resilience essay medical school

Resilience. Assessments from others also provide a framework to quantitatively track progress and improvements. The year 5 summative portfolio follows both the clinical rotations and a year of research. When I was a medical student, I viewed my residents and staff as perfect beings, never needing help. Staying resilient in medicine means finding a balance – making it to the dance floor for your favourite songs, but also finding some time to catch your breath on the balcony and take stock of where you're at. Self-determination theory and the facilitation of intrinsic motivation, social development, and well-being. Three approaches to qualitative content analysis. On the other end of the party, there is a gorgeous outdoor balcony where you can relax and watch the people on the dance floor.

I have also grown comfortable with designating time to spend with others as well as relax on my own – essentially I have learned to be at ease with not working despite having a lengthy queue of tasks awaiting completion.

Medical student resilience strategies: A content analysis of medical students’ portfolios Students also occasionally recognized other individuals such as personal physicians or religious figures outside the immediate school environment as sources of support.The majority of students in all years (>85%) discussed the importance of activities within the professional arena as useful strategies. However, it can also be very demanding and you need boundaries to make sure you’re not burning out. The current research base looking at resilience in medical school appears to follow several distinct themes relating to coping and wellbeing. This restriction, only applies to my financial assets though, and not my continually growing skill set and knowledge base.”“And although I have seen many of my preceptors get involved on so many levels, I seemed to notice that those that were the happiest (and perhaps most successful) were the ones that also maintained their personal interests and a healthy family life. & Dannefer, E.F. Medical student resilience strategies: A content analysis of medical students’ portfolios. Secondaries . Stress and burnout among medical students is a well-recognized concern. Just as my family and community rely on me, I know that in times of need I can always rely on them for support.”“This past year has been difficult for my family, because my [relative], who has been ill … passed away … Having observed the rapid decline he went through, I became keenly aware of what it means to be a family of a dying patient. What did you learn about yourself? I wish I was taught skills for dealing with stressful situations and multi-tasking, as well as how to prioritize self-care.For me, the best parts of facilitating resilience workshops have been the interactions with students. Medical training is a long road, but a wonderful one. By teaching resilience in medical school, we enable students to develop productive coping mechanisms when faced with difficult, stressful situations. The curriculum breaks down the stigma surrounding mental health issues and equips learners with the skills needed to persevere through challenges and adversity.This year, the resilience curriculum workshops are primarily being facilitated by residents and physicians, who share their experiences and expertise with students moving into medical careers. Engaging in reflective practice creates an opportunity for the learner to pause and consider varying perspectives, while maintaining an open mind [Given that it is important to have oversight in high stakes assessments, the student’s physician advisor is an integral part of the CCLCM learning environment and plays a key role in facilitating and monitoring this process, reality checking a student’s perceptions, providing a safe person with whom issues and concerns can be vetted and ensuring an ongoing dialogue around the competencies. (2000) found over 600 articles published from 1966–1999 on the subject [In 2004, the Cleveland Clinic Lerner College of Medicine (CCLCM) programme of Case Western Reserve University five-year medical school programme (32 students per class) matriculated its first class with the goal of training physician scientists. A directed content analysis [In writing their portfolio essays, students are encouraged to cite specific evidence from feedback they have received to substantiate their discussion.

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