scary things caught on camera

I sit and watch the security tape with the IT guy. I look at the security camera and see someone walking down a hall towards my room. The creatures walk slowly, and are apparently very tall.There’s not much known about the creatures, and there have been only two sightings of the creatures, both of which were on security cameras. What is captured on the footage after the two men leave is terrifying. “I work as a doctor in a hospital in the U.K. and was on a night shift that was particularly quiet. However, the camera looks  to be high quality, and there weren’t any glitches to give away that we could’ve missed anything. So they said that the video showed the fire door closing but then the video froze for about an hour. Experts say that it could be someone taking advantage of camera malfunctions, but express that the glitches are anything but faked.ThePremium offers ad free access to all TheClever content and so much more! Rarely does someone capture something unnatural on their home security, so for now we’re stuck with low quality footage of these strange creatures. This makes it harder to make out things that are caught on camera.

Trail cameras can help pattern deer movements, catch trespassers in the act, help to estimate wildlife population numbers and more, so it’s no wonder there are thousands of motion-activated cameras set up all over the United States and the world. She died. After the man left, a white mist can be seen leaving the room. While he is explaining some instructions, you can see a cabinet in the background begin to slowly open. After that, all the cameras go blank for a moment, then go back to normal.

The room was pitch black, and he shined his flashlight in the room. The spirit is strong enough to toss furniture around, and it shows how brave the man is to even be able to sleep in the house.In New Jersey, a family began their day like any other. Still, that doesn’t make the image of the intruder’s face any less terrifying. Literally, it was bike there, then poof gone. The entity then pushes him over, and grabs his exposed foot and begins to manhandle him down the hall. 11 Creepiest Things Ever Caught on Security Camera. The office building was kind of off on its own relative to the city’s commercial district. We pull up the security footage and it shows a man jumping the fence in broad daylight, cutting himself with the barbed wire, and looking for ways to get into the house through the back. There are strange camera glitches in the elevator, which could prove it’s fake, but it seems hard to fake something like this. The trio of clowns in this video are uniquely terrifying: They walk right up … At least until the next sighting.A Russian car captured something strange on its dash cam while making a left turn. The list is comprised of many eerie and scary instances of people seeing and finding things that they just were not expecting.

At first, I thought it was just somebody that came in (ridiculously) early, so I turn around and wait for them to come in. Several clowns would be captured on surveillance cameras, and they would be aware that they were filmed, sometimes posing for the cameras.One instance featured a larger man dressed as a clown holding a single balloon. Typically a security camera is recorded in standard definition, and often times don’t have audio that accompany the footage.

Head here to “I edited together the footage from the security cameras outside Pulse before, during, and after the shooting. He then sees a black figure standing in front of him, and freaks out (rightfully so). Some of the nurses were sitting around telling this story: A young doctor was running to a crash call. It’s of her mysterious death. The office building was kind of off on its own relative to the city’s commercial district. Some people see this as the spirit of St. Peter, or the spirit of Jesus himself.

While the car ahead of the one filming is making a left turn, something strange happens.

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