raccoon keeps stealing bait from trap

If the trap is fairly small the raccoons may be reaching in from the side of the cage to steal the bait, without ever going inside of it.Try covering the trap with a blanket and put bricks around trap to hold the blanket down....that way the raccoon can't reach food from outside ....it forces them to go into the trap...also, lay a towel or leaves or something inside the trap, so it covers and hides the trip plate ...that way the raccoon can't step over it ...and place food as far to back as possible....and use marshmallows of course...they LOVE marshmellowsThey are extremely smart little critters. Whether you’re using a door trap or a dog-proof coil spring, you ought to make sure that the bait is placed far enough into the trap to ensure that the raccoon steps or grabs onto the mechanism that activates the trapping. Read more about How to trap a raccoon. Cage shy raccoon - If you've got a raccoon that refuses to enter a trap, bait is not usually the piece of the puzzle you need to solve. Not sure if the trap gate lands on their tail or what but we cannot catch the bruisers, just the yearlings… Use a marshmallow for bait. They can be totally destrucive to your home.Raccoons are very smart. So as the previous poster said, stop putting food out (even in a trap), get locking garbage can lids and make sure, if you have a compost heap, that you don't put food in it anymore. Get your answers by asking now. Make it so they have to wrestle with the food to get it and in the process they trip the trap.You certainly don't want them moving into your attic nor basement. Because the raccoons are so cunning, scientists from the University of California recommend: “The rear of the trap should be covered with 1/2-inch wire mesh to prevent the raccoon from reaching through the trap from the outside to steal the bait.” At first a raccoon will certainly try to reach for the bait through the bars. It doesn't have to be thick, just enough for them to come in and start licking on it it.Also, make sure you're using the correct size trap. Several huge raccoons keep stealing the bait. You can just smear it on the pressure plate of the trap you're using. I just want them to stop eating the bird food and getting in the trash cans!! Properly positioning the bait is crucial to success. Try tying down the bait toward the rear of the trap but not near any edges where they may try to reach through the cage to steal the food. The animal may have had a previous experience with a cage trap. And eventually, they will go somewhere else to eat.If it's a box trap that has a sliding door you can add weight to the door or some kind of locking device so it can't be lifted once it closes.Smart Raccoons.. Why trap them.. You can sign in to vote the answer.Still have questions? Secure your trap by placing a weight or brick on top of it. Well, actually, that isn't quite the case, because there is such a thing as a trap-shy raccoon, but the actual bait itself is one of the least important parts of the entire raccoon trapping business. Make it … Raccoons can knock over a trap in attempt to steal the bait. The only animal it will trap is a coon. I don't want to hurt them. 3 Bait Your Trap. There are a number of reasons why a raccoon might be dubbed “cage shy”. You probably won't catch them. There is room for all God's creatures - right next to the mashed potatoes!If you raccoons come back, here is a great trap for them. They run about $12. Be sure to place the bait so the raccoon must fully enter the trap to reach it - see image for details.

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