sea doo rotax engine problems

I picked up the family at the dock and off we went because I thought I sucked up something in the impeller and needed to blow it out. I then removed the carb on the S-side the side with the issues as described above. So I started to take the carb apartand when I got to the internal filter it was a little over 3/4 full of junk, and then I think I may have found another part of my issues. You should have already done that.​5. Use the idle screw to set idle speed only - do not use low speed adjusters to set idle speed.​5.
Get Free Sea Doo 951 Engine Problems Sea Doo 951 Engine Problems Seadoo common issue and simple fix Seadoo common issue and simple fix by JetSki Brothers 7 months ago 10 minutes, 44 seconds 21,883 views All early 2000s fuel injected , seadoo , are prone to this , problem, . If you have lots of junk in the fuel tank, siphon out the gas and suck out the contaminants, then refill with fresh gas. Internal filters with junk is no good, but also, remove the lever assy's, and check to see if the switch/s aint stick'n...:cheers: If not here’s an idea for you. Remove the fuel selector valve and clean it out with carb cleaner. In the library is a variety of manuals for almost all years and models. I'm replacing the hoses in the first GTS this evening. Trim 1/4" off the tip of the wire. Reinstall to the boot and ziptie it back on.​6.

push them to 3500 or 4000 together and it should climb out slowly but smoothly. You can view as many as you like on line as a PDF file, or download it and print it for your personal and private use. Does anyone have the pictures that were in the thread originally? I am experiancing issues with the ski starting, either from cold or warm. Remove all grey fuel hose (if you still have it) and replace with black automotive fuel hose. The jet pump doesn't have any resistance and isn't good for the engine. Do you have any of these symptoms on your carbureted 2-stroke engine? Check all fuel hose connections are tight and that the check valves freely blow one way, but do not the other (one above the fuel tank and one on the side of the hull from the fuel tank):​1. Check all fuel hose connections are tight and that the check valves freely blow one way, but do not the other (one above the fuel tank and one on the side of the hull from the fuel tank):​JPX, First great informational posts! You should never just spin the engine up to full throttle on the hose. The grey stuff breaks down on the inside and clogs the carbs' internal filters. Clean out spin on fuel filter. I also have some tricks to help in doing a lot of different repairs. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. On to the side with the issues S-side 148 for the font and 148 for the rear, did a test 3 times like advised. up to around 3500 it would fall on its face and I guess kinda act like the choke was on, then when brought back top idle it would take about 20 seconds before it acted correct again but shake pretty good. I am hoping that is is cause the same guy is also selling the wear rings on e-bay and is located about 1 hour away from me. I have read that the lines or filters might be clogged with some gunk. Ran fine, matter afact whenI regaped them to .020 it ran the same. You could join as a "premium member". Blow it out with compressed air in the ON and RES positions.​4. The most powerful, naturally aspirated Rotax engine on a Sea-Doo offers instant acceleration for instant fun. ain't gonna happen. Everything is running good and NO cavitation ev with my family of four in it. You don't need to get seadoo oil for the end cone, you can use any synthetic oil of that wt. This particular example is ad XP , 951 , with the direct injection. This engine has been tested for more than a decade and has proven to be incredibly reliable and fuel-efficient. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. gas on . If you can pull on the engine and it isn't tight it needs replacement. Hopefully it may just be loose, it is the one that is behind the exhaust, so just a 18in. *Performance number in metric horsepower achieved under optimal testing conditions. The repair manuals have everything from troubleshooting, repair procedures to winterizing. Get 25 feet of it and about 30 stainless steel #04 hose clamps....no zip ties!​2. You'll need mostly 1/4" black automotive fuel hose (Coast Guard approved marine grade fuel injected hose is top of the line, but costly).

Engine Problems ****UPDATE Today*** OK, guys, here we go. Remove all grey fuel hose (if you still have it) and replace with black automotive fuel hose. Thanks My carb 951cc GTX LTD SEA-DOO ran @ 71-7200 RPM, my 951 GTX DI runs @ 67-6800 RPM, well above 5500.....but this is very interesting stuff, keep the info coming. I did notice that the choke cable on the dash for that side was always stuck in the air and would not return down. I'm on it. Make sure the o-ring is there.

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