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It seems that early 20-century New England Episcopalian wedding rituals are surprisingly popular with our Finny pals, for reasons of sentiment.7: One understands that Americans have something of a reputation for polite hospitality: so why not even a ceremonial greeting? CREATE BLOG Please enter the password located on your Gift Certificate and/or in the email welcome letter you received. Join Clever. Do. Nevertheless, where Mr. Lovecraft has been used by satanic rock bands & avant-garde nihilists, Mr Tutuola has been relegated to being a harmless token multicultural artifact, much as a decorative Oggun fetish mask or warped black sword from the lands that invented murder by iron. As for loudly proclaiming of how one is going to "dispose" of those bearing their seed: well, there is a reason that the Whisperers in Darkness are not around any more.Lin(wood) (Vrooman) Carter was a poet & a scholar: but the spirit of the times made his life a hideous thing.- Carter still was able to dimly intuit their value.

But the Yoruba & the Yankee had simply discovred what ought to be self-evident: that the proper use of tradition is that of a fundament to build on, rather than pitfully cling to, or wastefully discard (which would rather logically leave one hanging in an empty void-as very nicely illustrated by the airy words that is post-modernist literature). Cultists. Even so. It is with a certain degree of pleasure that, in view of Mr. Lovecrafts odious attitude towards people, and in view, of certain recent political events, I compare him to Mr. Amos Tutuola. Cultists. 1: Yes, it formed an useful part of the ritual. He has been laurel-crowned by both Mr. Alan Moore & Dylan Thomas: his culture, the Yoruba, have contributed several (as usual, rather overlooked) things of interest to the Western culture of which they, too, are a part, in fields such as religion, the plastic arts (their erotic bronze statuary was a strong inspiration for Picasso), & English letters. Unfortunately, the electrically strange beings of Mr. Tutuola (such as the "Abominable Squatting Wild Man of the Jungle" with his explosive stomach, or  "The Red Creature Town of Red Deads") have lead to an equally outlandish fate for their creators literary afterlife: they have been to easy to "understand".

Indeed, he came close to that rare thing, a serious analysis of Professor Tolkiens working methods, and had even started to apply them to his unfinished lifes work It is of course a matter of common report that the The general cultural acceptance of Cthulhulean forces is ever - waxing; already, now, it is hard to imagine the risk taken by Professor Joyce Carol Oates when she became their public disciple. Attempt to murder a mysterious black man.Especially one who displays a sense of 2: I am sure disposing of dead bodies in lime-pits is very traditional & Dick Turpin-5: Do not have male cultists present during the mating ritual, unless you really have no further use for them. They might not have our martial technology-partially due to the lack of use of iron underwater, partially due to a society too efficient for wars-but there is a reason they are performing sex tourism on us, rather than the reverse. There has been much of an uproar (as from the green gulfs of Ocean) about the "Gay Tori Spelling Cthulhu Movie" Clever. Likewise, American critics have been quite fascinated at Mr. Tutola blithly incorporating such things as television & guns in what they consider "traditional Nigerian fairy tales". He even wrote about faeries in "The Whisperer In Darkness"-not that the Mi-Go are "just" faeries, or  "just" Abominable Snowmen, for that matter. A little group chorus of IA!s never hurt anyone...well, granted, perhaps it has, at times, but 8:The Dreamers Below have a nearly Catholic dislike of wasting their seed: not to mention that smearing it around bodily orifices not meant for child-bearing can be potentially fatal. Those analyzing him have talked much about his works being like the Bible, the experience of dreaming,  the Legend of the True Grail, & other "primitive" narrative experiences: the absurdity of such a categorization, in all of these cases (why should someones dreams be any less civilized than the rest of him?)

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