scott gallin survived crash

Some eyewitnesses estimate that it tanked within a minute.“An eyewitness said the plane lifted off, climbed steeply into the air, then shortly after banked to the left and ditched into the bushes,” a law enforcement official told Reuters at the time (via Entertainment Weekly).

Of the nine aboard, six people were killed instantly in the crash, including Aaliyah. The aircraft crashed mere moments later. Dozens of others stayed behind.On Saturday, Aug. 25, 2001, the group jetted off. We all worked together as a family,” video director Hype Williams told MTV in August 2001. Six of the 9 passengers died instantly including Aaliyah. Among the victims: Scott Gallin, 41, of Pompano Beach, Fla. An aspir ing actor, he served as Aaliyah's body guard and had worked for singer Ricky Martin and actress-singer Jennifer Lopez. “The last day, Saturday, was one of the best I’ve had in this business. "An investigation into the crash was launched and an inquest into Aaliyah's death took place in the Bahamas.The inquest was carried out by Dr. Giovander Raju and he concluded that the singer died from severe burns, a blow to the head and severe shock.Dr. Raju also confirmed the star had a weak heart and would never have survived the shock even if she had been spared in the crash,He ruled:"[She] went into such a state of shock, even if she had survived the crash, recovery would have been near impossible. Reports say that she died instantly — but what about the rest of the passengers?In late August 2001, Aaliyah and her team traveled to the Bahamas to shoot the video for “Rock the Boat.” The song is featured on her third, self-titled album, which debuted about a month earlier to strong reviews.“Those four days were very beautiful for everyone. Believe it or not, Aaliyah would have been celebrating her 41st birthday on Jan. 16. Three of the passengers: Scott Gallin, Chris Maldanado … Everyone felt part of something special, part of her song.”They were slated to leave the island on Aug. 26, 2001, but when filming wrapped early, Aaliyah and a few others were so eager to get back to the United States that they decided to fly back a day ahead of schedule.Per Bustle, the group included hairstylists Eric Forman and Anthony Dodd; bodyguard Scott Gallin; videographer Douglas Kratz, stylist Christopher Maldonado, and music executives Keith Wallace and Gina Smith.

She lives on through her music and movies and continues to be remembered by fans.Her peers are also survived by their loved ones and their career accomplishments.Thomas Markle sent text to Meghan Markle saying how excited he was to try on his new wedding shoes before fall outHalsey Channels Lady Gaga, Shania Twain In ‘You Should Be Sad’ VideoWe and our partners use cookies on this site to improve our service, perform analytics, personalize advertising, measure advertising performance, and remember website preferences.

He’d also had drugs and alcohol in his body.Five people died instantly, including Aaliyah and the pilot. The star was accompanied by video director Douglas Kratz, 28, record label executive Gina Smith, 30, bodyguard Scott Gallin, 41, hairstylists Anthony Dodd, … “He said he was in a lot of pain.”Emergency responders reportedly found Aaliyah’s bodyguard Scott Gallin “barely alive.” Upon contact, he reportedly said, “Man, I need something to drink.” Gallin also “kept asking about Aaliyah’s condition,” per The Sun-Sentinel. Sadly, this person would also eventually succumb to their injuries.Despite her young age at the time of her death, Aaliyah made an indelible mark on the world. As soon as the plane nose dived, it exploded immediately upon impact. “On impact, the plane burst into flames; some of the persons on board were badly burned.”It was later reported that the plane had been overloaded by hundreds of pounds and that the pilot had not been licensed to fly the aircraft.

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