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At minimum, you'll need a Controller, a Crafter, a Pattern Grid, some Patternsand some storage. GitHub is home to over 50 million developers working together to host and review code, manage projects, and build software together.By clicking “Sign up for GitHub”, you agree to our The capacity showing on an external storage bus on a Yabba barrel shows oddness, something like 254 / 64 at 300 ish %. Issue description: The capacity showing on an external storage bus on a Yabba barrel shows oddness, something like 254 / 64 at 300 ish %. Put a piece of Oak Wood in the crafting grid. Setup creative Refined Storage('RS') Controller with attached Grid; A few blocks away setup a Storage Drawer('SD') Basic Storage Drawer and add cobble to it; Place a SD Drawer Controller next to the Basic Storage Drawer; Place an RS External Storage cable against the SD controller; Run Cable from RS controller to RS External Storage cable The 1k Storage Disk can store 1.000 items.
A (negative or positive) priority can be chosen (where a higher priority gets higher precedence to place items in). Refined Storage; Wiki; Detector; The Detector is a block that emits a redstone signal if an item or fluid count matches a given amount. The 1k Storage Disk won't despawn when dropped in the world. One more big plus would be a button to automatically export everything from the disks, so I don't have to set up a bunch of exporters every time I build some drawers for items I have a shitton of. Another way to prevent getting this page in the future is to use Privacy Pass. Enter cobblestone into the eternal storage device filter.

Simply give a storage a higher priority than the other one, and Refined Storage will prioritize correctly. Guides; Blocks; Items; Using the mod. (Side bug, sometimes the external storage can't see the drawer at all, removing and re-adding the external storage seems to fix that) Set external storage to extract only. Priority. It has NOTHING to do with being able to insert or extract items into the inventory.Oh cool then, but in that case, why did 60K iron ingots fill my disks, when the disk drive was set to priority 1, and the external storage to the drawer controller literally to 20000? They can also be inserted into a Disk Manipulator to copy data to/from a storage network. 2. I don't know what it actually takes to reproduce the bug, but I can upload my world somewhere if you would like to take a look at itI don't know, I'm playing on Feed the Beast Revelation. Roughly how much iron, gold and diamonds do I need to get a crafting grid, solderer, controller, and drive? Sometimes the resources don't show up in the grid, and I have to turn off and on the external storage for it to work again. Thanks!I'm having the same problem with 500% full Drawer Controller. Maybe that is using forge chunk loading? I mean it works for exporters, but I can't whitelist all the items in one exporter (maybe an exporter with like 10 rows?). Btw now it's working with 6 exporters constantly pumping the items into the drawers, the external storage by itself does not put anything in there by itself (no, it's not set to extract only).Did you modify the whitelist/blacklist button maybe?No, I did not. Have to break and replace it every time.Successfully merging a pull request may close this issue. Refined Storage Addons; Ranged Pumps; Refined Pipes; Dev builds Twitter GitHub Discord; Patreon Home; Wiki; Releases; Refined Storage; Refined Storage Addons; Ranged Pumps; Refined Pipes; Dev builds Twitter GitHub Discord; Patreon; Detector Since: 0.3. So I tought the code to determine if it's full or not might be broken if the display is off too.

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