raw sweet potato juice cancer

If any other use is desired, permission in writing from There was intense pain inside my left navel, areas around it were also mildly painful. Previously, I used to take electric heat treatment in the bone orthopaedic ward once a week, but now all this seem unnecessary.Starting December, there will be a competition held on my favorite game, polo, and I hope to become a member and participate actively in the competition.For such an effective treatment, I wondered with some regret why I had not started drinking fresh potato juice earlier when my friend had introduced it to me.Tanabe Shinji, Former Coat Manufacturer, 76 years oldFresh potato juice can increase strength of the whole bodyMr Tanabe shinji had undergone hardship when he was young in Siberia, and now due to aging, his waist started aching.

Okada Akira, Medical Analyst

This bleeding was stopped.After staying 11 months in the hospital, I returned home for a tranquil recovery for a period of 10 months. This will mainly cure cancer, but recovery cases from liver disease, diabetes, gastric ulcer, kidney disease, heart disease, hypertension, lumbago and sore shoulders etc have also been reported.For example, Mr T had a tumor growth under his ear which was diagnosed to be malignant and which had also been operated on before. drink it with an empty stomach. I am alert, and capable of doing domestic work, I could also occasionally travel overseas for touring.
I continued taking Chinese herbal medicine since the physician asked me to do so but my GPT (a type of kidney profile examination where normal value should read 5 - 35) always fluctuated between 80-60 which showed the hepatitis being chronic.In December last year, I had my kidneys undergo a supersonic test; I drank internal-figuring test fluid and later it was found there were certain shadows in my oesophagus after taking X-ray on the oesophagus and stomach. The crumbs were packed into a towel and squeezed into juice. With such help, Mr Tanabe Shinji’s physical strength was enhanced and his kidneys also functioned better.Other than this, pains in his waist and knees also subsided.

He later received radiotherapy, but up to last year, his cancer cells had spread to his lungs. The machine was one that was revolving slowly for squashing vegetables and fruits. It would turn black if I did not drink it quickly. I had also wanted to try. The anginal pectoris was no longer active, and pains in my chest vanished. The scientists published their results in 2002 in the “European Journal of Cancer Prevention.” They concluded that those who ate vegetables, including sweet potatoes, had a decreased risk of developing cancer.A Japanese review, published in June 2005 in the “Journal of Epidemiology,” didn’t find any links between specific vegetables and the development of renal-cell cancer One study investigated sweet potato extracts on promyelocytic leukemia cells. I only drank two to three times a week.My friend encouraged me, telling me that my lack of patience will not cure my ailment.

However, it is seldom heard of that cancer is thus cured.

Because after playing games with cancer you will find yourself in a latter stage position requiring treatment and no real recourse for recovery. It was then I happened to read a health magazine entitled: Fresh Potato Juice--Effective Against Cancer ". He had suffered from serious illness, hepatitis, and his ailment had developed to a stage of complete ineffectiveness to all drugs. I wondered why my fate must bring such discomfort to me. My body no longer felt feeble and lethargic.Once again, it was the blessing of Fresh Potato Juice!

Anyone with soreness in his body could gradually reduce the aching feeling after one has taken the juice for one to two weeks. In fact, only 112 calories (a small sweet potato) contains 369% of your daily need of vitamin A. After washing (sprouts on the potatoes were removed), I grated these on the vegetable scraper-board. I was again admitted to the hospital, but this time there was no specific improvement.This time, my blood pressure rose; its high side climbing to 200mm. As this would cause disruption in my work, I visited a nearby hospital. Those with gallstones are believed to be at a higher risk of developing gallbladder cancer. When I returned home half-way, I vomited again with a lot of blood, then immediately I got myself admitted into a hospital.In hospital, one should remain absolutely calm and quiet but I found myself so weak that even changing clothes seemed to be strained due to lack of strength. I was very upset, but I realized earlier on that once a urine test was made, urinary protein would be sighted.True to my worry, it was later found that my kidney trouble had worsened because of drugs.

Make a will and make sure you know who you will be leaving things to.

I decided to continue drinking fresh potato juice and take heed of my health from today onwards.Falling sick is not necessarily a bad experience.

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