samsung sdi lithium batteries golf cart

Authentic Samsung SDI 18650 cells. For this reason, the importance of efficient and long-lasting battery life in golf cars cannot be understated.The E-Z-GO website states, “Driven by a zero-emissions, greener battery technology, ELiTE vehicles protect the Earth by using less energy.” This statement is supported by the fact that li-ion batteries take significantly less time to fully charge, and the life span of lithium-powered batteries is longer than lead-acid counterparts.Li-ion batteries do not contain hazardous material, whereas lead-acid batteries, as the name suggests, contain lead which is harmful to the environment. Published : Jan 30, 2017 - 15:48       Updated : Jan 30, 2017 - 15:48E-Z-GO’s newest ELiTE model installed with Samsung SDI‘s lithium-ion battery pack was showcased at the PGA Merchandise Show 2017 in Orlando, United States, from Jan. 26 - 29. Another contrast between the two types of battery is that partially charge lead-acid batteries are susceptible to sulfation damage, meaning that if the golf car is charged to less than 100 percent, the life of the battery is significantly reduced. And when you compare them to anything else on the market, including other lithium options, you’ll discover the E-Z-GO ELiTE Series are clearly the best golf carts available.Our sister brand Cushman offers a versatile line of utility, hospitality and shuttle vehicles for golf courses.Our convenient online store has everything you need to customize and maintain your E-Z-GO vehicle, all in one place.Get the latest events, product news, deals and more — straight to your inbox.©2020 Textron Specialized Vehicles Inc. All rights reserved.ance, efficiency and experience of an ELiTE vehicle. Samsung SDI participated in IAA 2015 (International Automobile-Ausstellung, known as Frankfurt Motor Show), targeting EV car market in Europe. Samsung SDI has a contract with golf car manufacturer, E-Z-GO to supply its cylindrical battery, which is based on the li-ion battery technology,” says Thanikachalam Chandrasekaran, a lead analyst at Technavio for energy storage research.This collaboration has resulted in the E-Z-GO ELiTE golf car series where the vehicles are powered by hundreds of Samsung SDI lithium cells that are loaded into a single battery pack. Lithium Battery Store specializes in Lifepo4 lithium batteries for Polaris Ranger EV. Studies have proven that li-ion batteries are able to provide this consistency, but lead-acid batteries will have a negative impact on the performance of the golf car as the voltage dips.On average, it takes eight hours to fully recharge a lead-acid battery. Our turn-key … However, both are recyclable which is only a positive thing for the environment.Many golf clubs now have environmental policies in place, some of which are overseen by the Golf Environment Organisation (GEO) and other official bodies.

This kind of product has a large capacity per unit and lighter weight than the common lead-acid batteries. If you continue to use this site, you consent to our use of cookies. However, a li-ion battery can be recharged up to 80 percent its capacity in just one hour, and 100 percent in less than four hours. Samsung SDI presented a full line-up of various battery cells, introducing Standardized Modules that are compatible with both PHEV and EV, as well as high-performance packs which are newly developed with the cell technology of SDIBS. The introduction of li-ion golf cars has given clubs another avenue to enhance environmental sustainability on the golf course in an industry that is always striving to reduce its carbon footprint.The longevity and performance enhancing capabilities of li-ion batteries somewhat outweighs the initial up-front cost that consumers are faced with. The day is finally here, A-1 Golf Carts is now proud to carry lithium powered golf carts. EZ-GO Elite Samsung SDI Batteries Lithium EZGO.
Discover why it’s America’s best and most-loved golf cart. To put a figure on this, a standard li-ion battery in an E-Z-GO ELiTE golf car weighs 23kg, compared to a standard lead-acid battery which weighs around 150kg. This exclusive technology ensures you have everything you need to get-up-and-go on your next ride.Leading the charge in innovation. E-Z-GO teamed with Samsung SDI to give you a zero-maintenance lithium battery system that packs a powerful punch.

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