samsung washer stuck on spin cycle

Yes it seems to occur in every cycle.

If it does, then repairs are recommended. Re: Washer stuck in spin cycle WF45K6500A I've gotten to know the people at the laundromat pretty well, because I have to go there each week.The good news is I was able to steer a lot of people away from buying them today, saved at least 3 people from having to deal with this.This is pretty much exactly what is happening to us up here in Toronto, Ontario (Canada). Our washer is constantly getting stuck on the last spin cycle and reverting back to rinse and spin.

The cycle repeats itself if you don’t catch it and turn of the machine.

Re: Washer stuck in spin cycle WF45K6500A Still doing the same thing. (For now) - here is what happened during the service repair.

Do you have any idea what is going on? Our washer is constantly getting stuck on the last spin cycle and reverting back to rinse and spin.

Re: Washer stuck in spin cycle WF45K6500A

You can private message us Cole, When I get home today from work I will send you the serial number.

The washer should then go through a complete cycle. First noticed this morning, it was fluctuating between 6 and 11 minutes, so assume it has to be Spin cycle.Run Quick Wash and now it is doing 16 and 19 minutes back and forth during Rinse.So stopped the washer, power it off, change cycle from Quick Wash to Rinse+Spin.Now new cycle is 19 minutes, came down to 7 minutes to Spin cycle and now back to 12 again, repeating the morning behavior between 7 and 12.Already called support line and submit my initial purchase receipt from last June and it is so strange literally used for little over a year and facing this problem. This guide lists all the cycles, settings and features on Samsung washers, and explains what they mean. Will post about 2nd diagnosis and repair result.Same issue on our WF42H.

This time I have the extended warranty.

Question is , will this cost me money?

Re: Washer stuck in spin cycle WF45K6500A It will get as low as 7 minutes then jump to 18 and start all over.

Re: Washer stuck in spin cycle WF45K6500A

We bought the washer on 05-19-17 so its only over a year old and I’m concerned Samsung will not honor a fix.

Then the repair guy will replace the wire harness a week later, but it wont fix anything.

Re: Washer stuck in spin cycle WF45K6500A I'm having the exact same problem with my washer WF393BTPAWR/A2. I am experiencing the same issues with my washer. I called samsung after reading a ton of threads on the US community site and there are a ton of unsatisfied customers reporting the same issue.

I purchased a new home that came with new Samsung Washer /Dryer.

Seems like it is an issue with the motherboard.

Also there is no error code in display whatsoever.Just run calibration and will post if behavior changes after calibration.Edit after 2 hours from Calibration, Run normal mode and during rinse it is going back and forth between 12 and 15 minutes mark and I had recorded 5 minutes of video as well if Samsung is inetrested in seeing it.Edit: 8/20/18.

This will go on for a month.

The washer should then go through a normal complete cycle.

If this is happening to your unit, Test if the same thing happens while the unit is empty.

Re: Washer stuck in spin cycle WF45K6500A The part is ordered and takes about a week and then when ready takes another few days to schedule a second guy who comes out and spends 1.5 hours to install a new wire harness which does NOT fix the issue and we find this out after he leaves as he doesn't wait for a test to complete.

My model WA5451ANW/XAA02 washer is stuck in a spin cycle. Does this occur on all cycles?No error messages at all. This DIY repair guide and video show how to replace the timer in less than 30 minutes. Its stuck in the spin cycle.

Leave the "Extra Spin" on for several wash cycles (5+). This is exactly why I bought the extended warranty,  no one makes a decent appliance anymore.Believe me, I understand your anger.

At this point it is 3+ weeks.

Has anyone else had this problem? Help please We bought this Samsung washer from The Brick (a Canadian retailer) in August 2017.Yes - my machine has the exact same problem. Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type.

When it gets loose or broken, it will trigger a vibration sensor causing machine jump from 6min left to 19min again or something like that. I was going to try and calibrate the machine tonight.

Front loading washing machine is glitching when it comes to the rinse and spin cycle on the program or even when just switched to spin. Re: Washer stuck in spin cycle WF45K6500A You can private message us Are you getting any error messages? Over and over again, it's been proven a bad motherboard, but that's not what they'll fix first.

I had an earlier model VRT Samsung that had different "issues" but I hadn't bought the extended warranty, so was stuck with the rusted front.

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