that Chloe can use as a model for her drawing.Rolly must have his favorite limited-edition flavor of dog food for the Annual Friendship Feast.The Pugs and pals head to the North Pole to help Santa's Elves meet the Christmas Deadline.When Chloe's special dreidel gets left at home, Keia asks the Pugs for help.The Pugs make a hospitalized child's wish for a visit by a celebrity pup come true.When Ana's surprise gift for Bob blows away, the Pugs go on an epic mission to retrieve it.The Pugs throw Keia a picnic when she can't attend the Playcare's picnic in the park.Rolly gets carried away when he designates himself as judge to keep the peace at Playcare.When Ana's valentine is accidentally mailed to Italy, the Pugs must bring it back.The Pugs try to help a baby skunk find her way home without getting sprayed along the way.The pups must fix Hero's new birthday toy after Rolly and Keia accidentally break it.The Pugs head to Canada to save Bob's pancake surprise for Bonnie.The Pugs head to the end of a rainbow to find a pot big enough for Bob's St. Patrick's Day stew.Bob and the pups plan on joining the Playcare's yoga class.Bingo and Rolly band together with their animal friends to build a new home for Bulworth.The pugs blast off to the rescue when Rover's robo-brother, Spot, becomes stranded on the moon.When Bob wants to take a picture at a lighthouse in Maine, the pups must fix the light when it goes out.Bob rents a floating house on the Mississippi River with Bingo and Rolly.Bob and the pugs go on a Wild West-themed vacation.Bob needs cowboy boots in Texas, so Bingo and Rolly search to find the perfect pair.On a stop in a small town, Bob and the pugs notice its famous clock tower is broken.Bingo and Rolly go on a mission to find a special balloon for Keia's birthday partyWhen the pugs' cousin, Cody, goes missing during a game of hide-and-seek, Bingo and Rolly must find him before his family comes to pick him up.Bob's blue belt doesn't arrive in time for his martial arts class photo, so the pugs make it their mission to get him a belt.The pugs rescue Keia's toy from Playcare after hours.When a performance by Bob's favorite band is canceled, the Pugs ensure the show goes on.After ants invade Playcare, the Pugs have to get them out before the ants eat their food.The Pugs set out to get Bob's suitcase when he mistakes his for another traveler's.Bob can't find his signature instrument for the reunion of his high school rock band.Bingo and Rolly make it their mission to become great little firefighters.Bob is devastated when he can't make his big apple pie because he's out of apples.The pugs go on a mission to find their favorite TV host's special sweater in time for the show.Bingo and Rolly are made honorary Coast Guard pups to keep every pet safe.Zeus' flying disc soars into the yard of a protective guard dog.© 2020 TheTVDB.com, A Whip Media Group Company.

S01E01 Hawaii Pug-Oh ... Bingo and Rolly look for the first snowflake of the season while helping other animals prepare for winter. 5. Rate . Error: please try again. Season: OR . Search and Rescue / Over the Dog Park Wall NEW. Watch full episodes of Puppy Dog Pals online. settings. on now. Bingo and Rolly try to fix Bob's childhood toy after they accidentally chew it up. Coolest Pups In Town: On a hot summer day, the pups try to find someplace for Bob to cool down. The pups go to a gathering of UFO enthusiasts to find someone from space, but end up mistaking a lost chameleon for an alien. Bingo and Rolly look for the first snowflake of the season while helping other animals prepare for winter. Bingo and Rolly travel to Ireland to get a four-leaf clover for Bob. Bingo and Rolly go to the Great Barrier Reef to find Bob's missing package. Bingo and Rolly go on a mission to find Chloe's Halloween Costume.

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