remember me with laughter by james best

The Hallmark Channel movie beat theatrical titles such as “Cinderella” (ABC Fam), “Iron Man 2” (FX), “The Book of Eli” (TNT), “Aladdin” (ABC Fam), “Wedding Crashers” (CMDY), “Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines” (TNT) and “Spiderman 3″.Dukes of Hazzard fans, mark your calendars for March 8th through March 10th! Upon seeing me, before he even spoke, Jimmie gave me a huge bear hug. Just a few more months.

)– Playing Call of Duty together. LOL!– On the reunion set, on a break from a photo shoot, Jimmie did a hilarious bump and grind that had all of us nearly on the ground from laughter.– During the second reunion, when Sonny was backing the car out of the camp site, he ran into the tent and nearly took it down. Perhaps, I shouldn’t even try.

In fact, the only thing I caught was an old net attached to an anchor.

Eulogy Poem from this episode: REMEMBER ME "Remember me with smiles and laughter, / For that's the way I'll remember you all.

Because of that, I cherish these moments even more than the fun times. He had a serious side as well. Having nothing to show for our day, I decided we should pose with it as if it were a prize catch and Jimmie obliged.Jimmie wasn’t funny all the time.

Stay tuned for more Dukes of Hazzard news as it comes!

“The Sweeter Side of Life” ranked as the #2 rated Prime Time ad-supported cable movie of the DAY, as well as the #3 movie of the WEEK.
Good news! He’s done biker gigs, art shows, charity appearances, and bachelorette parties. 27th Annual Mayberry Days - Mount Airy, NC. Rosco just stole my french fry.” It was hysterical. We also enjoyed several personal moments with him while we were there. Perhaps I should just continue to share the good times as they occur to me. He told me that some of the things he shared with me, he’d never told anyone else before. I first met Jimmie in person on the set of the first Dukes of Hazzard reunion, along with Craig Byrne. My best memory of Jimmie involves a day fishing on the St. John’s River. Without missing a beat or breaking character, Jimmie yelled “Enos! He’s befriended fans of all ages and he knows how to delight a crowd.

To cover the earth with gold. However, we have seen conflicting press releases and advertising regarding the cast appearances – namely, when it comes to Tom Wopat and Ben Jones.
I remember spending many hours consoling him after the death of one of his beloved beagles. This was written by Laura Ingalls Wilder.

You dipstick!” The whole set erupted in laughter.Hat tip to Dukes of Hazzard fan Billy Maxwell for bringing us the news.Good news! Jimmie was hysterically funny. A lot of them are already documented on the site here.– Spending Jimmie’s 75th birthday with him at his home and seeing video greetings to him from Paul Newman and Burt Reynolds– Watching Jimmie compete in a fast draw competition and coming in second with an unbelievable time of 4/10ths of a second. It’s hard to put them all down in one blog post. He was laughing at me “Here we are sinking in gator infested waters and you’re all non-chalant.” “Well,” I told him, “I don’t have to outswim the gator.

We discussed the mysteries of life, spiritual matters, medical issues, “what ifs”, and even death. The Old Middle Georgia Speedway will play host to thousands of Dukes of Hazzard fans as they get together to see John Schneider, Catherine Bach, Tom Wopat, James Best, Sonny Shroyer, Rick Hurst, and Ben Jones, as well as checking out some great cars at the car show, listening to some fantastic music, and participating in tons of great family activities. All the particulars, such as event times, ticket prices, and directions are on the Cooter’s Place website.Livingston Parish, Louisiana will become Hazzard County for a day on Sept 29, 2012! He’s entertained audiences for generations, and his approachability has created a lot of goodwill for The Dukes of Hazzard.Please join us in wishing Jimmie a Happy Birthday in our If that doesn’t already grab ya, then go for the Stunt Show performed by our crazy friends, the Northeast Ohio Dukes! “Wooo gee!” It was hilarious.

It was our mutual love of Rosco that brought us together and when my husband finally got to meet Jimmie, we told him just that.There have been so many great memories swirling around in my head today, stories from Jimmie’s days in Hollywood, tales from WWII, personal moments. Uhh, Jimmie?” But with the engine noise and the fact he had hearing loss (from WWII), I had to start yelling. He finally turned around and it was a total “Rosco” moment.

(He was about 70 at the time. “The Sweeter Side of Life” was seen by nearly 3.1 million unduplicated viewers. For directions, hotel information and all the details we were too lazy to spell out, visit their And don’t forget, tickets go on sale this Friday, Jan 13 at noon for the Us Dukes of Hazzard fans have it good, don’t we?

I propped my feet up on the side of the boat, out of the growing puddle of water on the bottom, and tried to get Jimmie’s attention.

That’s all this old man’s asking. Measures 11x17 inches.

/ If you can only remember me with tears, / Then don't remember me at all."

Just to see one more Spring Or to live for just one more fall Would be a blessing. Jimmie was a consummate professional and we got to see that first hand on the set.

Remember Me With Laughter a poem by James Best.

If you have never seen the General Lee fly in person, you won’t want to miss it!This is a one-day only event, Saturday June 2nd from 9:00 a.m. to about 7:00 p.m. Free up your Friday and hit the road! He loved making people laugh. Most of the original Dukes of Hazzard cast is scheduled to appear in person, including Catherine Bach, John Schneider, Tom Wopat, James Best, Sonny Shroyer, Rick Hurst, Don Pedro Colley and Byron Cherry.But you’ll still need to pay for autographs and such, and each individual cast member has their own fee and policy.

Only $10 plus $5 shipping. As we left the marina, the livewell was seriously overflowing. Rather than speak for the event, we’re gonna point you directly to the As with all large-scale Dukes events, we suggest you book your hotel ASAP and plan to arrive at the event early!Fortunately for Dukes fans, Jimmie has made hundreds of personal appearances at car shows and Dukes of Hazzard events. NEW POSTER RELEASED!

“Hey, Jimmie?

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