rhino 660 valve adjustment

the valves were too tight so they were actually being held open and not closing all the way. also try and drain the fule out of the float bowl, condensation can build up in there causing it to run poorly RHINO 660 Valve adjustment; Welcome to HotRodForums.net. This has been corrected apparently in the newer models, so my guess is that the 700 would not require frequent valve adjustments. FREE Shipping on orders of $149 or ... RHINO - YXR660FAT; Valve; Check Availability. . Remember, . My weekend kind of busy, but a Sat. I know I did them to spec. VALVE ADJUSTING 2NX-12159-00-00 . left/loosey,righty/tighty and don't let JB, Lari, RyRy, Viking, Jax, Joe, Billy, ButJammer, JT, or anyone else on this forum touch your Whino---- Oops I'm meant Rzr! I was adjusting my valves and getting lots of noise when done. 3TV - if you want to see the 3 pages of the shop manual (pdf) on valve adjustment - PM me your email address. morning ride up AF sounds cool.Check out my reply(s) under the "Service Manual?" Cold air intake with 4'' tubing, Kirkey Racing seats.

If your Rhino starts right up? I have to remove my roll cage and my bed to get to my exhaust valves, because of the design of the aftermarket cage and rear bumper I am using. !Nope he is refering to the first time Jim pulled his off and had to have the yno rebuilt. Or is it re-usable? :thumb: :rockon: :beerchug: :hail::hail:i reset my valves.but when its on tdc they are right.but if you turn the crank a little and the springs start to compress the gap gets much larger.is this normal or should it stay the same all the way around.put the motor back on tdc and its perfact.. ( im a little new at this i've never set them before )the gap should change as the cam moves the rockers, so as long as you gap is right at top dead center you should be good to go.I got my 660 month or two ago and i think i was the first one to adjust the valves (its a 01) this thread is greatWould these steps & specs be the same for the Raptor 350?

For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding.Good call. Of course covers off and remove spark plug and valve adjust covers.

Offline #2 2008-02-20 19:53:08. baker01 Member Registered: 2007-08-14 Posts: 3. YOU MEMBER!! without a lot o cranking? Come join the discussion about troubleshooting, classifieds, performance, modifications, maintenance, and more! Just heat it up and bent it to act like a wrench. (I think)Nope he is refering to the first time Jim pulled his off and had to have the yno rebuilt.

You shouldn't hear the valve noise.checked manual .005 on intake .007 on exhaust a little loose used manual specs and sound much better thanks07 camo 660,yoshi duals,kms intake,montana jack f&r winch mount, 27" big horns,hids,2"lift,cab w/heat , warn xt 40, red top optima for accessories,leds,5 bad ass jrts on board,s212 wheels, Hunterworks sheave 14wts, orange spring,40"led lite bar,jensen ms30,jbl and Rockford speakers, elka stage 1 shocks, pro 1 doors, innovate afm,autometer gauges, 60 amp alternator, power steering, electric fuel pump for primingJust remember--a tight valve (too tight) will burn quickly, due to inability to transfer head from the valve face to the cyl. hell what do i know i work on dodges!!! I have instructions for 06'- pretty easy to do. I found if you use a square drive sheet rock screw works better than a pair of pliers to hold the adjustment screw. Chat Now Hello Select your address.

Yamaha Rhino 660 Posted on October 27, 2015 ... four-stroke five-valve engine and light weight add up to the best power-to-weight ratio of any side-by-side model in the industry.

without a lot o cranking? anyways when i talk to him this week i will ask details and get em to ya guys!

Share. I found if you use a square drive sheet rock screw works better than a pair of pliers to hold the adjustment screw. How do you rotate the crank for position? 2004 Rhino 660 YXR660FAS offroad vehicle pdf manual download. pictures....woo hooo.....If your Rhino starts right up? sounds like the clutch pulley or something i …

i have a local dealer mechanic i met 10 yrs ago through my auto dealership that does mine. So then went to adjust or check adjustment on the valves and found all this. Upload. If the valves are within specs the .100MM feeler will go in freely and the .150MM will not fit in!!! Do you replace the gasket? the valves tighten up and compression goes away to the point where it wont run we adjust valves about 20 hrs The Pro Shop 714-892-1300 proshop is offline Select your address # Description Price Qty; 1: VALVE, INTAKE 5KM-12111-00-00 . Sign In. Pretty easy if I was able to do it. I am hoping that we just need to adjust the valves. Valve adjustment You can adjust both sides (in. and the same time. Thank you for your time! I have never done it to mine and its WAY past time to do it. & ex.) The way I do it is, I loosen up the lock nut with the 10MM wrench (red arrow), take the needle nose pliers and turn the tappet with the needle nose pliers (yellow arrow). If the .100MM is tight or .150MM is loose it's time to adjust the valves. Strappy, maybe you should just take it to the shop.Strappy, maybe you should just take it to the shop.That woould be Groundhogs aircleaner........MEMBER? At TDC both Intake and Exhaust Valves are closed and can be adjusted at this point. :  I had absolutely no play (clearance) on any of my valves. My exhaust valves were still in spec. My exhaust valves were still in spec. On a stock Rhino it would be the easiest thing in the world to adjust the valves.When I did mine the intakes had tightened up to the point that the smallest feeler gauge I had would not go in (.002), so they were way too tight. Can't believe we don't have this write-up already :beerchug:excellent write up!! But cannot find it nowA forum community dedicated to Yamaha Rhino owners and enthusiasts. JavaScript is disabled. I know just enough to be dangerous.

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